(Interfaith Meeting)

We hope that our meeting will be for the honour of the Lord of Heavens, who created earth and heavens, who created man and angels, who created seen and unseen worlds and who honoured us to be His servants. He who honoured us to be His Deputies throughout the universe and His Heavens. That is why we are asking for forgiveness for every wrong step and every bad thought and every support of devils. After forgiveness come blessings. If He forgives, then His Blessings come on us. So to ask for forgiveness is a purification. Forgiveness cleans the servant. We need that. When we are clean, His Blessings will cover us. Whoever is always with His Lord is a real servant. Someone who never forgets Him, because if we forget our Lord for even one second, that means that we will be in the hands of devils. When we are always with our Lord then there is no way for the devils to run on us.

If we cannot get the whole of something, then we must try to get a part of it at least. If there is a heap of gold and we try to take the whole it could be impossible, but we should take as much as possible. This is a meeting, according to me a holy meeting, because people did not come here for worldly reasons. You can find so many kinds of meetings, but it is very rare to find meetings where people are not meeting for the sake of enjoying themselves even more or to take benefits from for this life. We here want holiness from the Lord of Heavens, and we need to reach some holiness from Heavens. If we do not get to that point, our life will be unbearable and a very heavy burden. It will be like a plane on the runway unable to lift.

We are all asking to find a way to Heavens. Why did Jesus Christ ascend to Heavens? To show that there is a way to Heavens. Whoever asks for it, will find the way which Jesus Christ found to get to Heavens. They can follow him. He is calling to his nation to follow him, "Come and become holy!" Holy-ones have jets. If you are not holy you do not have jets, only wings.

This is a holy meeting with people from every level and every faith and every different understanding. All of us belong to mankind, to the big family of mankind. Our structure is the same, physically and spiritually. We can be different in many ways, but our creation is the same. We are all humans. It is difficult to bring people on the same direction, because usually people judge each other from the outside. In this way they lose the points with which humans are connected and it is difficult to come together. If we would look at the real creation then we would find ourselves all together in the Divine Presence of the Lord.

We are trying to give every kind of person an easy way to move towards Heavens. Whoever is happy to be here we will tell, "As you wish!". But it is not our destination to always be on this station and not to move. If anyone saw a train at Victoria Station all the time without moving... For what do we use trains? To move! What are we doing here? If people would be asking to be on earth always, then what about Heavens? Why are we waiting? We must move towards Heavens.

Everything which harms mankind, physically and spiritually, is because people want to hang on to this world and not move. If someone comes and says, "Go away! It is enough!", they will answer, "We must be here." People usually wait until they are taken away by force. No-one can refuse or be disobedient when the Heavenly Command reaches him and asks him to come. He will leave everything and come. Everyone will do that, if not today, then maybe tomorrow or next week or next year. One day they must obey the Heavenly Order and leave here and go. That is why it is better without the order coming by force to use our will before that and to prepare ourselves to move towards Heavens.

We need a training. From the beginning until the end temples, synagogues, churches and mosques were training centres for people who were interested in Heavens and their Heavenly Stations. But I am sorry to say, that in this century people are usually not taking any care of holy places. Everyone is independent in his or her idea and in their understanding. They never train themselves to be obedient servants for Heavens, but they want to make everything the way they understand it, not as the Prophets have taught us. The people of the 20th century are the proudest people that have ever lived on earth. Before this century you could also find a few proud people, but only in a small way. In our days everyone is proud and they want to be even more proud. They want to kill and burn and destroy and harm and fight. They want to do every evil. There is a very strange generation now on earth. They have been given every chance, and now they want to destroy the whole world. There is no pity in their hearts. It is finished. Mankind is the most respected creature that the Lord created. He respects man, but man do not respect each other. They do not give respect or any value to each other. Every religion came from Heavens with the message to people to make them respectful, pitiful, just and loveable to each other. These four pillars have never changed in any religion. It is the base on which every religion is founded. It is in the Thora, in the Psalms, Gospels and in the Quran. All holy books have these main pillars. No-one can change that.

