Maulana Sheikh NazimA heavenly Warning - hear, listen, and obey!

Ohhh, ya Rabbi, Sen Bilirsen, You know!
Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded!
As-salamu alaikum!

That is our weekly meeting, because people they are taking their freedom
today. All over the world they are taking Sunday to be free and heedless
Muslim World also they are taking care for Sunday. Saturday was Jewish
people holy day, Sunday, it was holy day for Christians. And Allah
Almighty (is) granting to Muslims, the nation of (the) most beloved
servant of Allah Almighty and (the) most praised one, S.Muhammad sws,
for his nation, (as the) holiest day Friday, that Friday it is (the)
most important day here and Hereafter.

According to people’s situation- because you are not free for other days
except Sunday- we are sitting (here) and speaking and warning of
something and also we are- Huuu!- urging people for something else.
Therefore we are saying: Welcome to you! And first we must say our Lords
Holy Name and begin (by): Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!

Shaitan, who (is) representing every badness, every kind of disobediency
Shaitan he is representing; he is representative and representing to all
nations. That is his mission. (The) mission of Shaitan, what it is, you
must know!

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah!

Through East and West whole nations, mankind, must know some points,
(so) that you can be happy here and Hereafter and you can be in safety
here and Hereafter.

First of all- therefore we are saying: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, by
the Name of Allah Almighty All-Merciful, (the) Most Beneficent and Most
Magnificent!- may Allah give us a power to speak and to call people (to)
obediency (to Him) and to warn (those) people, whom they are running on
the way of disobediency (towards Him).

That is (the) summary of prophecy, (the) summary of whole heavenly
Commands. He Almighty (is) asking from His Prophets to call people to
obediency- to whom? (To Him,) who created you- He (the) Almighty!- and
(the) Prophets (are) calling you: “O people, be obedient to That One
that created you, created you from nothing!”

From nothing (He) created you; you wasn’t in existence. (Those) that
they are now attending this sohbet, association, coming here, you wasn’t
in existence; before 1oo years ago, no one (of you was) here. Who (was)
bringing you (here)? You wasn’t (the) day before in existence, and after
tomorrow you are going to be also not in existence. How, which one (is)
bringing ourselves in existence?

Yes, that is something from traditional Knowledge that (is) reaching to
people from Heavens. I am sorry to say that people now they are never
taking any care (for) such a Knowledge; that traditional Knowledge that
(is) coming from Heavens. They are fully denying it; fully denying and
they are following Shaitan and its ways.

Allah (is) calling people through His Prophets to His obediency and
Shaitan, that one, (is) calling you to disobedience. Allah (is) calling
you to be obedient servants for Him Almighty and Shaitan (is) saying:
“No, don’t be obedient to anyone except me! Who may come with me, should
be happy here! And don’t believe (in a) Hereafter.” (He is) saying this.
Shaitan (is) making people to deny (everything) beyond this life,
saying: “Don’t believe; follow me and you should be happy here. Don’t
believe for (a) Hereafter; that is ‘asatir’, histories from old nations,
like fairy-tales!”

They are looking for Holy Books and their knowledge that (they are)
bringing as fairy-tales. Someones may read that Books only to look what
it is in it (they are) not asking to follow it, to believe in it and to
keep the ways that (they are) showing ourselves. No, only they are
looking what it is written in (the) New Testament or in (the) Old
Testament, or… mostly world people they are not asking to look, to know,
what it is written, what it is in (the) Holy Quran, but they are reading
their holy Books- (the) Old Testament, (the) New Testament, Evangelos
and Taurah. Then Shaitan (was) making every kind of cheating and
changing so many verses and you can’t know, which one is original and
which one is not, (but) imitated. Only on (the) Holy Quran. (The) Holy
Quran (is) only one; not ‘according to Mathew’, ‘according to John’,
‘according to Markos’, ‘according to Luke’- what is that ‘according
(to)’? Who is that ‘according (to)’ you are saying?

And they are trying to make Muslims and their Holy Book ‘istihsa’,
joking. Your Book, what is your Book? 4 Evangelos? Evangelos coming one
or four? It was 4oo and more (versions), but then they (were) burning
them and killing that Bishops (who brought them to the Council of Nicea)…

(Sit down! If not listening, don’t come!)...

