Maulana Sheikh NazimThe heart is for Allah alone

Allah Almighty asks of His servants to worship with Ikhlas, sincerity, purity. He asks for pure worship, which means to have a pure heart, a heart that has nothing in it but its Lord.

Each of us knows which side of himself is not true, or which of his characters is not good. We must strive to have pure hearts. That is ‘Jihad’; to fight with one’s bad characters and change them into good ones.

Everything that occupies your heart and keeps you from your Lord makes your heart impure. You must try to keep everything away from your heart, but Allah. We say that the heart is for Allah alone. Man is created for the love of Allah Almighty. Any time you put your love in this dunya, it will be wasted. But if you put your love with Allah, with the Prophet, with your Sheikh, or with your fellow Mu’mins, you may find that love here and hereafter; it is never going to be wasted. Love is the most precious, most valuable, most expensive thing, that the Sons of Adam have been given.


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