Maulana Sheikh NazimHeavenly religions have spirituality

Every calendar is based on a holy event. The Christian calendar is for the remembrance of Jesus Christ’s birthday, and the Islamic calendar is based on the Hijra, the Holy Immigration, of the Pophet from Mekka-i-Mukarrama to Medina-i-Munawwara. That means that everything is founded on heavenly events or commands. The date of the birth of Jesus Christ is not really clear; people say this or that. But it doesn’t matter. Important is, that that calendar is based on his birthday, and that he was a Heavenly Being, or a Messenger from the Heavens, sent to the Children of Israel. But his prophecy was in limits, not for all nations.

You may ask: "What about other nations?" Yes, at the same time, Allah Almighty sent local Prophets to them from among themselves, to show them their way to the Heavens. And, no doubt, there was not such a big population on earth at that time... the world was empty.

All the Prophets were calling their nations to their Lord, not to Dunya. There is no need for people to have Prophets to teach them earthly purposes. No. Everyone knows very well the ways of this life, what it needs. But all Prophets came to save people from the hands of their egos and to call them to Allah Almighty’s Divine Service, because people were running to shaitanic service, as they are now. No longer do people take any interest in the Heavenly, Divine Service; they are only running after this life’s purposes, for the service of this life.

And S.Musa a.s. had been sent to call the Children of Israel to Allah. They were the most important nation that Allah Almighty had chosen. But when they were with Musa a.s., they became rebellious against him and didn't like to follow him. They left his Heavenly Teachings, becoming disobedient and fighting him. And S.Musa a.s. just got tired of them. Allah Almighty had ordered them, through Musa, to accept His Holy Commands, but they refused and insisted not to accept until Allah Almighty forced them, lifting up the Mount of Sinai and putting it over their heads like an umbrella, saying: "Are you accepting or not?" And they fell down, making Sajda, looking to see if that gigantic mountain would fall on them or not. Therefore Jewish people, when they are making Sajda, always look up, never forgetting that event. It is important...

What about after S.Musa? He was such a big, powerful Prophet, always speaking with Allah Almighty, addressing Him. He did his best for his people, but they did their worst to him. When he passed away, the Children of Israel were very happy that no one was going to put that Mount of Sinai over their heads again. They ran around freely, leaving and forgetting the teachings of S.Musa, refusing every aspect of spirituality that was in Judaism.

And spirituality is the main pillar of every religion. Without it, there is no meaning for a religion. If there is no spirituality, it is only going to be a kind of school of thought, like a school of philosophy. They are thinking and making arrangements, and call people to accept that, but there is no spirituality in that, never. That is the only difference, that Heavenly Religions have spirituality. But man-made religions, mind-productions, never ask for it, there is no room for spirituality in their beliefs. They say: "We are accepting only what we can see, hear and touch. Beyond that, what we can’t see, hear or touch, we are never accepting." That is the principle of materialism. And they destroyed the real pillar of Judaism, its spirituality, throwing it away, and put up a material pillar for their belief.

Then Allah Almighty sent Jesus Christ, whose creation was extraordinary, miraculous. Miracles all belong to spirituality, because the material power that we have cannot do what spiritual power can do. Allah Almighty sent Jesus in a miraculous way through his mother, and no man had ever touched her. That story about the carpenter, Joseph, has no reality, never, Astaghfirullah. She was pure, clean, alayha as-salaam.... It was fully a miracle, a miraculous event for a baby to be born without a father. People were running around saying: "How it can be?"

Why are you asking: "How?" It is your order or Allah’s order? Your power or His? Your miracle or His? Why are you asking: "How?" And they were saying: "How, how... how can it be?" just like dogs. Dogs can’t understand... how many times did they say: "How, how?" They were very angry... and Jesus was coming from their nation, Bani Israel...
One thousand years passed since the time of Moses, but they never understood the meaning of the miracles that S.Musa had shown to them... It never enters their mind. Hundreds of miracles, and they are still saying: "How, how... how it can be?"

Oh Children of Israel, how was a way made to pass through the Red Sea? Who made that way for your ancestors? When you were in the desert, who was sending to you your daily provision? Is it not a miracle? How was S.Musa saved from among the children and destroyed the Sultanate of Pharaoh? Is it not a miracle? And still they are asking: "How, how... how could Mariam bring a baby?" Why are you not asking: "How did S.Musa put down his stick, and it turned into a dragon?" Was it an ordinary thing? Was it not a miracle? But they have never learned... materialistic people are like that...

On the order of Allah Almighty, S.Musa took 7o representatives from the Children of Israel to a meeting with Him. They were made to hear what S.Musa was speaking about with Allah. And what did they say finally? They said: "Oh Musa, show us who was speaking to you." They were not believing. That is the principle of materialism. It just began with the Children of Israel... From that time until today they have been denying spirituality and anything holy in religions.

And as in Judaism, there is a group of materialistic people in Islam- the Wahabis. They are the same, just like them. They never accept any miracles and spirituality in our belief. If you speak about it, they are saying: "You are Mushriks"...Terrible.

After S.Musa Allah Almighty sent Jesus Christ in a miraculous way to the Children of Israel, so that they would accept the power of the Lord. At least they should have learned from all those miracles that if Allah Almighty is asking to do something, He is only going to say: "Be", and that thing is going to be...

That is the power of Allah Almighty. Miracles are nothing. He may say to all the universes: "Come in appearance", and all of them will come. He may say: "Go away from existence", and all of them will just disappear and vanish... Allah Almighty!

But they were discussing and accusing sometimes S.Zakkariya, sometimes S.Mariam, sometimes her son, sometimes S.Yahya, John the Baptist... And Allah Almighty was only asking to call the Children of Israel from materialism to spirituality. Materialism is just against spirituality, and every religion must have spirituality; without it no religion can stand or continue. It is only spirituality, real spirituality, that makes Islam to reach up to today. If not for this, it would have finished...

May Allah forgive us and bless you... Fatiha.


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