Maulana Sheikh NazimA Heavenly Warning

Audhu billahi mina sh-Shaytani-rajim Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

We are in (a) holy month, perhaps next week (already it is) going to finish. Going – coming. If coming,
must go. Who is not coming, is not going. Who is coming today, must go tomorrow… Ramadan (was) coming
– (so it) must (also) go. If we are not going, (there will be) no room for others.

We like our parents to be with ourselves, but after a while we are saying: “When are they going?”
Even Kings or Queens. Their crown-prince likes to be (with) his father and mother, royal family, to
be King and Queen, but he is also asking: “When is his Majesty, my father, going?”We understand –
just he reached also silver jubilee, golden jubilee, asking to be diamond jubilee…“No meaning (to
become King) after reaching old age. I must be on (the) throne, when I am young. When I am
getting older, getting old, they should say: ‘Old King’. But a young King is something else. Young
King, everyone may run after me, but now I am an old King, no one (is) running after me…And I
can’t eat everything, I am going to be on diet – no meaning, when I am going to be old King, (that)
everything (is going) to be (like in my) young time.”

We have a word in Turkish language: ‘genc’, meaning ‘young’, and ‘genc’ really (comes) from (the)
Persian word ‘kanz’= hasine, treasure; and our lives’ most valuable period (is) when we are young
ones. After that (we are) going to come down, slowly, slowly coming down.

We are thinking that we should be always young ones – youngsters (are) thinking in such a way –
but suddenly they find themselves in old age. And mostly (now) young people (also are) passing
away quickly, because technology is killing (them). (It is) not like before. (There are) so many
reasons for youngsters dying ‘for the honour’ of technology – but no honour for technology!
Technology is really cursed on Heavens, because (it is) making people to get away from nature.
Technology (is) imprisoning people in its material cells. Now man can’t get out from these material
cells; everyone has a special cell, (everyone is) surrounded by technology and technology (is)
preventing man to reach to their nature that we have been created from earth, but technology (is)
preventing that and asking to make a new atmosphere for mankind to live in it and it is all out of

Now every trouble that you are looking and witnessing through East and West, from North to
South, all troubles’ main sources is from technology. Technology (is) making people or trying to
make all people as robots: ‘Eat, drink and ride on that one’ – nothing else! Like hen, like birds.
Technology (is) trying to bring artificial turkeys, artificial hens, artificial chicken, artificial cows –
and everything that is artificial is against (the) Heavenly Rules of the Lord of Heavens, and all
troubles (are) coming after that involvement of man.

Coming […] of Heavens, but the representatives of Satanas (are) making everything for the sake of
Satanas, even making man not to say: “O our Lord!”, saying: “It is forbidden! You must not say that
everything is under Heavenly Control. You can’t say this!”

Now everywhere there are earthquakes. If a person (is) coming and saying: “O people, it is from the
Lord of Heavens”, they may call you to court! Satanas (is) ordering: “Look that person! Don’t leave
him to repeat that word once again! Take him away, punish him! You must say (that) it is from
nature: underground (there are) running rivers of fire and making some ways, burning, burning,
and pipelines… Like mine-companies going underground, taking out mines, now underground
there is fire, running around, burning, then it is going to be big holes and then sometimes these
pipelines are running after a big city and when running, making that earthquake”…

I am saying: “It is not a true description! You must say: (There is) someone on (a) horse running
after that pipeline and when (he is) angry, making his horse… hitting, and then this (horse is)
making up and down, (and) then this earthquake (is) coming”…“O Sheikh, something wrong with
you?!” “No, I am much more closer than people to understand from that pipeline! (Because) you
say: ‘fire not burning without oxygen’. Underground – where is oxygen? (A) volcano (is) coming
(breaking) out, (and) fire (is) coming. You say: ‘oxygen must be for fire’, but this fire, how (it is)
coming underground?”

(It is) all theories! They say (that) this is real knowledge, but I say: “You are real ignorant ones,
trying to cover haqiqa, reality! You don’t like that people know something about the reality of
Heavens! You are liars! You are representatives of Satanas!” And every time you come – some
people come – and say to me: “(A) scientist, ‘bilim adami’, (is) saying like this, like that.” Scientists
saying! If we are saying: ‘A Prophet (is) saying’, (they are) not giving value, but if we say ‘(a) scientist
said this’, (they say) “Ohhh!”

Therefore – Allah Almighty, the Lord of Heavens, (is saying in the Holy Qur’an): “…wa qarna fii
buyutikunna wa la tabarrajna tabarruja l-jahiliyati l-ala.” [Qur’an, 33:33, O wives of the Prophet:
And stay in your houses and do not beautify yourselves with the bedizenment of the first time of

Allah Almighty is saying (that) just the time of the Seal of Prophets – SallaLlahu ualayhi wa sallam
– (it) was the time of the darkness of ignorance, and (that there was) coming from Heavens a new
light for (en)lightening people for understanding about themselves, about their life, about their world,
about Heavens, and that light came and slowly, slowly, slowly (it was) coming (down again)… And the
Holy Qur’an was saying (that) the women of the time of the Prophet were decorating and beautifying
themselves, making themselves (up) in such a way that men may run after them. (At) the time of ignorance
women were taking much more (of) such things (like make-up etc.) to be seen that they are beautiful, and
Allah prevented believers (from this, saying) that women must not show their beauty to anyone else
(except) their husbands and relatives.

The word that Allah Almighty used there, ‘jahiliyatu l-ala’, first ignorance, (was) signing that (there
was) coming another time of ignorance, ‘jahiliyatu l-thani’, and it should be when (the) Last Days
(are) approaching; (then it is) going to appear.

