Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Holy people may be everywhere

Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya... Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Holy people may be everywhere and we have a saying: ‘Sharafu makan bi makil’- this earth is not by itself going to be holy, but who (is) stepping on it or sitting on it or living on it, that one’s holiness (is) making that place to be holy. Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, Petra- (it is) holy land, this area that people (are) fighting on it now to take it, to reach it. It is not by fighting, no, it is a grant from our Lord. If He is giving (it) to a person that he must be a holy one in His divine Presence, then he may be there…May Allah forgive us…Oh people, listen and keep it! All Prophets were calling people and saying: “Come and listen and keep what you are listening!”

We don’t know, ya Rabbi, we don’t know, ya Rasulullah, anything, we don’t know anything, oh holy ones, oh Friends of Allah, oh good people, oh good servants! Who is fighting for Dunya, he is not a good one, no! Who is asking his Lord’s pleasure, he is good one. May be Israeli, may be Arab, may be Turk, may be English, may be American, may be black one, red one, yellow one…I didn’t hear that there is green ones?

There is one person we are saying ‘Green Man’, S. Khidr. One person is green only. Whole nations you may look around, you can’t find, only green: Al Khidr. That means, he (is the) only green one. How you are knowing that he is (that) green one?

He was at time of Moses also living that Allah Almighty granted to him to be alive among mankind living on earth. Khidr. How you are knowing that he is (the) green one and (the) green man and that one of (the) beloved Friends of Allah Almighty? When he is standing in (the) sun, his shadow is green! That is (the) proof that he is (the) ‘green man’, no one’s shadow is going to be green except that one’s. Therefore- if Allah Almighty (is) asking to make a green man, He can do, but it is not suitable to be everyone green one. Only one (is) enough for a proof.

He was very happy with S.Musa a.s., but Moses a.s. was impatient person, asking so many questions and such people never ask to be questioned. You must say: “Okay, Sir. Yes, Sir!” “What is this, what is that?”- no! Only Moses, a.s. had been authorized to ask such questions, because he was authorized to speak with Allah Almighty. So many Prophets (were) speaking with their Lord, but not on earth, up. Moses’ specialty was that he was that one only that Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him on earth. And Moses- even he was so powerful person, his creation his special creation for hearing his Lord’s divinely Words and Commands- even he had such powerful structure, but without a means he wasn’t able to hear. Therefore Allah Almighty never directly addressed to him, without using some mediator. It was the olive tree, (he was) hearing from (a) tree. Directly can’t be. Moses! And (it was) on (the) Tur Sinai, Mount Sinai- time by time he has a visiting card, no on other can be- once he was hearing from (the) tribes of (the) Children of Israel and they were asking: “Oh Moses, please take us also to hear, because we are positive people. If we are not hearing ourselves, what you are hearing, we are not coming to believe in you 1oo %. Eh, 1 %, 3%, 1o% we may believe, but so (many) doubts (are) coming to ourselves. Therefore please take us also.” Prophet Musa (was) cheated and (he was) taking them, bringing (them there) and they were hearing.

When (they were) hearing, (they were) bringing another objection, saying: “Oh Moses, we are not getting satisfied to hear (only), because we are hearing from that tree. Who is through there, through (that) tree speaking? We are materialist people, we must look, see and to say: ‘Yes’.” And Lord of Heavens (was) very angry. Coming a lightening and (those) 7o people (were) falling down dead. Not ordinary dead people. They were like dead people, like frozen shapes, looking like this...(up in astonishment). This lightening (was) coming on them, finishing (them).

Then Moses (was) saying: “Oh our Lord, those from (the) Children of Israel (were) doing something that is really ignorance. Their minds (are) not too much (working). Oh our Lord, forgive them. If you are not making them to be alive”- Moses (was) teaching Allah also- “If You are not bringing them back to life, when I am going back to (the) Children of Israel, they should say: “Where are our people”, accusing me that I murdered them, I killed them. Therefore, oh our Lord, give (them) their lives and I am taking them quickly back!”
(The) materialist vision (is coming) from that time and now (it is) everywhere. People are not accepting beyond (the) material anything. They are saying: “No, we must look and (only then) we must accept.” They were saying to Moses: “Show us and we should believe you.” Allahu akbar!

