As-salamu alaikum! Alhamdulillah wa salat wa salamu ‘ala S.Muhammadan… ’zid habika izzan
wa sharafa w anuran wa surura wa ridwanan wa sultana… Allahumma rushdana wa aisna min
sharri anfusina!

Half asleep, half awake…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Ya Rabb! We are coming from
long distances, from East and West, from North and South, from this world people are coming,
they are asking to go or to learn something, because it is an unknown place here; on world our
land, Cyprus, is very small land.

And we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

We are running away from Shaitan and running, asking to run to Allah. That is a good rule that
everyone may know or everyone asking to know and they are also reminding a rule that gives
you some benefit. What is that rule? Run away from (your) enemy and run to that One, who can
protect you! Don’t run after your enemy! And your enemy can have hundreds of traps and (he
is) using countless tricks for mankind. But he, that one, (is) presenting himself - not too much
presenting, but introducing himself, saying: “Oh people, I am (a) very famous friend of you and
always I was running after you to teach something that you should be here in happiness and you
should save yourself. First of all…” Shaitan that, Shaitan saying to people, “First of all you must
take away from your minds that you are dying and then coming alive. That is something that our
mentality never can accept! What do you think if one of you (is) dying and (they are) taking you
and putting (you) in graveyard and then, through (that) graveyard, your body (is) changing,
changing, even never going to be on yourself soft area, soft that dressed on your skeleton…
skeleton, and that you dressed from your physical being. (That) soft physical thing (that is)
dressed (on you), after a short or a far away, after some time passing, that soft dress that you
have been dressed on your skeleton, (is) just finished and (it is) going to be dust, only you may
look and see a skeleton.

But you can’t be able to make a difference, to say… If they are putting in front of you ten
skeletons, you can’t say: “This (is) for Greensheikh”, “Greensheikh” they are saying, “that
belongs”, “Greensheikh skeleton” or you can’t say that: “That is”- what is that person in Arabia?-
“Abdul Aziz bin Baz”… This (is the skeleton of) bin Baz, this (of) Greensheikh, this Yemen
servant or this Asian Abu Zaid Ihwan or that is the Kings skeleton… No!

This putting there, you can’t be able to say this, so how you are going to say, that that skeleton
also after a while that skeleton also going to be dust, nothing remaining from someones body,
anything except dust, how you are going to say, my friend, that from that skeleton you are going
to come once again to life?’ “First of all, if you like to follow me that I am that one guiding you
to a pleasure, to a peaceful and happy life, enjoyful life, you must take away from your
dictionary that. Nothing after death! Death it is (the) last point of a living person, beyond that,
that finished. Therefore, I am that one, I am happy and honoured to make people, their mentality,
to work and to try to be much more in pleasure through this life, as much as possible. Yes, that
is first, my first lesson that I am going to teach you for an enjoyful life. If you can accept my
advice, you should be so happy. Therefore, take away from your dictionary to believe or not to
believe- you must be realist! Realist, that I am Nr.1 realist”, Shaitan (is) saying (this) to people,
“Nr.1” and: “Follow me!”

Therefore Allah Almighty (is) ordering: “O people, (these are) such a foolish ideas! Your most
terrible enemy that (he is) asking to teach you- he is not teaching you, but cheating you!”

Once in a country some no mind Shaitans agents, they built a big hotel. Then, when it is finished,
they are saying: “Yes, just it is finished now, but- how we are going to operate this place? How
we are using it, what is the best way for investment, good manage for a good investment?” They
said: “You must ask everything that they are expert for that subject.” They said: “How we are
finding such a person?” And so many people (were) saying (to them): “You may ask for
employment and investment for this huge building that most important people, whom their minds
(are) working on that subject: they are (the) Children of Israel.“ “Ha?” “You must go and ask
from them! What they are saying, may show a way to you, to use it. But you must be very
careful! Sometimes (they are) saying right, sometimes (they are) saying wrong- don’t trust

And then, hasili kelam, the summary of our speech here: they asked and people (were) saying
“Go, there is Tel Aviv…” They went there, a group of people, they prepared themselves and
(they were) going to ask how they are going to make it to work and investing money from that.
Because in our days people they are worshipping money, running after money, money, money…!

