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A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

O Syrian ladies! Wear veils over your faces as you should not expose your beauty to strangers. You know that I am not an Arab from other nations who have been honored with Islam, but I am reproaching you for such disgraceful behavior. I am now almost 100 years old, and I've lived years with you and have seen many people. I am not playing games with you! Why would I want to do that? If Syria becomes corrupted, then the whole world must have reached corruption, which indicates the Day of Judgment is approaching! All Syrian scholars must expand their minds and hearts with love and respect to Allah Almighty's commands.

O People of Syria! Where are you? What a pity that your streets are filled with flaunting, unveiled girls and women, decorating their faces with all sorts of kohl eyeliners. I was told that kohl has become expensive in Syria because women use it as a kind of make-up on their faces. Also the spice markets have run out of varnish for the same reason, particularly the red color they put all over, making them resemble chimpanzees. What is that?! Even their men are not keeping their moustaches, making them look like women. You are men!

Glory be to Him who has adorned men with beards and has beautified women with long hair. Now they make hairdos like monkeys! They no longer have beautiful faces, finished. What can I say? A beating cane will come down on them! I am a poor, weak person who has been ordered to mention these issues to scholars in Syria, Aleppo, Hama, and Hums, where all ladies appear to be flaunting around like monkeys, wearing trousers like men. What is that? It's forbidden for women to imitate men and for men to imitate women. Where is your modesty if you go around wearing trousers, exposing your figure, and highlighting the beauty of your faces?

O Syrian People! This is absolutely forbidden! Where loose morals and bad conditions are rampant, you don't seem to blame it on your own misbehavior. You have corrupted Syria and that's why no rain is falling, no rivers are running, no crops are growing, nor blessings descending.

Why aren’t scholars saying anything? A heavenly warning states, the worst people are those who do not notify others. May Allah send us someone to organize our lives and hearts, and enlighten our faces and hearts. O Dear Lord, forgive us!


The same goes to the people of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, as well as people of the Gulf region, like Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. They all have the same approach and will be flagged with a heavenly strike. If Allah decides to give the west one blow, easterners would receive two blows because they are failing to observe Allah's Divine Law! Forgive us, O Lord!


Is there any defect or deficiency in what I've said? If so, you may continue it. They're seen around dancing; your ladies strut about like dancers, and their men are without moustaches, like devilish people who used to cut off their beards and moustaches. This is a very important point! Allah's wrath fell on those nations in which males and females imitated each other! Forgive us, my Lord.


O Friday Prayer imaams! What are you saying on the pulpit? Why are you not declaring Allah's Commandments, nor explaining the reasons for the corruption pervading Syrian territories? Would you also like to receive a beating for surprising Shaytan at such infidelity on the part of some hajjis? Safeguard and forgive us, my Lord!

Oppression shall never last. If it continues, it destroys. Governments are also recruiting women into their armies. What is that? Where are your noble, learned ones, your noble men? They must object to the recruitment of female youth into the army! They say there is a parliamentary decree. May a curse fall on them! Where is Mr. Ahmad Hasouna, the religious advisor of Aleppo? “How dare you advise people against female recruitment?” O Shaykh Ahmad, how could you religiously authorize recruiting girls along with boys into the army? What kind of divine law gave you such permission? Something that no mountain can carry shall befall you, Shaykh Ahmad! Do your job conscientiously! As-salaamu `alaykum!

When you go to Aleppo, they are no longer making the traditional food like kubbe nor kufta, or any delicious meals. Now, they only place in front of you crusty bread with beans and tea. They tell you the religious advisor is trying to gain the government’s respect and praise, and gain a good reputation for reviving religion to meet the needs of the End of Times. I say that they revived not religion but dissent, and caused ruin!

O People of Syria! Welcome! Where are you? Allah, Allah. I am now almost 100 years old. They may say in courts or governments that this shaykh is senile. “O Shaykh, hold your tongue so they don’t take any measures against you. Otherwise, they may slander you with accusations of being insane.” Those who insult me would be insulting the religious law. No, God forbid! That's why there is a prophetic tradition that says near the End of Times, fitna, confusion, will be created by religious scholars, and to them it returns!

O People of Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia! Shame on you! Don’t you know Arabic; do you know only a little Arabic, like me? Be careful, as my Arabic is excellent, so pay attention! Those who disobey shall receive a beating cane. As per the command of Sayyidi ‘l-Rasooli Akram (a), you must “warn your close relations.” He is a warner and preacher of good tidings. This month of Safar has come to you with a whip that shall come down upon you from the sky to make you regret disobeying Allah Almighty! He will send you merciless, ignorant, oppressive, unfair tyrannical rulers that have absolutely no good trait. May Allah forgive us.


None of the Muslim Arabs have received such a whip yet, since the time of Prophet Muhammad (s). None of them dares to say that what I'm saying is wrong, God forbid!

Lefke, 26.01.2011

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