Maulana Sheikh NazimHeavenly Knowledge Gives You Peace

As-salamu alaikum!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Allahumma alhimna rushdana wa a'idhna min sharri anfusina!
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya!
Allahumma 'alimna ma yanfa'una wa zidna 'ilma!

Nabi - alayhi salat wa salam - what he said? "La burika li fi
sabihatin lam ajdad fiha 'ilma"... That is a Hadithu Nabawi Sharif.
Rasulullah - peace be upon him - just he came to teach people what it
is best for them, here and Hereafter.

Which thing is best? Sadaqa Rasulullah; (the) Prophet just (he is)
speaking truth, real truth, because he is taking from Heavens and the
ranks of 'ilm, knowledge, (are) countless! [Mawlana points to
different attenders:] You know something (that) he is not knowing; he
may reach a level that that one can't reach: 'Wa li kullin darajat.'
Allah Almighty (is) making His servants' levels according to their
knowledge and knowledge, some of them, they are Heavenly Knowledge,
some others (they are) earthly knowledge that (is) concerning
everything on this world through our material life. That is a
knowledge, but its level (is the) lowest level. When you are asking
real knowledge that belongs to Heavens, that (is) making you to arise
through Heavens! Earthly knowledge (is) keeping you on earth; you
can't move, but Heavenly Knowledge that belongs to Prophets - peace be
upon them - belongs (to) their inheritors.

Prophets, they (are) never inheriting from material world, no; they
never reached some material aspects through their lives, because
material aspects, it is not for Prophets. If material aspects was...[if]
they were giving anyone some ranks, Allah Almighty He was going to
give Prophets also from (the) treasures of this world. If it was a
valuable aspect, Qarun, he was going to be improving through Heavenly
Stations. But material aspects that you can find everywhere on earth -
everywhere people (are) running after that - if worlds' material
aspects were giving some benefit to a man, Allah Almighty first was
giving (them) to His Prophets. No! No one from Prophets (was) looking
after material aspects on earth.

That is something that people now they are running after it,
particularly in our days that we are (in). According to Western
calendar, not Islamic calendar, people they are saying that we reached
to (the) 21st century and now people they are so 'harith', eager, to
collect material aspects and we are knowing that material aspects he
(they) can't carry them with himself (themselves), no, nothing giving
to them. When they are passing, leaving this life, their eyes (are)
looking what they are leaving on earth from treasures.

Qarun - just reached to me also from Heavenly Knowledge that the Seal
of Prophets (was) granting to his Companions and (the) Companions they
are bringing up today from that knowledge that (the) Prophet just
granted to them: Qarun's treasures (were) so big and full - just it is
informed that men, whom they are living after Qarun to know what is
the benefit of treasures... his treasures (were) so many big closed
treasures and (for) every treasure there was a key for opening. Just
we are knowing through awliyas that the key for a gigantic warehouse,
depot, it is not bigger than a finger... not this finger, this finge, to
open so big warehouses full [with] golden and with precious stones,
every kind of most expensive jewels in it... and it has been informed to
mankind that only the keys... that carrying the keys of Qarun's
'khaza'in', treasures, 60 mules, that stronger and just be used for
heavy works, it can carry more than others... therefore just informed
that only keys of Qarun's treasures 60 mules full with keys. You can't
imagine how much treasures he had!

Yes, O believers! O so thinkers, you may think, "Think on it", Allah
Almighty (is) saying, "Think what I am saying to you, think on it!"
Yes, to recite (the) Holy Quran gives honour to you, but to know
something from (the) Holy Quran gives you so much! Therefore, there is
two kinds of people: one kind they are reciting Holy Quran, perhaps
may be daily once 'khatm' or ten times 'khatm'... may be 100 times, but
value, it is, if you are reciting Holy Quran and thinking! 'Hal min
mudakkir'; Quran Karim, Holy Quran, not only reciting, but to think on
it. Quran Karim is not a tale book or roman book or story book, no,
hasha! Hasha, thumma kalla, Astaghfirullah! Through its verses, holy
verses, (there are) oceans of knowledge! All of them for what? To give
to you best ones. Allah (is) asking to grant His servants best ones,
but people (are) running to take rubbish from (the) dustbin!

Dunya is dustbin; what is in it, it is rubbish. Rubbish! When (the)
Last Day (is) coming and beginning earthquakes, with its most terrible
powers, taking mountains from their roots up, as clouds, and coming
like this, making everything on earth just sand, sand, sand... Nothing
remains or nothing can remain after (those) terrible earthquakes (on
the) Last Day, finished! Going to be sands, only sands, nothing else!

Subhanallah, Glory to Allah Almighty!