Allah Almighty (is) ordering women not to be amongst men. Women must keep their positions
through their homes, looking after their husband and their children, to give good behaviour to their
children. (It is) forbidden for women to work outside, but people are not listening (to the) Holy
Orders of the Lord of Heavens. (And) it is also (the) same in Christianity as well as in Judaism. In
(the) Old (Testament) and (the) New Testament (there is the) same order, but now people (only)
follow Satanas.

Ignorance now, it is (a) new fashion – if you are not following Satanas’ theories, you are out of this
community. They say: “Go away, you are yet living in the time of these people whom they said
stories of the old times. Their description or knowledge (is) from Prophets only to say some people;
always (these Prophets were) speaking old histories of past time people; (it is) no more (than that).”
And we reached now to a position that mankind (is) going to finish. (The) Heavenly Order (is)
coming on earth and making some signs, giving some signals for mankind (to warn them): “O
mankind, don’t try to trespass!” People (are) getting out too much (of) the(ir) limits, (they) passed
more than it is given to them to be, they passed (the) limits that Allah Almighty (was) putting there
(a warning, saying): “Don’t pass! After this point, it is forbidden, prohibited! Caution, warning!”
(But) people say: “We are not listening.”

You are not listening?

Now they are very fearful when (there is an) eclipse of sun, fearing! Before, they said: “No any effect
from eclipse on earth”, but through (the past) 5o years or (through the) 20th century they (could)
take enough lessons that (always) something (is) happening after (an) eclipse of the moon or the
sun – but more of the sun. They tried it.

Now just at the beginning of the Holy Ramadan (there was) coming (an) eclipse of sun. Even in
Syria schools (were) closed (down), because (it was) going to be really dark and students may be
(harmed)… and just after it happened this earthquake. And (before) another, (a) full moon eclipse
(was) coming and coming Tsunami. Just came!

“…wa idha l-biharu fujjirat” and there is “sujjirat” also. (The) Holy Qur’an (is) saying: “(There is)
coming on people a time that seas are going to get out and make big waves and rush on continents,
on mankind.” (And it) happened! Then, 1991 or ’95, in August, happened a full eclipse. I prayed
hours until (the) eclipse of sun (was) opening; I prayed here with my derwish people and (it)
passed and (it took) so much, so long time. (And there was) coming (an) earthquake, (and) perhaps
half a million people passed away, but (the) government (was) not saying (the truth)! In Turkey (it)
happened. They have taken their lessons!

Now that happened! (And) now they say (also): “(On the) 29th of March (there is) going to be (a)
full eclipse of sun”, and (so) people (are) fearing (now), because (they are) living in concrete
buildings. And I am saying: “Come down! Don’t go up like Nimrod!” Nimrod built a huge tower. “O
people, you are going up too much, come down!”

Everywhere they destroyed (the old houses), but (they are) building buildings and building (them
from) concrete blocks and (then they are) coming down (when there is an earthquake) – concrete
(is) making them like Chapatti. In India people (with)in hours (were becoming) like
Chapatti… (the earthquake was) making (the houses) like this, up…(and they are coming down,)
because (they are) all concrete buildings… Therefore I am saying to people: “O people, leave that
(concrete buildings!) Make mud homes and make them one or two floors (only).”

I am trying to make (here a) new center – from mud. I don’t like this (concrete building that they
are building next door), but one of our foolish brothers (was) making this (without asking me). I
am going up to the mountain to make a mud (center there). If (an earthquake is coming) like this
(shaking the houses from the sides), (houses) can’t move, (if it is coming) like that (from underground),
also never (anything is) happening, (because it is built) with this wooden (construction),
not concrete. If anyone (is) coming to make (a) concrete building (there), I am throwing him away:
“Go to India, make concrete buildings there!” Everywhere old cities (are) finished, old villages (are)
finished, everyone (is) making homes from concrete blocks. (When they are) falling on them, (they
are) making them (to be like) Chapatti… Now people are crying… And before, (this happened to
the) Iranian people also – (their houses were) falling on them!

You must come back to nature!

Now they are coming and saying: “Ehhh…” “What happened?” “You heard about that virus? Bird
flue!” “How happening this?” “There is a virus and making this injection to every bird and just all
(the) world (is) full with bird flue…”

Do you think this is a sign of mercy from Heavens? You think by burning birds (you can prevent
it)? It is haram through all Holy Books to burn, you can’t even burn one ant! Burning millions of
birds, for nothing, but they are atheist people, saying: “No God.” Astaghfirullah!

Allah should punish mankind on earth, and if His anger (is) coming, He is able to create another
virus – for mankind, (so) that through 24 hours never living (even) one (person) on earth – at least
half (of the) inhabitants of the world should pass away!

Beware! Come and accept truth! Don’t go to be with those foolish and drunk scientists! Listen (to
the) heavenly messages, […] heavenly warning, take care for heavenly caution. If not, no one can
save you. If (you are) going to be […] Satanas can’t do anything. Beware, o people!

May Allah forgive me and bless you! Blessings (are) only coming after forgiveness. First we must ask
forgiveness from our Lord for our wrong ideas, wrong actings against His Heavenly Orders. (First)
He gives His forgiveness, then (He) blesses you, blesses ourselves.

May Allah bless all mankind, for the honour of the most honoured one and most blessed servant in
His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad – SallaLlahu ualayhi wa sallam – al-Fatiha.

Lefke, 23.10.2005, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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