Allah (was) sending one Taurah, one Evangelos, Ingil- (one) Old
Testament, (one) New Testament- and (one) Holy Quran.
(The) Holy Quran now (is) like (the) sun- shining! When (the) sun (is)
shining, stars they are going to disappear, finished!

Therefore- Allah Almighty (is) saying through His Most Beloved Prophet
S.Muhammad sws: “Say to people that (there is) no more a(ny) new Book or
no more any new Shariat coming! No more Prophet (is) coming!” How it can
be? Ya Hu! And some foolish Muslims- their name Muslims- they are
encouraging themselves to say: “We must do a renewment in Islam!” Who
are you, ya Shaitan! For what new, renewment, in Islam? When (the) sun
(is) shining, you are asking another sun? What is that foolishness! If
(there is) no moon, you may look (to the) stars, you may find your way,
but when (the) full moon (is) coming, (the) full moon (is) giving much
more lights on earth.

But it is not enough. Therefore Prophets that passed away, they were
only for their nations or tribes, not for (the) whole (of) mankind. But
the Seal of Prophets that (he was) just honouring this world before 15
centuries ago, when his sun (was) shining. When (the) sun (is) shining,
(there is) no need (of) electricity to look, where it is something, no
need! No, (it is) sun!

But those heedless Muslims (whom) they are thinking (that) they are some
important ones- they are so ignorant ones- (they are) asking to make (a)
renewment! First mentality (is) never accepting after sun another sun to
come and to make clear. One sun (is) not clear enough for us, to look
everywhere? For what (they are) asking another sun or to make something
on sun?

“O Sheikh, we are asking new rays for (the) sun to make it energy for
our cars, because oil (is) just finishing!” Insha Allah (it is)
finishing. Insha Allah (it is) changing their oil, petrol, to be water!
Or to disappear underground, finishing, no more reserve! If Allah
Almighty (is) ordering (it), one hole may open and… (sucking the oil
in)… “What happened?” Ling lang, ling lang, ling lang… “These machines
(are) never bringing anything- what happened?” Ask (Him), don’t ask me.
He can do everything!

O people, come and believe in Islam! That is the perfect belief, perfect
actings, perfect rules, perfect perfection on earth! If you are not
doing that, you are never going to be successful after tomorrow,
finished, finished, finished… May eat mankind some of them some others!
If not coming raining from skies, people may eat someones some another

Just reached to me from traditional knowledge that just happened no
rains, (a) draught. (It) may happen; it is written through our
traditional Knowledge some events that happened for mankind- and we are
asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty!- that people they reached on
such a position (that they had) nothing to eat or drink. They were going
to cemeteries and digging some graves and they were saying: “Maybe this
is a new buried person (and) we may take him out and we may cut his
flesh, we are eating…”

O people, fear from Allah! Now He is looking and hearing what we are doing!
He granted us everything and we are not saying: “You are Allah!” We are
not making Sajdah for him, we are not believing! May come (a) fire on
them; fire, but (He is) not sending (it) from Heavens, (but a) fire
among themselves… Some of them they were cutting their children and
eating, (because there was) nothing to eat…

A history through traditional Knowledge that (is) reaching to me also:
Once in one country, in one territory, just (was) found a big treasure.
They were so happy that it was found??? and they were informing (the)
King of that country that: “We found such a treasure” and (he was)
coming and looking, opening (it). There was a leather, deer; on it
(were) written some writings and (the) King ordered (it) to be taken and
to be read: “It is a declaration or it is a reminding (to the one) who
found it, that is my declaration: that that treasures all they were
mine; (it was my) Sultanate’s treasures. I was the malik, (the) owner,
(of) that. O people, I was such a rich King and Emperor, but I was so
proud and I was doing everything that I wished to do; I was thinking
that my life, my glory, my dominion, should continue forever. But then
the Lord of Heavens (was) sending to my country (a) draught that day by
day everything (was) going to be dry; no more skies (were) raining, no
more rivers (were) running, no more wells (were) bringing water (and) no
more springs- (there was) no more anything from water and (everything
was) becoming everything dry and finishing…people (were) dying by hunger
or thirst.