We are saying this as an introduction to you, for the honour of that holy land’s person (a visitor from the holy land) that we must speak to him. Clever for Dunya, no one can be like (the) Children of Israel clever or in science or technology. Can’t be anyone, any nation. That is a grant from Allah that He is saying (in Sura Duhan): “We are choosing the Children of Israel with such a special structure We grant to them, that that is a knowledge, just We grant to them that we never give to other nations. Therefore if they are not working and finding such things, whole nations, no one can reach to that point. But (at the) same time (the) Children of Israel did such a big headache for Moses, until (they were) making him to be imprisoned in (the) desert of Sahara Ti, only desert, and he was imprisoned through (the) Bani Israel, (through) the Children of Israel, in that area. Subhana Huwa wa ta’ala! Allah (is) patient, but He granted. If the Children of Israel (were) not chosen, (there would be) no technology. No any instruments, so many inventions, so many technical instruments, everything… Other nations can’t reach to find it. But they used it against Allah, against Moses, against other people! (But they are) first class (for) cleverness, first class (for) understanding, first class (for) finding (the) secret powers of nature. No one (else) can reach.

And Moses- peace be upon him- he had been chosen as Kalimu-llah, who was speaking with his Lord and speaking and meeting his Lord, speaking and asking and taking answers. No one can be authorized as Moses a.s. to say to Allah: “Why?” No one, no any (other) Prophet (was) saying: “Why this?” except Moses. He was authorized to ask: “Why?” And Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Oh Moses, be calm! Be calm, don’t shout to much, I am hearing. Ask, I am answering.”

Shaitan (was) taking courage from his bad ego and (he was) asking: “Why?” 1ooo’s and 1ooo’s of years he was (the) teacher of Angels and when he asked and said: “Why I am bowing to Adam?” he was thrown away. Therefore it is impossible to anyone to ask: “Why?” to Allah, only Moses a.s. Allah Almighty He knows the quality or qualification of (the) Children of Israel. They are (the) most difficult ones through nations, most difficult ones for following something and asking to reach to his final position. (They are) first class researchers, asking this: Why this, why that, why this, why that?” Therefore Moses was asking sometimes. He was tolerated to ask: “Oh my Lord, why?”

For example: So many times (he was) going and coming and asking so many questions. Once he was passing, going to (the) Mount Sinai and he was looking a person, sitting on a rock. Only he had a Sarong. (He was) sitting and saying: “Oh Moses, where are you going?” “I am going to my Lord to speak to Him. He called me to come to Him. He likes to speak to me and I like to address to Him, Almighty.“ “Oh Moses, you can ask everything?” “Yes, I can ask.” “Look. I am one of His weak servants. I am sitting here, (I am) so poor, (I have) nothing, only this piece of cloth (is) for me. Please ask from your Lord to give me something.” “Yes, I may ask.” Moses was going and he was speaking and making association with his Lord. Then (he was) saying: “Oh my Lord, You know everything, without I am speaking to you, but I must say (this). Just I met when (I was) coming here, a weak servant, a poor one, sitting on rock, and he has nothing. He was saying: ‘Oh Moses, please ask your Lord to give me something.”

“Oh Moses, don’t ask! It is good for him to be on that rock in such a way.” “Oh my Lord, give something!” “Oh Moses, it is good for that servant be on that rock. It is good for him.“ “Oh my Lord, for the honour of that one that he is (the) most honoured one in Your divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, give something!” Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Oh Moses, you are insisting. In My divine Presence, if anyone (is asking a) second (time a) question, I am making him dust, making his existence non-existence! But for your honour and for the honour of that one in My divine Presence, tell him (to) come down and (to) dig under that rock. He can find what he was asking.”