There are hundreds and thousands of holy places and holy people but nothing can be passed on to people now because there is no power. The devils never let holy people have any power. We can say something, but you cannot force the devils to stop. Devils are a 100% free to do anything. The hands of the good-ones are tied so that they will not do anything. That is why it is going to a very terrible end. Every holyone knows that when the Last Days approach Armageddon will come. This is written in all Holy Books. It will be like the flood was for Noah. That time it was with water, now it will be a flood of blood. It will run over the world. Because people are using their wildness. They have left the mercy in their hearts. They threw away pity, justice, love and respect from their hearts. They are like robots. There are no good feelings. The blood floods of Armageddon will take away the tyrants and to clean this earth. It is so dirty from the bad actions of people.

I am looking from east to west and from north to south. I am travelling, even at this age, the Lord is making me to travel, so that I can meet some good servants, some holy people. I am happy to find some, but these good people are very astonished and fearful. Holy people must have courage! Devils have such big courage. They are not ashamed, but good people are afraid... The Lord of Heavens makes me to look at all His servants. I am trying to find a place without troubles and problems or errors or terrors. A silent place, a lovely place. Yes! We may find lovely scenes but when I then see that devils are also running around there, my heart is closed.

There are Holy Places everywhere: in Jerusalem, Damascus, Mecca, Medina, Egypt, Baghdad, Jordan, Petra... but where-ever I go I do not feel at ease and I am not happy. I do not feel a safety because as I said, so many dragons, small-size and king-size devils, are running after people, especially after good people. Their main target on earth is not to leave any good people on earth. They want to fill the whole world with dragons, so that no good-one will be left. This is what is written in the Holy Books. He addressed His Lord and said, "You have thrown me away for the sake of mankind and I will turn them into people which you will also throw away! I will make everyone on earth a bad-one, not a good-one! I will try to make them disobedient, not obedient!" That is the main target of satan. And now he has established his kingdom on earth. Beware of satan, oh good-ones, beware of satan! He has so many hooks to catch you.

Once a Bishop looked at the entrance of a big cathedral and he saw that satan was sitting there holding reins. So he asked him, "What are you doing here? Are you selling those, or renting them?" "No, I am seeing the ones who come out and who belong to me. Then I put this on them and ride on them. When they are in temples or churches or mosques they are very calm people but when they come out I can make them do what I like!" That is why it is so difficult, because satan never leaves us. And there is not only one but so many helpers following everyone trying to make us to fall. I heard that on the moon if a person falls and loses their balance, it is so difficult for them to get up. That is why they walk very carefully there. You must also be very careful. Once you have fallen it could take the whole life to get up again. It is as you like. If you like be careful, but remember, so many people cry when they fall. They are in jails, hospitals, mental houses and graveyards and they are crying. If people do not take care, they will end up in one of these places and cry.

Thank you for your listening. I am only addressing to myself. If you like to be with me, I am happy because then we can all be supporters of the Divine Kingdom on earth. That is my target , to destroy the kingdom of satan on earth. That is for all of us. Don't say Church of England or so and so church and Christianity or Judaism or Islam. All of us must come together to destroy the satanic kingdom and to ask the Lord of Heavens to establish His Kingdom. When He sees that people are supporting the kingdom of satan here on earth He will leave us to that. But when we ask all together, "Oh, our Lord, establish Your Kingdom. We just destroyed the kingdom of satan here on earth, please, oh, our Lord, send Your Sultan, send Your Deputy, our Saviour!"

Thank you for having given your valuable time and for having listened and respected me. If you respect me once, I will respect you 10 times. If you give me love once, I will give you 10 times. I will force myself to give. If you give me justice, I will try to give you 10 times more. And if you give me mercy, I will try to give you at least 10 times more. That is what all Prophets brought to us. If anyone gives you something, you must give them much more. That is why when we say, "Asalamualeikum!" to you, you will say, "Aleikum salaam rachmatullah!" Those are the good manners of all the Prophets, divine attributes. Real divine attributes mean, that if you receive one you give back at least 70 times more. May Allah forgive us.

London - 01.04.1993

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