Maulana Sheikh NazimHabibu n-Najjar

Every prophet, every saint definitely has an attribute of Janabul Haqq's - the attribute of
kindness. This means that they are kind. The Prophets and Awliya, our Master the Sultan of the
Prophets and Awliya did not live for himself. He(swt) lived for his Ummah (nation). Whatever
Janabul Haqq granted and favoured him of grace and glory, he wanted and asked for them for
his ummah. These are the ones who have attributes of prophecy. Not all messengers or saints are
prophets. But every prophet completely and absolutely is divinely chosen. They say the Divine
Truth. When prophecy, prophethood was completed, Janabul Haqq granted the nation of
Muhammad from every past prophet's nation, a rank. While they are saints they are at the rank
of the past prophets of Banu Israil. Their first attribute is kindness. All awliya have this attribute.
In this world and the hereafter they are giving for the nation of Muhammad. And that's why we
are around this Sultan - the great Sultan Aziz Mahmud Hudayi. We are at his spiritual banquet.
What they grant us we are accepting. May Janabul Haqq keep us at His personal servant's
banquet of words.

Habibun Najjar, let's listen to what he will give us. We don't know, they know. Those who are
present and who are going to listen to these words, for strengthening their faith and to go to the
Presence of Rabbul Alamin with the attribute Janabul Haqq likes. Whatever is needed for this
they will grant us. How we may go to Janabul Haqq's Presence? The holy Quran declared every
reality. Min al azali ila l-abadi - From the beginning up to the end. Whatever is coming into
existence about their realities and what they are in need of - everything can be taken from the
Holy Quran. And with this reality we can reach the Divine Presence with our hearts being
pleased. The Holy Quran is the word of Haqq. What happened and will happen is inside. The
conditions and circumstances of the past and their description and the condition and glory of the
future, the situation and fate of the ones present - all that is in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran
declared every divine reality.

Now we will return to Janabul Haqq. Who does not accept to return, will still be returned. If you
return well behaved, you will return well. Those who don't return well behaved, they will be
returned by force. There is nobody who comes into existence that should not be returned to
Allah. Whether they return willingly or are returned by force. You don't have any say, will, for
coming or going from this world. His (swt) willpower, will send you from here. And with His Will
you will return. You can't say I don't want to return, you will be returned. A believer will return
and an unbeliever will also return. Janabul Haqq declared every reality with His holy Word.
Every question we will ask is declared, is announced. Yes, we will return to Janabul Haqq. How
we will get returned or how we will return to Janabul Haqq?

Janab-i Isa, Ala Nabiyyina alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. Two of his messengers to Antakia, Antioch
were sent to the people of Antioch to invite them to Haqq. They (the people of Antioch) said: We
don't accept anything like this. You are just ordinary people like us. Therefore we won't listen to
you and won't leave the gods we worship. This two, Janab Allah reinforced and sent a third
messenger. O Man accept the invitation of Allah. O Mankind we came to invite you to Allah.
Accept! While they were addressing the people, the folk of Antioch did not welcome them nicely.
They took an offensive position. They treated them like enemies. While they were inviting them
to the Presence of Janabul Haqq they argued with them.

And while they were denying somebody came running from the city. That was Habibun Najjar.
He said: O my people, why are you arguing? These ones who came, they don't want anything
from you, not money nor stamps, not property nor goods. They just came to tell you about the
way of Allah; to invite you to the way of Allah. So what are you doing? they don't have any other
purpose. Therefore you should accept them. Listen to them, believe them. He advised them,
wanted to advise them. Wanted to, but this tyrant people attacked him: "How can you be on
their side? How can you reject what we worship? What is this?" While they were saying, you are
on their side, they attacked Habibun Najjar. His people crushed him under their feet. They
martyred Hazrat Habibun Najjar. Hazrat Habibun Najjar.

When his soul left this world the angels welcomed his soul as a clean servant. While they were
taking his clean soul away he said: If only my people had known about Janabul Haqq's heavenly
favors and grants for me. Had they known that He (swt) has forgiven me and granted me grace
and favors and that He is hosting me. If only these people had known. This is the point we want
to say: "Wa ja'alani min al mukramin"(36:27) My lord made me of the granted servants. While I
was leaving this world I was granted heavenly favors. I am of the hosted servants. In the world I
was crushed under foot. In the eyes of this world's people this is a terrible ending. I left this world
and I was martyred like this. In the world I was been martyred but my clean and pure soul has
been given divine favors, granted divine compliments. My soul is honored by the grants of divine
favors. You will also be raised, I will also be raised, he will also be raised.

Me, you, him, we, they, them, believers, unbelievers all of them will be raised. They will be
raised. But the important thing is not how we will rise or will be raised, or when we will be raised
- but how we will be welcomed. That's important. So, when you are raised, if you are welcomed
by divine favors that's joyful for you. But if you are not favored and you are taken by force then
what will be the benefit of all that you earned in this world, that you have eaten, drunk or the
worldly ranks and riches? What worth does it have? When real faith comes into one's heart there
is the real light of faith. When real faith enters into one's heart his state will change. You can't
notice something in the dark. The light will show you what you haven't noticed. When the real
light of faith enters your heart then you will know the reality of this world and the reality of the
hereafter. Without knowing the reality of this world and the hereafter you can't prefer the
hereafter to this world. Somebody who can't distinguish between dung and gold, Can somebody
who takes dung and leaves gold have a mind? This miserable one has no mind.

When you recite the 'Amantu' you are believing in the hereafter. What you are believing in you
should know by 'ilm ul yaqin' after 'ayn ul yaqin' and after Haqq ul yaqin. Somebody who is
believing by 'ilm ul yaqin' Janab Allah will make him believe also by ayn ul yaqin. Somebody
who admires the hereafter with real knowledge, Janabul Haqq will show him the hereafter also.
Maybe in a dream or the spiritual realm, he will show you the hereafter. From the famous
Prophet's, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, powers, miraculous powers, with the authority he has, he is
able to show you what he says. But the Sahaba (companions) closed it. They think the sahaba
kiram all passed away. With Kashf (unveiling) you can see the saints, kashf sahibi power to see
the hidden. Somebody who reaches from ilm ul yaqin to ayn ul yaqin will have Kashf. After that,
this person can watch the heavens with his soul.

Our prophet alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam joined the heavens physically and spiritually. On the
Night of Ascension he watched the heavens. He saw them, visited them with their realities. They
let him watch and they showed everywhere, the eight heavens, the seven hells to Him. Our
prophet alahi s-salatu wa s-salam when he reached the place where his ummah will be, the
rebellious ones of his ummah will stay in that hell. When He stepped there, for his ummah the
fire of hell cooled and it became like a thermal bath when he entered it. His ummah was saved in
this way. Our Master alayhi s-salatu wa s-salam saw it. Physically and spiritually he saw. The
ones who have real faith and sainthood are following the footsteps of our Prophet, they can also
see. For every Mu'min, for every saint there is an ascension.

Allah Allah Allah Allah Aziz Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah
Subhan Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sultan Allah.


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