And they went, finding that person, whom they are going to say something about their
consulting. (They were) coming and they are sitting, knocking (the) door, opening clerk: “Oh
welcome! Ohhh, you are very welcome! I am looking, seeing you not from this country, you
look like foreigners…?” “Yes Sir”, because if they are from their country, it is something else to
speak… “Good hands… Good hands… now it is okay, welcome… For what you are coming for
consulting?” They said: “We are a group of people from a famous island in Mediterranean and
we are asking: Just we built a beautiful building and we are asking how we are going to manage
(it). That is our consultation.” “One moment…” (The clerk was) getting in and saying: “There is
good hands…” “Look after them! First, before they are coming in, take first what they should
pay before consulting, then coming in, because they may consult and not giving anything; they
may escape we can’t reach to them. Therefore first of all you may give, go and take tax for
consulting.” Getting: “Yes Sir! …

“Ehhh, our solicitor (is) asking (that) first of all you must pay 1ooo Pounds, before consulting.”
Looking… “What do you think, we have? We (were) never thinking that we are falling in such a
trap… this is a trap!” “Don’t say trap! Fee! Pay! No time for our solicitor to wait here, because
every time the taximeter (is running) tick tick tick… look there: how long here, you should pay
more! Quickly!” They were… “1000.” “From where (you are) coming?” “From that country…”
“So many people (there are) making, printing false money…” “Yes Sir, it is original money, not it
is imitated, photocopy.” “No photocopy?” “No, Sir, I am not such a…” “I don’t know! You are
coming from such a country, you may sell people also with photocopy machine. Go away!”
(They were) getting in. “Now…” giving to solicitor, (the) solicitor (was saying): “Welcome, our
precious clients, welcome to you! Ehhhh, welcome… you like to drink water or none?” Not
saying coffee… “Or tea? You are asking to drink tea?” “No, Sir.” “But after paying this, you
must drink! 1000- you must drink something for digesting…” Summary giving: “What you are

“Yes Sir, we are coming from that island that (there are) so many trouble-makers in that place.
People (are) sometimes coming to our place, they are escaping from that side to this side, and
they are asking a modern hotel. And just we built a good hotel, but we are getting in
disagreement among ourselves. Some of ourselves (are) saying ‘We may use (it in) this way’,
some others (are) saying ‘No, another way’, this way, that way- we are quarreling, therefore we
are coming that we may hear from you advice.” “Give that hotels details…” He was (looking):
“This (is the) building?” “Yes, Sir.” “This (is a) good building. But- what is behind it? I am
looking (something) as a minaret… I think so. I don’t know, if I am right or wrong- look!” They
said: “Yes Sir, there is just wall to wall a mosque there.”

“O my no mind clients! You are really no mind people! That is (a) mosque, (where they are)
Adhan calling for praying to Allah people and you are building here and big hotel for Shaitan and
shaitanic works? How that people… 5 times that minaret “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar” and person
riding on one another, drinking, making everything… they are saying: ‘What is that? Oh, what is
that?’ They are escaping not to hear, to be free for everything- ‘How (is) this hotel (a) modern
hotel?’ They may say to you this. Therefore my advice to you: Either you may take this hotel
from here to another place or you must take (that) mosque from there to another place or it is
not going to work…”

Why I am saying (this) to you, o people? Because Shaitan (is) saying: “Don’t obey! Take away
to believe (that) there is (a) Creator, there is (a) Resurrection Day, there is (a) Judgment Day!
These things you must take away from your dictionary, then you can be free to make everything
as you like. If not, you can’t live. Therefore, o my friends, I am your best friend, that is my
advice to you: Don’t believe- you should be happy!” Saying that Shaitan; another Shaitan (is)
saying: “You can’t be happy through such a places, you must leave to believe in anything that
should be in future, after this life coming another life.” That is the main points of shaitanic
lifestyle for 21st century and 21st century people, all of them, they are saying: “No God”- ha
sha- “No life after death, no Resurrection, no Judgment Day, no Hells, no Paradise, only here!”
That is whole world mentality now.

Therefore the Lord of Heavens (is) going to take them away! But He promised to the Seal of
Prophets: “O My beloved, most beloved, most praised servant, o Muhammad- peace be upon
him! I am not sending their punishment from Heavens or (from) under their feet, but I am
making them to be democrats, anti-democrats haha, parties, parties to eat each other. They
should destroy each other!”

You can think that Pakistan people they are saying: “We are the first class Muslims”, first class
Muslims (they are) fighting to each other now… for what? For Allah? No, for Shaitan! Other
countries, all of them fighting: In Turkey fighting, in Iraq fighting, in Syria fighting, in Lebanon
fighting, in Iran fighting, in East and West, everywhere, fighting! For what? For Shaitan! (He is)
making them to fall in fire here and in Hells there, after this.

O people don’t be cheated! Shaitan (is) coming, saying: “I am teaching you…” No! Say: “You
are cheating us and you may look and see (this) everywhere!”

O people, leave Shaitan and follow Allah Almighty’s Way, you should be happy here and
Hereafter. May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honored one in His divinely
Presence S.Muhammad, sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 4.11.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryDeath, CategoryEconomy
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