Maulana Sheikh Nazim Highest respect and highest glory to Allah Almighty

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allah Allah…Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah! Ya Allah! Subhanak! We are happy! (We) must be happy! By the Name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent, (the) Exalted, ‘ta’ala wa taqaddas’…They can’t give any meaning (for) ‘taqaddas’. ‘Tabarak’- that (is) coming through (the) Holy Quran for (the) high respect, (the) highest respect of Allah Almighty. These words only (are) suitable through Arabic language. You can’t find similar meanings for one word in (Arabic through) one word in other languages…

It is an obligation to Muqmins, believers and commonly for all mankind first to learn how he can be able to give his highest respect and highest glory(fying) to Allah Almighty. That must be for whole mankind, whom they are believing (in) the Lord of Heavens. To believe in Him, in something, beliefs (are) carrying people to an understanding for what? You must try to understand! Beliefs (are) carrying people to Reality; to say and to declare their belief that that is Reality. And what is (the) reality that we are knowing now or (we are) trying to know about? (It is the) Reality of the Existence of the Lord of Heavens, the Existence of Allah. That is Reality, nothing else! Everything (else) is imagination, because real Existence (is only) for Allah! That is Reality. It is not what you are imagining and saying (for it): “That is real.” No. Everything beyond the Existence of Allah (is) nothing. Nothing! Beyond Reality- what you can find? Nothing! And (the) real Existence (is) for Allah Almighty and that Reality must be known!

To say: “I am believing (in) the Existence of the Lord and the Creator of all (the) things that we are in it”- how you are saying this, oh foolish one? To say: “I am believing and I am accepting the Existence of the Lord of Heavens and the Creator”- who are you to say this! Who are you? “Shahid-Allah”; Allah, He is (the) only One that He, by Himself, (is) going to be (the) Witness and giving His declaration about His Existence. “Shahid-Allah”! Who are you? Who are you to say: “There is Allah”? Oh! What happened? Who are you to say this? You are thinking that you are someone (or) something in divinely Presence and you are saying: “I am believing there is a God”? If (there was) no God, how you are coming and saying this? Oh crazy one! La haula wa la quwatta!

Therefore: “Shahid-Allahu annahu la ilaha illa Hu, wa-l malaikatu wa ‘ulu-l ‘ilmi qaiman bi-l qist…” Allah (is) witnessing His (own) Existence, His Reality and it is enough what He is declaring- witnessing Himself by Himself for Himself! Unknown…unknown Reality, but you must follow Him and (instead) to say: “Oh my God, I am believing in God!” Say: “O my God!” That is a level that they are saying now; it is new fashion (to say:) “I am believing in God only.” Who are you to say this? Say: “Oh my God”, say: “Ya Allah, ya Rabb!” Say! Giving to himself some value to say: “I am believing in God.” If you are not believing, His Existence is going away, no Existence for God Almighty Allah? What you are thinking! So many foolish ones now, new fashion, square-head, empty head people (are saying:) “We are not believing.” Go to Jehennem, if (you are) not believing, go to Hells! Cursing (is) on them!

First of all that you must learn, you must understand: You must declare and give your highest respect (and say:) “Endless Glory for my Lord, for my God, that (He is) making me to be in existence, creating me and making me to declare His Existence. (He), the Exalted!”

Where people are going now? To where you are going? (You are) running after Shaitan- to where Shaitan just brought you, oh nations, oh mankind living in the 21st century? To where you reached? Do you think that (the) 21st century (is the) most honoured century for you, for mankind? (No. The) 21st century (is) making mankind (to be) like rubbish; rubbish that (is) thrown through (the) dustbin or as rubbish that you put in (the) toilet. Shaitan just brought mankind now to that position, because he is saying: “Don’t say (there is ‘Allah’), don’t accept Reality!” If (there was) no Reality, how it can be this creation that we are looking and seeing? How it can be in existence? If no one (is) bringing them (in existence), how (these creatures) are going to be in existence? Those empty head people may say: “By itself, by themselves. Their existence (is) through themselves.” That is reality for them, (for) those empty head people! This, if (their existence) is from them, how it is going to be (that) today (is) never going to be similar (to) yesterday or how it is going to be (that) tomorrow (is) different from today? If it is real- (something) Real never changing. Reality (is) never accepting a changing, but (anything) other (than Reality is) going to be changed.

