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Only He has absolute power. His will is over our wills. Our will can never be above His. We cannot say, do or promise anything without His will. We can try, but to really fulfil our promises we depend on Him. If His will is not in accordance with ours, it will not happen. His will is above our. His desire is above our. No one can claim to surpass His will and reach a target.

Even now, when we are on the top point of technology we still want to get higher, but as far as I can see, there is no more room. We are reaching the end of the 20th century, and according to our traditional knowledge, it is the last point which mankind will reach.

People nowadays want to catch up with the willpower of the Lord and do as they like in everything, but they will not succeed. It is like a car which only has a certain speed. When you have reached the highest speed, no matter how much you try to accelerate, you will not succeed because you have reached the limits. Scientists want to do more and more and more... But it is impossible!

Thirty years ago I was in Damascus and I saw big announcements in the newspapers about the first rocket being sent up. The scientists wanted to see if it was possible to cut through the gravity of the earth. Science was victorious: the rocket shot through gravity, but it never came back. Technology developed and some time later the first human being was sent up and a few years later landed on the moon. But people were disappointed at what they found there, only ashes. No one was interested to go there. Even if governments would pay people to go and live there, I don't think anyone would want to.

The scientists were hoping to find Heavens up there and to be able to take over the control. They wanted to find some unexpected power, catch it, bring it back to earth and then to do as they like. But it did not work like that. Now the only thing they can do is to send up satellites and enable everybody to speak on all these phones. People are driving their cars and speaking, sleeping and speaking... I don't like these telephones.

The dreams of scientists have come to an end. Whatever they think of, it has a limit. We have reached the last point of science and we must be thankful to the Lord of Heavens that we have been granted a development up to here. No other humans at any time have had so much authority. We must be thankful, but most people are not, they want to have more.

It is a fact that mankind has only been granted authority to a certain limit. According to our physical being that authority is in limit, but mankind is asking for more. Christians believe that Jesus Christ* ascended to Heavens, just like we, as Muslims, know that Muhammad* also was able to go to Heavens during his lifetime. It is a sign that people can overcome these limits.

There are ways and authorisations for mankind to go beyond their physical being. These are spiritual authorities. But the scientists of the 20th century are mostly atheists who do not believe in their own spirituality. They only see everything in its outer appearance without regarding the inner value. But there is a reality beyond what we can see. It is well-known that everyone has a soul. If there was no soul, bodies could not work. Without a battery an instrument cannot function. When the battery is finished, the machine breaks down.

Man consists of the material earth, but the spiritual power within makes it work. Like if a young body drowns and all the organs are still there ready to function, why is it dead? What makes a body function?

The Lord gave us spiritual power for us to use to be with Him. But mankind now are like sheep looking out for grass, for business. The target of most people is money, nothing else. That is why darkness is coming over us.

Humbleness is the best characteristics of people. All saints were very humble, not like kings. Sometimes kings have to be proud. King Solomon* and his father King David* were both kings and prophets at the same time. King Solomon* sat on a golden throne to be able to show greatness to people, to make them show him respect. But when he was private he used to sleep on a mat. That is how humble he was. Officially he had to keep the respect of the people so that they would stay on the path which their Lord had ordered for them. He had all the treasures at his disposal, but still he would not eat anything if he had not earned it himself. He would produce things with his own hands, sell it and eat from that.

Only the Lord of Heavens has the right to be proud.


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