Who is spending his activity power to collect so many things from
earth, they are looking and seeing only sandy plains, nothing else
remains... One knowledge people (are) running after it, for collecting
much more (of) this world's aspects; they are wasting themselves and
their powers fully and finally (they are) going to be, to reach to
zero point, disappearing...

But Allah Almighty, He sent to His servants through His beloved
Prophets, special servants, that they are belonging to Divinely
'huzur', Presence, Allah (is) granting to them some knowledge that it
is not going to be finished, or, what you are taking from it, to be
vanished, no! Every time (it is) for you and (it is) coming more and

Now people in our days, just they left (the) Holy Knowledge, (the)
knowledge of springs from Heavens; they left it and they are running
after shaytans WC. Shaytan (is) making (the) whole world for its WC,
making so (many) ornaments, on it saying: "This best WC; you must come
and enter, to look what it is: so majestic... majestic majestic WC! O
people, 21st century, come!" and 21st century people they are also
fully foolish and drunk, saying: "Yes, we must visit that magnificent
WC!" Ha ha! Tawba, Astaghfirullah!

Dunya, it is written on it that it is (the) WC of Shaytan! Everywhere
(Shaytan is) putting its dirt and calling people: "Oh, people, drink
this, drink from that; drink that"- shaytan's urine... "Come, ohhh my
followers, I am (the) best one, calling you to 'high-life'! Drink and
come to me, to my magnificent house, magnificent home!" "Where it is?"
"You are not seeing that (it is) written 'Magnificent WC'? I am
calling (you for a) biggest feast for you, come and sit with your
bothers and sisters!" (The) sisters (are) dressing like this, like
that... and men, (they are) dressing in some another way"... calling them:
"Dress - no dress!" Dressing... when last days coming: "'ariyatun
kasiyat, kasiyatun 'ariyat [naked while dressed, dressed but still
naked] " - you should find last days' women - we can't say they are
ladies; lady (is that one) who (is) keeping her honour. That is lady,
others (are) women! - you should find, when last days (are)
approaching - don't look to them! - Shaykh Abdul-Hamid, keep your

Very happy to look... - you should find from the signs of last days
(that) women they are dressing, but they are not really dressed ones.
(They are) dressing, but they are naked, naked ones. 'Mumilatun
ma'ilat [walking about in tantalizing fashion] ... mish mu'minat [not
believing ladies] when they are going..., Shaykh, no Sayyid, Abdul-
Hamid. (is) looking..."Ohhh..." 'Mumilatun ma'ilat', they are catching
people from their eyes... these people, they are running to (the) W-
Center of Shaytan... magnificent, magnificent centers everywhere!...What
they are saying? Bars... "My beautiful, magnificent centers; you must
not sit inside, put outside some terrible tables and sit on it... some
people on this way, some others on that way... to look my magnificent

Shaytan (is) calling (people to) its magnificent places, WC centers,
and (the) Prophet (is) calling: "O people, don't be cheated (by)
shaytanic advertising", but (the) whole Dunya (is) full with shaytanic

Those people are drunk and they can't be able to understand from
Heavenly Knowledge or spiritual knowledge! They are only running after
material aspects and Shaytan (is) making them 'mascara'... people (are)
laughing to them, making fun of them...

Yesterday I am putting [my hand] on the head of one student... I am
looking that needle coming... "What is on it?" "We are putting, that
is, our boss, shaytan, saying that we must put this on our head to be
like this, like that"... making people to be fun ones... no taste for this
life, for their material aspects, and never going to be anything for
their spirituality, for eternal life!

O people, leave useless and poisoned ways of Shaytan and come to taste
really from Allah Almighty's Blessings! One day you must think that
you are going to fall on earth and you should be taken to a 'hufra', a
hole, you can find yourself... opening and finding yourself through a
dark hole in cemetery...

O people, ask Heavenly Knowledge! We are trying to reach something
from (the) Holy Knowledge that Allah Almighty (has) granted to His
Prophets. Who can reach, can reach pleasure from Allah Almighty. They
should be granted peace and pleasure from Allah Almighty and you
should be elected ones for eternal life that you can't imagine! Your
eyes can't see; you only may see through your hearts, through your
soul's looking you can see, you can understand. Try to be one of
(those people that are) granted people from your Lord peace and
contentment and pleasure from Allah Almighty.

O people, just time (is) coming so closer, closer, because we are
reaching (the) Last Day of this life and Allah Almighty (is) calling
people for His Judgment and giving His last, just judgment for people.
Try to be for eternity! People, look after yourself, try not to be
cheated by Shaytan, because Shaytan (is) destroying your future here
and Hereafter and making you to run away from reality and real life
that Allah Almighty granted to His servants.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honor of most honoured
servant Sayyidina Muhammad - peace be upon him, Fatiha!


Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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