And sometimes these (creatures) can be seen (and) after a while you can’t seem them (any more). Millions of people (that are) today running through East and West- tomorrow they are not through streets and homes (any more), no, (they are) no more (seen). Billions of people that today (they are) running- going, coming, doing, acting- tomorrow they are not in existence. That means their existence is not a real Existence. If (it is the) real Existence, never (it is) going to be disappeared; (but) always (it) must be ready, in appearance.

That means: everything (you see is) like a shadow or (like) a figure through a mirror. The mirror is sending (a picture), but what you can see in it, it is not fixed, always (it is) changing. Or (we may say) a TV screen: every day’s events through the screen (of the TV) are not (the) same. Where they left? They ran and finished. If they were a real Being, (they) must be there (always and) never disappear.

But people are not understanding that the existence for a real One is never going to disappear, (that it is) never going to finish (and) vanish, (but) always must be in existence. And people- no one of them (is there any more from those people who lived) through (all the) thousands of years that mankind is living on this planet. Billions of people- now (there is) nothing from them. Only you may find (that) about some people some lines through books (are) written, and (all the) others (they are) never known in their times or after. These people finished. And whom their names are written through books, (also it is) only remaining their names and nothing else. That means they were images that belong to imagining, (and) now (it is) finished.

When you are looking and seeing these worlds and this space, skies, stars, galaxies and so on, billions and billions of things, you must know something- that (they are) only running, running, (and) no one (is) knowing from where (they are) coming (and) to where (they are) going. (They are) coming and disappearing, then finishing. They are saying now (that) there are Black Holes, swallowing (everything). If (these creatures) were real ones, how Black Holes (are) swallowing and taking them and never leaving for them any existence? “(They) finished (through that) Black Hole”, they are saying, “Millions or billions of stars. When (they are) coming near to that Black Holes, Black Holes (are) swallowing (them) and (then there are) no more galaxies there.” If they had a real being, how they disappeared?

And who (is) putting that Black Holes there? You, Americans? (Sheikh is speaking on the phone:) “Take away from our way this Black Hole, we must pass through!” “Oh, I can’t do…I may ask Russians, perhaps they are putting that Black Hole (there)?” “Look, ask Russians!” Russians (are saying): “We never have any time to look and to put Black Holes. We are looking after White Holes…Ask to Japan people!” Ma sha Allah…Japan people (are saying:) “No, we are a little bit late, you may ask German people, their technology is more important.” Then English technology people are saying: “What we are doing? Hundreds (of) years we are looking for reality and you are asking something that is disappearing? What is disappearing, it is not a real thing. Must be for your eyes something wrong. Black Hole, White Hole? Go away…What is that?”… African people (are saying): “They know our colour, giving signs to ourselves, saying: ‘We are coming to you, but you must keep us through yourself, don’t show white people…’”

Therefore- everything that people are running after it, after a while it is disappearing. When it is disappearing- finished. They are saying: “That is like (a) mirage.” From far away you are thinking (that) there is water, and (you are) running on it; running, running and coming (to it and then you are) looking (and seeing): “Oh, nothing (is) there, because it was not real (from the beginning).” (Something) Real (is) never going to be changed (or) to be moved, no, (it is) fixed. (There is) no any other power to make Reality to move, no. Therefore- (the) real Existence (is only) for Allah Almighty (, the Creator,) and He can do everything! Others, (creatures,) all of them (are) just like (those) figures (that are) appearing through TV screens.

May Allah forgive me…People in the 21st century are on (the) wrong way; (they are) running after mirages or (they are) running to catch imaginated figures and they can’t do. They must ask about (the) real Existence that (is) never going to be changed or to be taken away; they must learn about (the) real Being (of Him,) Who is saying: “Samawaat wa-l aradiin- all Heavens and earths and everything belongs to Me! I am the Holder, I am the Owner, I am the Creator, I am the Lord!”

You must teach (about) that One, but 21st century people are saying: “We are not putting the name of God through our lessons, through our teachings. (There is) no room to put His Name!” Yes, I know, no room except (for) Shaitan! You are putting everywhere the name of Shaitan, (and) Shaitan is saying: ”Don’t put any other name. I am (enough) for you.” That is wrong! They must try to learn the distance of the Lord of whole creation and He is the only One who can save people, here and Hereafter.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 01.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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