And Moses was coming and (that person was) sitting on (the) rock, looking: “What is, oh Moses, good news for me?” “Very good news! Come down and dig under that rock. You can find what you are asking. “ How many years he was sitting on that rock, on (a) treasure, (and he was) not knowing…Moses was going on and quickly (that person was) running. Before he was showing (himself that) he can’t move, (that he is) so weak…he was like that…”Oh Moses”… he was so quick, when (he was) hearing (this), jumping like (an) ape…(digging with his hands)…Gold…Perhaps our holy land’s friend should ask me: “Where is that rock?” I shall show you…

Then quickly (he was) taking, as much as he may carry and (he was) running (to the) city. Taking and buying something, buying something, buying something, building palaces and making feasts for people, citizens living there. And finally that country- that (it) was a kingdom- (the) King just passed away, no children (for him), and people were wondering: “What we should do now, our King passed away and no any crown-prince. What we shall do? From where we must look a new King?” And (then) all people were saying: “Why we are leaving our city and run to other places to look a new one? That person is just suitable. For that dressing he is (the) most suitable one, we may do that one our King!” And he was chosen (to be their) King in (the) King’s palace.

And after a while Moses was remembering one day: “I must look after that person, what he did, where he is.” Asking, asking and then (he was) finding (out about) that person that he is now (the) King of that kingdom. And he was interesting to go and visit that one. He reached to the capital of that kingdom, asking: “Where is (the) King’s palace?” They were saying: “The King’s palace (is) there.” “Oh!” And he was beginning to walk and to reach, to meet that one. That person who was (the) new King was sitting in a high place (in the palace) that (he was) looking people under him) passing and (he was) looking, recognizing Moses coming. Quickly (he was) sending his guardians and (he was) saying: “Quickly run to that person who is trying to come in, (and) say that (the) King is not ready. If (he is) insisting, say to him: ‘Go away, because our King is so busy, (there is) no time for him to meet such (a) person that we are not knowing’.”

And Moses was (the) most angry one among Prophets, Jallali! His anger (was) not (coming) from his ego. Prophet’s anger (is) divine Anger, that (the) divine Anger just appeared once through Shaitan and (it is) coming to appear also (on the) Day of Resurrection on unbelievers. And Moses was granted such (an) anger. Of not, if he was like Haroun, Bani Israel were eating him. (They were) not fearing from Haroun, but fearing from Moses a.s. And Moses (was) getting very angry! When (a) lion is angry, his hair (is) coming like this…Moses (also was) coming like that, (he was) saying: “La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim”, leaving him and going.

And when he was going to (his) meeting with his Lord Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty was looking and seeing the signs of anger on Moses. He (was) saying to him: “Oh My servant Moses, what about today? I am looking you are very angry. “ And Moses was saying: “This Shaitan one…” “Who is that one?” “(He) that I was asking for him, something to be given.“ “Oh Moses, I said to you that that position is good for him, but you were insisting and I was giving. That is your punishment. But for your honour and (because) he is dealing with you in such a bad way, I am taking your revenge from him!“

Allah is (the) only One (who is) changing hearts; you can’t change the hearts of people, (not) even Prophets. “I am doing what should be for your pleasure.“
And He ordered (the) hearts of people. They were accepting that one, (and He was now) changing their hearts, and they were coming to hate him. Love and hate (are) shoulder by shoulder. Changing love to him into hate; people were becoming to hate him. Finally (they were) throwing him away, sending him away, kicking him away, and no one (was) accepting him (anymore) and once again he was coming and sitting on (that) rock. Moses (was) coming and looking: “Oh, that is good for you, not to be King there. Sit here!”
Allah Almighty was giving him honour and permission. He was permitted by his Lord to ask (: “Why?”). If anyone (else was) asking (:Why?), (he) was thrown away like Shaitan. But (not) Moses, for teaching nations that (are) coming after Moses, up to (the) Day of Resurrection, to learn people (about the) heavenly Authority and to follow it, not to follow people on earth, who are not following heavenly authority!

Therefore everyone including Israelis, Arabs, Muslims, Christians- all of them, they are not taking care for heavenly Commands and they should be punished by each other, until they are saying: “Oh our Lord, we are Your servants!”

May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 04.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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