Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Holy Quran, Not a Mind-Production!

His Guidance is for every nation. Even though our mother-tongue is not Arabic, Allah the Almighty makes it possible for every one of us to recite the Holy Quran in the same way as Arabs do. This is a grant from Allah the Almighty for all nations. It is a blessing.

Another endless Favour of His, is that Muslims are able to memorise the verses of the Holy Quran. It is impossible for any other nation to be able to recite their Holy Book without looking at it. At every Christian or Jewish ceremony, they will always look at their book to be able to read it. These books haven't entered their hearts. If something is not engraved in your heart, you cannot know it by heart.

It is a miracle when a ten year old boy is able to memorise the whole Holy Quran, to keep it in his heart and to be able to recite it from beginning to end. If it isn't a Holy Book, how would this be possible? Most people who know the Quran by heart are not Arabs. 6666 verses! 114 suras! Ordinary people even have a hard time memorising the titles of the suras.

Why haven't the Christians started to look yet? Their Bishops, or even the Pope, or the Patriarch in Turkey should start to read it. Even if they would only read two lines, it would prove to them that the Holy Quran is from Heavens, not the words of a man, of a prophet. I was in Germany last year when an old person came to me who was an editor and a poet. He brought me a book which contained poems he had written. He opened the book and started to read one. I told him to close the book and to continue to read. He couldn't, even though he had written it himself.

How is it possible that people cannot see the miracle of Muhammad*, an illiterate person being able to recite 600 pages, 6666 verses by heart? He never went to school, he never learned how to read or write, still people insist that the Holy Quran was written by him! If he had written it himself, would he have been able to know it by heart? Any other book which is learned by heart would be changed every time you try to recite it again. It would be changed again and again, and after ten times never be the same as the original again.

How is it possible that Sayyidina Muhammad* would recite it the same way as it was given it the Archangel Gabriel? Oh Christians, oh Jews, oh unbelievers, you must know that the Holy Quran is not a mind production! It was sent by the Lord through the Archangel Gabriel to His Last Messenger.


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