Maulana Sheikh Nazim Hear holy speech through your hearts’ ears

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, all Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

We are asking from Allah Almighty to make ourselves to hear holy speech through our hearts’ ears! Not from here… Everyone (is) hearing from these (physical) ears, but mostly they are hearing from this side…, sending (it out) from the other side. We need something to take benefit for our beings. When we are saying ‘our beings’, that (is) your personality, your identity.

Someone (was) coming and asking me about the Last Day that we are leaving this life, what should be through death or after death through our grave or on the Day of Resurrection or through Hells or coming in Paradises, asking if our egos and our souls are going to be separated? That means, (if) our souls are going to one side, (and) our egos, (our) nafs, (are) going to another side. As some people in (the) Islamic world, some learned people, they were discussing about the Prophet’s Night Journey, if it happened spiritually or physically. Some people were claming that it happened spiritually, not physically, (and) that is a wrong answer to say for (the) Prophet’s Night Journey; to make (the) Prophet’s personality two personalities: one personality represented by his soul, honoured soul, and (the) second part (to be) represented by his nafs, ego. No! (The) Night Journey happened to Muhammad- peace be upon him- and his personality, with his soul and nafs.

If we are saying, (for example), (that) a person reached to (a) Sultan’s royal presence, you are saying (that) this person reached to (the) Sultan with himself riding on his horse. (He is) reaching to his royal presence (and) he is in his original creation; that ride belongs to him and without that (he) can’t move through this material life. And we also, when we have been sent (here), our souls (have been sent) here, we need that ride for this life and that (ride is) our ego, (so that) we are going to be in one personality with our egos. The perfection of man (is) to be with his soul and with his nafs, his ego- one personality.

Therefore, if we are reaching to (the) graveyard we must be on (the) same personality. If we are coming to the Day of Resurrection, coming our souls with their ride on the Day of Resurrection. When Allah Almighty is calling (us) for our Judgment, we must be ready, as we are now.

Therefore, we are living in a life (that) it is difficult for understanding such things, if you are not hearing realities through your heart. If you are hearing only through your ears, it is going to be passed away, but when you are hearing with your heart’s ears, it is for you.

And we are asking from Allah Almighty to grant us to listen (with) our whole being, our personality, what had been sent from Heavens on earth through Prophets and their inheritors. All troubles now- we are living in the time of troubles- it is (because) man (is) making everything for understanding through their physical being and (the) physical being’s feelings (only). Every time our physical senses (are) coming in front of people and saying: “You must understand what I am saying to you. Beyond this you must not listen, you must not hear, you must not ask!”

Now all mankind is imprisoned through their material being, never asking beyond that (material) senses anything else. And really beyond our material senses that belong to our physical being, (there are) unlimited worlds, unlimited creations that or physical being can’t reach to that limits, (but it) only must be in its material limits. Material limit- what (it) is going to give to you? 6 senses- what (they) can give to you? 6 senses (are only) touching everywhere (the) material world’s walls, touching. As there is an aquarium, in it fish running and coming, touching glass, getting back, can’t be able to get out- now people’s senses (are) only reaching material limits, but material limits are not the end of creation. If you are saying: “Material limits are the end of creation”- where is the Creator of that material world and material limits? If you are saying: “Beyond this (there is) nothing”- how it had been (brought) in existence the globe of world or the globe of Venus, or the globe of sun? How it can be? If themselves (are) going to be in that limits, material limits- you know this is material; that means: if you are not using a power to push, to bring, to show it, that means by itself material can’t work.

Now everything, every machine that mankind (is) using… they can’t be able to use material as (it is in) its real form, to use it. For example oil, petroleum. If mankind is asking to use it as it is, (for example), one gallon (of) petrol, if you are pouring it into a car, (is it) making it to move? No! That must be changed into another condition.

Petroleum (is) changing from material being into another being that there is a secret power in it. When it is going to be in (that condition), coming to be such (a) gas, and with that condition it is working, making something. Or (else), through one barrel of petroleum, if you are putting (it into the car) and lightening (a) match, going to be fire. But one bottle like this, petroleum, if you are putting it in its special situation, special condition, changing and making, coming power, and that power (is) making (it) to move. Like this. Taking a car perhaps 10 litres, 15 litres, (and that is) making it to move 15 km or 20 km, this secret that never belongs to material world.

