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Heavenly Rules are like the sky in their greatness. Rules which have been produced by the human mind are just creeping on the ground, trying to reach the sky. It is impossible for anything which has started on earth to reach Heavens. That is why every rule which comes from Heaven must be superior to anything coming from man. This point must be understood by everyone living on earth. It is the most important point. Everyone thinks that their building must be the highest. So many countries have skyscrapers. If one builds 300 meters high, the next wants to build 400 meters and the next one 500 meters. But when you look from above, they all look the same height as the surface of the earth. From the sky there is no difference between them. Everything mankind produces has no height compared to Heavenly Productions. Islam, in that way, is the best and the most perfect since the beginning of time until now, because it has been produced in Heaven.

Islam demands every action to be perfect, to be complete. That should be your slogan. Whatever you do, try to do it in a perfect way. Europeans do, but Muslims have the misconception that they would then be occupied too much with worldly matters. No! Look, you are coming and living in western countries. Everything has a balance. You can never have one side weighing more than the other for a long period of time. Europeans will never be happy even if just one little detail is wrong. They want everything to be right and complete. That is exactly what Islam asks for. Only their beliefs are different to ours, but their intention to make everything in completion, is exactly what Islam asks for.

Many of the new Muslims think that they should just leave all worldly matters. They do not look after their clothes, children, homes or works. They think that they should be like oriental people. No, that is not Islam! The problem is that Muslims are not practising Islam properly anymore. But you must try to. Whatever you do, try to make it perfectly. It is a hadith of the Prophet* which should be written with golden letters everywhere. When I am looking at how our brothers and sisters are living here I am not happy. Everything is out of order. People who come to visit you should be seeing perfection, not this. Even if you are poor that has nothing to do with it, your things still have to be arranged. When you enter a home you must feel a refreshment and pleasure.

Tomorrow is Eid. You must try to put on new clothes, or at least clean clothes, so that when the Lord Almighty looks, or his angels do, they can see a difference. Sometimes people think that it does not matter, but it does. On a day like that you should make a difference.

I don't like lazy people. Don't waste your valuable lives, your precious time. On the Day of Resurrection everyone will repent it. If you want the Lord to be pleased with you, you must try to do your best with your work, studies, homes, everywhere... it must be in the best of conditions. I am happy when I travel through the country side. The houses and the gardens there are well kept. I know that this is only our worldly life, but we have been ordered to arrange our lives here in the best way, not to live in dirt. Everything in the Islamic world must be perfect. Allah wants his servants to lead good and happy lives. Prevent bad things, don't leave them around yourselves. If we don't try to prevent evil and to throw away devils, the powers of security cannot do anything. So try not to leave any evil around yourself.

Today I heard a story which made me very sorry and angry. The oldest nun who used to live in this convent, 88 years old, was walking down the street here in the middle of the day and was kicked down by a devil who stole her handbag and beat her up terribly. That is the kind of evil going around everywhere here. It cannot be called civilised to let such people run around. It is the fruit of democracy. In the old days people would not dare to do such things, they would be afraid of losing their head. Now there is freedom and every devil is living freely to do whatever they want against society.

The most tolerant religion is Islam, except when it comes to evil and to devils. They should not be given any chance to be within the community. But Islam must come to Europe, must come to western countries and to the whole world. If it doesn't, evil will never go and the devils won't either. The system here feeds them instead of removing them. Oh our Lord, send us your powerful servant! We need a Sultan to judge on behalf of You. This earth has to be cleaned of devils.

London, 01.01.1996

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