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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**A heavenly Warning to all nations!

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah!

Allah Almighty, He is saying through (the) Holy Quran for whole nations: “Fa
dhakkir- fa inna dhikra tanfau-l mu’minin! O My most glorified and most honoured
one through My divinely Presence, you, o Muhammad sws, remind My servants”,
because reminding may give some light to them, to clear their ways, to know,
where they are going! That is (a) heavenly Order from Allah Almighty.

And we are now reaching to (the) holy Ramadan, (the) fasting month, (the) most
glorified month through (all the) 12months. Tonight it is going to be (the first
night from this holiest month of (the) year, Shahru Ramadan, (the) holy moon of
Ramadan. Tonight believers (are) going to pray (the Tarawih (prayer), 20 Rakaat,
and tomorrow- tonight, insha Alla,- we are going to intend for fasting,
according to (the) holy Command of Allah Almighty. And it is our intention, we
are asking from Allah Almighty, to give us enough strength to keep (the) Holy
Order that He (is) ordering to His servants to complete 3o nights (of) Tarawih.
And this year (it is) going to be perhaps 29 or 30 days of (the) Holy Ramadan.
O our Lord, qawina ‘ala ta’atika hatta yuaddi shay min jihattina an yuhaddim
zarra mina ta’a li hudurak, ya Allah! Atina maqdura to be able to control our

The biggest cursing (is) coming on people, when their ego (is) going to be on
themselves. (The) biggest mistake for man (is) to make their ego their
commander- I am not saying ‘Sultan’. To be under the command of their egos, that
is (the) biggest cursing for a person! When you are making your ego commander on
you, (there is) cursing forever, never cutting off!

That Ramadan is giving a chance to people to be able to leave their egos and to
fight their egos and to be able to control their egos.

Subhanallah, Subhanallah! People now (are) running on streets everywhere! (In)
East and West, everywhere, people (are) running and asking: “We don’t like that
Prime Minister”, “We don’t like that government”, “We don’t like that Sultan”,
“We don’t like that President”- (but) no one (is) thinking to say: “We don’t
like our egos to be on power point!” Everyone (is) so happy, no one (is) saying:
“My ego is not good! I must bring it down and put my heavenly Power to my soul,
to be (able?) to look after myself.” No one! No one! Everyone (is) so happy to
be under the Emerate, to be (an) obedient servant for their egos! No one (is)
asking to fight and to take their egos down and put their spirituality power on
(the) power point! Everyone (is) giving (the) power point to their ego- how this
mankind, (the) Children of Adam, how (they) should be happy? They are asking to
burn themselves, nothing else! They are preparing (that), because their
commander is their ego that it is (the) representative of Shaitan and Shaitan
(is) ordering to their egos: “You must kill, you must burn, you must take them
away, you must be (the) only one on earth! Don’t give any chance to anyone

Therefore (there is) coming now cursing! If people (are) not changing their
ways, (there is) coming cursing to take away from 5 (people) 4, remaining 1. If
(the) population on earth (is) 5 billions, 4 billions (are) going to die,
remaining one... (Here someone is sneezing and Sheikh says: Shahida-l Haqq!) It
is (a) very terrible time now, therefore I have been ordered to remind whole
nations, if reaching my words to all nations:

It is not honour for man to kill man! It is not honour for (a) man to burn a
man! It is not honour for a man to destroy countries!

Even they haven’t any right to kill an ant, because an ant it has a right to
live! You can’t kill it! You may say: “O my Lord’s creature, leave and go!” That
is (a) heavenly Order and it is never going to give you any harm! No harm
bringing! Now man (is) getting so oppressors, killing everything, asking to kill

Therefore Allah Almighty (is) sending on them such a creatures that only they
may feel (something), but it is impossible to see them or to do anything on
them: (the) Virus! You can see (it)? You can touch (it)? (You) can do anything
(against it)? “Wa khuliqa insana daifa.” But people (are) running on fire! They
are hearing and listening and obeying only (to) Shaitan’s commands!

This Ramadan now just arrived and it is a last chance for humanity to make their
hegemony on their egos, to take (the) power (away) from their egos and to give
to their soul spiritual power! If (they are not) doing (this)- don’t cry (about)
what is going to happen! Billions, not millions, (are) going (to die)! Fasting
is fighting against your egos, to take (the) power from your ego and to give
(it) to your soul, to your spirituality. If not, you are going also!

That is what we are saying! And you are here (a) handful people also... I don’t
know (if) through (the) holy Ramadan (there is) going to be something.... but
after Ramadan, I think that (there) should be something! For (the) holy Ramadan
maybe Heavens (is) delaying (the) cursing and (Allah Almighty is) looking (at)
His servants, what they are doing and (the) holy Will of Heavens through Shawwal
may be in act. When (it is) coming in act, it is not going to stop, till (the)
heavenly Revenge (is) reaching to whole nations that they are making their egos
Sultan and they are not obeying the orders of (the) Sultan of Heavens!
Therefore- who is asking to come here, I may say to them, what (the) Prophet sws
said (on) the day of conquer(ing) of Mecca Mukarrama: “Who (is) going to (the)
Holy Kaaba- (it is a) shelter- (the) Kaaba (is a) shelter (for them). Who is
going (to) that one’s house- (it is a) shelter (for him). That one’s (house is
a) shelter... And anyone (who is) coming and getting in his home and (is)
closing his door, (he is) sheltered also!” Therefore I am saying now for whole
our visitors that (are) coming:

You must be prepared, (prepare) yourself to be... if you may be here 3 days, one
week, or ten days- but you must prepare yourself to reach to your homes! Here it
is not a sheltered place for whole nations! Therefore we are giving, we have
been ordered to say to people:

Whom they have their homes and their children, they must be hurry through (this)
holy Ramadan to get back to their homes and (do) what we said; they must close
their doors, only (come out) for their obligatory services that they may do,
(otherwise) they may be through their homes!

I don’t like anyone to move now from Europe, from East, West, America,
Australia... to come here now! Because it (this island) may be closed and no one
can move from here! They should be in (a) worst condition- ½ (of the) family
(is) here, ½ (of the) family (is) there... I have been ordered to give a warning
to people!

If (it was) in such a way, Dunya, (like now, at the moment, it) doesn’t’ matter,
but Dunya is not going to continue in such a way! Whole nations lost their mind
and mentality; (they) don’t know, what (they are) doing, (they are) only
following shaitanic order! Therefore I am not responsible! I am beginning?? I am
saying: Anyone (who is) finishing their visiting, must hurry to go to their
home and to keep themselves there and for... themselves (are) going to be (a)
shelter (for) so many people!

May Allah forgive us for the holy Ramadan’s blessings! For the most honoured one
in (the) divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, may Allah forgive us! Bi hurmati-l
Habib, bi hurmati-l Surati-l Fatiiha!

Whom (is) not fasting, whom (is) not praying, whom (is) not obeying- cursing
arrows (are coming) on their heads (and) no one can save them...

Lefke, 31.8.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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