I was the owner of this treasure- now you reached to it- I was in need
to find a piece of food to eat; I am not finding through my huge castle
(anything). (There was) nothing! (So) I ordered my soldiers to fill one
bag (with) golden; it was (pieces) like dates (in a) basket from grass,
from palm trees: “Fill that basket (with) golden and go through that
city. Ask! If anyone (is) giving one piece of food to me, give this to
him!” And they take and (they were) going around and (they were) coming
later and (they were) saying: “O your Majesty, we can’t find anywhere
(anyone) who (is) accepting one basket of golden and (who is) giving one
piece of food, because they haven’t.” “Then, if (it is in) such a way,
put off this basket and fill it with jewels that each one may be more
expensive, valuable, from one basket gold! Full it with jewels (of)
every kind and take (it) and ask people! Perhaps they may be happy to
have this; if they are keeping something for themselves (to eat), (they)
may give (it) and take (the) jewels!” And (the) guardians (were) going
around, going around, going around, finding nothing! “No one (was)
saying: ‘We have a piece of food, take this’ and to give to you! Then
(they were) coming and bringing (the jewels back) to that Emperor. He
ordered: “Finally, what I can do? O my guardians, grind these jewels;
make it like flour, powder, and put on it a little bit (of) water. Make
it and I may swallow it, to stop my hunger!” And they did (it) and I am
eating. Then this (was) making my stomach not to work, my digestion
system (was) just stopping, everything, and I died through hunger…
O people, don’t be cheated with your treasures, with your castles, with
your glory, with your kingdoms, with your richness, with your golden,
don’t be cheated! I am that one that I just died from hunger!”

O people, fatabiu, take (your) warning! Now people (have) no mind; they
are only asking to collect much more, much more, much more… They are not
asking if Heavens (are) stopping from raining, what it is going to be?
O people, come and be obedient to your Lord Allah Almighty! If you are
not doing that- He may give a punishment that you should be for others
‘ibra’, example!

But people they are drunk now, drunk; they never hearing or listening or
obeying to their Lord, even (they are) not saying: “You (are) our Lord,
forgive us!”

Now (His) punishment (is) coming closer, approaching… (The) cursing from
Heavens (is) approaching… I am asking forgiveness!

Therefore- at least daily you put your forehead for your Lord for Sajdah
and at least you must say 7o x : “Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah,
Astaghfirullah… O our Lord, forgive us!”

If (you are) not doing (this), whole nations… “…wa ma thalika ‘ala-llaha
aziz…” It is not a big thing (for Allah Almighty) to destroy everything
on this world in a second!

O people, put fear of your Creator through your heart and be obedient
servants! Give (your) most high respect for your Lord Almighty Allah, to
be in safety here and Hereafter! Wa-l hamdu-li-llahi Rabbi-l ‘Alamien!
For the honour of the Seal of Prophets, I am asking forgiveness, Fatiha…

…I am hearing they (South Africa people) are very rich ones… and they
are saving many riches… particularly through Jahannamburg… There is a
city, they are saying: Jahannamburg… “No, Sheikh”, they are saying, “it
is Johannisburg!” It is not real, (it is) Jahannamburg it is better…

Never (they are) giving anything for charity for mankind and Allah (is)
giving them that richness to make more charity, but they are saving…
As some people in Cape Town also they have (a) cosmetic (factory);
(cosmetics) that (are) making beautiful ones ugly and ugly ones making
(them) more ugly… They have perhaps trillions of Dollars, but (they are)
never giving (anything) for any charity…

“How you are knowing this?” Ya Hu, if I am saying something not real… I
must bring a proof: If they were doing that- (those) big company
cosmetic people and (they are) saying: “We are Muslims”, their charity
must reach to me also on this island…

But I am not in need, they are in need (to do that)!...

„Ehhh- X., Professor X.!“ (“Salam alaikum!”) “How are you Sir? Let them
to collect much more Dunya! They should be buried among their Dollars
and Yens and Euro! They are making their Tesbih: “Euro, Euro, Euro…”,
some: “Dollar, Dollar, Dollar…”, some: “Pound, Pound, Pound…” This is a
heavenly Warning!

May Allah bless you and change our ways from Jahannam-Way to Jannatu-l
Firdaus! My Salaams to everyone who (is) listening (to) Allah Almighty’s
Orders and (who is) trying to make Him happy and pleased with them, Amin!”

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah!...
Forgive us, o our Lord, for the honour of Your most beloved servant
S.Muhammad- peace be upon him- Fatiha!

Lefke, 8.4.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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