But people are heedless to ask for that point what is that? How this one litre (of) petrol (is) going to carry a heavy vehicle to run and you are in it, what is that? They are not asking: “How is it going to be changed, how it is working”, because people (are) just imprisoned through (the) material world’s limits. (They are) in it. But (there are) so many signs that the Lord of Heavens (is) giving them signs, but they are not thinking.

I am looking swallows- think on it! They are so quickly flying and coming. What they are eating, what they are drinking? They are hunting mosquitoes- (as) they are saying- and (they are) coming through hundreds or thousands of kilometres from one continent to another, flying without taking refill. Which power (they are using)? Material power using?

Through this material world so many examples we may bring and we may show that there is something beyond (the) material world that (is) making everything to move and to reach to their real targets through this life! But people (are) never thinking on it, they are saying: “Material world” only. And that is an example to make people to know, to understand, that (the) material world can’t be by itself in existence or (that) they can’t be able by themselves to move, to act without taking anything for their outer directions, without taking a power to make them to run or to turn or to be in existence.

Look sun, look moon! Do you know something that is running and (at the) same time it is standing? We are looking (that) it is not moving, (and at the) same time we are looking (that) it is moving? Oh learned people! Sun! You are looking, (it is) standing there, then you are looking it is here, but you are not seeing (that it is) running like (a) plane. Or (the) moon. Maghreb time, sunset time, it is rising, but you are not seeing that it is moving. You see (that) it is in its position standing, and then, until you are coming from Isha prayer, you are looking that: It was standing there, (but now) we are finding it here! By itself (it is) moving? That is (the) material aspect or thing that we are looking it is moving, but no one (is) seeing how it is moving- behind (it there is) someone pushing it or in front (someone is) pulling it? How they are denying (that) beyond (the) material world there is another world? How (they are) saying: No? How (they) imprisoned themselves through the material world? No mind people! No mind people, never thinking on such things.

I was looking (to the) school diplomas of children and what they are teaching to them. They are teaching nothing! They are always escaping not to touch reality. Escaping, not making children to look and to think on it. Say: How a swallow is coming thousands of kilometres distance and coming, finding its nest? It is using (a) radar? It has (a) radar showing (the direction) or something like that? (And) if (they have all the) same radar, (they) must come all to one place. So many kinds, millions of swallows (are) going to their homeland and coming for holiday- how they are saying (there is) only (the) material world?

That is satanic teaching not to say: “There is another world behind (the) material world, which is not material (and) it belongs to the Creator that makes as He likes.” Trouble for mankind (is) coming from wrong ideas, wrong teachings, wrong learning- making people to be imprisoned through this heavy material world and its heaviness (is) killing people. Killing (them) and also taking their identities, making them as rocks or as trees or as animals.

If people are not coming to accept truth, (it is) impossible (for them) to save themselves by themselves. No! Leave yourself in the hands of the Lord of Heavens to take you safely to your real destination. Now all people (are) on (a) wrong destination; (they are) asking a destination, (that they are) thinking it is (a) perfect destination, (but) no, it is (the) satanic destination that Shaitan is pulling them (to it, saying): “Come, come, come after me!” All universities and educational systems (are) imprisoned through materialism, (through the) material world and (they are) denying (anything) beyond our 6 senses, saying: “No!” They are so foolish ones! (They are) not bringing such realities through the eyes of youngsters to understand. Their whole effort is not to understand and accept anything beyond (their) material being.

Therefore we are asking from Allah Almighty to make (these) real aspects that we are hearing (now) to be heard through our hearts’ ears (also). That gives us power to move beyond (the) material world also. If you are not putting that power that is a grant from Allah Almighty, if you are not granted that, you can’t move beyond (the) material world. When (it is) coming through our heart- that power beyond (our) 6 senses that makes you to move beyond (the) material world- that is freedom! Now we are imprisoned.

May Allah forgive me and grant you from His endless Blessings for understanding something. That is ‘Marifat’, holy Knowledge, what we are speaking on, holy Knowledge, to make people free from (the) prison of (their) material being so that we may use our spiritual being to pass (our) material being beyond unlimited oceans, unlimited and unknown Territories and Dominions of the Lord of Heavens.

May Allah accept us! For the honour of His most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 08.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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