Maulana Sheikh Nazim All Holy Books Call People to Peace and Love

A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajim. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. In the Name of Allah Almighty, the Most Merciful, Most Magnificent and Most Munificent! We must always remember our Creator. As long as we try to be with Him, we will be good ones, but when we do not think about the Creator we will be with Satan. That is not good. As long as our intentions are good, we will be happy. When our intentions are bad, we will be unhappy. Therefore, first we must try to make good intentions. Mashaa-Allah you want goodness and happiness for people.

(Christian guests explain: one volunteers at a school; another is a student at Bible school).

What does the Bible teach people? (The love of Jesus Christ.) Are the Christians keeping that and following Jesus Christ (a)? No one is! Jesus Christ was the prophet of peace; Christians now are people of war. If Jesus Christ was going this way, they are now going the other way. I am sorry to say this. Endless wars are happening, although Jesus Christ taught that if someone slaps you on one cheek, give him the other cheek to slap! I am sorry about this.

I met with His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, and he complained that Christians are not keeping the orders of Jesus Christ, who called people to peace, and now Christians are calling people to fight.

You are like my grand-daughters. I know just a little bit from the holy books, but I can see that all holy books call people to peace. Only Shaytan calls people to kill each other, to fight and make trouble because he is the chief of trouble makers! He made trouble on the first day, when Allah Almighty ordered the angels, “Bow to Adam (a).” Shaytan became so envious of Mankind that now he makes people kill each other, and thus he becomes happy.

People do not take guidance from their prophets, that the Lord of Heavens wants peace for them. People listen to Shaytan and not their Lord. May Allah forgive us.

Welcome to you! We and everyone are asking for peace, but some people don’t like peace as they are with Shaytan. May Allah forgive us.

Keep the ways of holy ones. In this world there will always be good ones, but people do not run to find a good one. The Lord of Heavens is saying, “O People! Believe in Me and follow My good servants.” What else do holy books say except this? Now, no one listens because they are all running after Shaytan and endless troubles are everywhere. We are just a handful of people here (praying for peace). No one is keeping the advice of Jesus Christ in their hearts; he called people to love, peace and loyalty, but people don’t like all this as they are following Shaytan.

(We are here in Cyprus to pray for peace.)

Thank you. I am like your grandfather; make du`a for me, also. May Allah bless you and grant you to be His loyal servants and to be with Sayyida Maryam (a), here and Hereafter! You have lights from Heavens on your faces!

(The Bible says that Jesus’ light shines out of our eyes and his face shines through us when we love him.)

Yes, it is true! But people read newspapers and won’t read the holy books!

(Sings a hymn about the love of Jesus Christ.)

Thank you. May Allah bless you. Pray for me. I am happy with you. (Mawlana give sweets.) This is to make our meeting sweet! Thank you for visiting. You may come here anytime, I am like your grandfather.


I am praying for you. Inshaa-Allah may all of you kiss the holy hands of Jesus Christ (a). Pray for me and send my salaams to your people.

Lefke, 17.10.2011

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