Maulana Sheikh NazimHeavens is ruled by a King, so should we

Centuries and millenniums change, but reality never will. The rules which the Creator has given us for this world never change from the beginning until the end. His Kingdom is absolute, no democracy or election can bring in this or that new suggestion! Kingdom is the best for mankind, because Heavens is ruled by a King, and so should we.

But satan puts the feet up and the head down. Mankind has lost their head and their feet since 1789, the foolish French Revolution, the biggest, dirtiest and most cruel one. Since then the power of satan has been spreading throughout the world. It has taken away the heads of every country and put feet in its place. That is democracy! There is no democracy in Islam. It is the biggest lie. We keep the rules of the Kingdom of Heavens. Kings cannot do as they like. They are under the control of the Heavenly King, they follow the Rules of Heavens. Those are real kings.

Muslims today need such a powerful sultan, who will be under the control of the Sultan of Heavens. We shouldn't be divided into Pakistan, Algeria, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Albania... no! One king! Go and ask Allah at the Kaaba to send one king to the Muslims who has power to control all Muslims.

Look at what happened in China: one billion people were under the control of one person, Mao Tse Tung. Don't say that it is not possible, it is! There was an Italian who was feared by half the world. He was able to control the world from Siberia to Warsaw. Don't say that it is not possible for the big Muslim world to have one leader. It is, and it is necessary!

This is why we are in such a bad position, because we have put the head to the ground and the feet are on top. The Prophet* was saying, that this is a sign of the Last Days. Everyone wants to go the way they want, without a king to rule them. But He is the King of Judgement Day. He has never described Himself as being a president. He calls Himself the King of Judgement Day and the King of Kings.

Every Muslim should be aware of this reality. Allah the Almighty has made it obligatory for every believer, man and woman, to know about themselves and about their umma. This should be taught, learned and known. But the umma is asleep, satan has put us to sleep. We hope that there will be a big change for the benefit of believers. We will win and the others will lose, insha'Allah.


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