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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**The honour of being Allahs servant**

As-salamu alaikum!...Ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty!...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ‘Adhim!

O people! O people, (it is) enough to be on (the) wrong way- Meded, ya
Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah- (it is) enough that you are
insisting on (the) wrong way…

I am asking Sheikh Hisham Efendi Hazretleri to address to you, but he
refused; he is saying: “(You) speak! What we are speaking, people (are)
understanding ‘bi-l aks’ (opposite)”… Hahaha… He is saying to me: “O
Sheikh, speak!” “What we are speaking?” “(It) doesn’t matter. If you are
saying true, then they are understanding wrong, if we are speaking
wrong, they are saying: ‘That is true’…”

Therefore just his Holiness... His Eminence Sheikh Hisham Effendi
Hazretleri (is) ordering that: “O Sheikh, you know their language, speak
to them”, and I am saying: “Yes, Sir, if you are ordering, I may do…”
Merhaba, Sheikh!… He is (a) very serious person, never smiling…like me,
I am also (a) very serious person, but you are making me not to be
serious... You are all foolish people also, crazy ones, coming, and I
must be like you, not to be serious…

Sheikh Hisham Efendi, he is giving to me permission and I am speaking…
under earth, over skies- speaking…

May Allah give His Blessings to you! We are asking forgiveness. It is a
humble meeting, people (are) coming from East, from West… Anything I am
saying, you are understanding wrong, anything I am speaking wrong, you
are understanding true. That is our position now- Allah forgives us, for
the honour of (the) most honoured and glorious servant of Allah Almighty
S.Muhammad sws…

Yes. Grandsheikh, the pillar, (the) main pillar of the Naqshbandi Order,
Shah-u-Naqshband, he was saying that: “Our Tariqats pillar is to be, to
give people something that they may understand and (that) may be easy
for them that way.” All Awlyia they are looking an easy way for people,
because you are not yet reaching to (the) position of obediency. Yet we
are not reaching the level of servanthood and (this) servanthood that
(means) on this earth. Because servanthood it has several levels; from
one to (the) second you may do your obediency, from one level to another
level you may give your high respect to Allah Almighty. High respect it
is a word that you can understand. High respect means glorifying, and
glorifying is something that, if you are not giving whole your power to
do something, you can’t reach. The levels of glorifying (are) countless,
unlimited. And now we are on this earth and whole Prophets (were) coming
to teach people how they should glorify their Lord Almighty Allah. But
the levels of glorifying it is going to be endless, countless, or unlimited.
We now, I (am) never saying or I can’t say that we are on (even the)
first level of glorifying of our Lord, (of) glorifying the Lord of
Heavens, because we are not reaching yet that level; we are on the level
of obediency, the lowest level for obediency, obediency that we have
been ordered to be servants, to be servants for the Lord of Universes,
the Lord of whole Creation, and our unchangeable base for mankind,
unchangeable position for mankind is servanthood. All if us, whole
mankind, must know that our first level that we must keep it, from
beginning up to end, our mission, is servanthood. You must try to teach
yourself as well as for your generation. (The) first knowledge that you
must teach to your children, your generation, (is) that they are
servants for their Creator and (that) the Lord of Heavens just dressed
them, just dressed them servanthood. No any (other) position should be
for you!

Perhaps you may be cheated by Shaitan. Shaitan, Satan, the point that it
had been thrown away, what was the reason? The reason (is) that he was
asking a level over servanthood. He was much more learned one through
Heavens, even he was teaching Angels and his knowledge also was so high
knowledge, and (with) his servanthood that he was doing as a servant, he
was on the top level. But he was not happy to be on the level of
servanthood. He was asking over that level another level. He was knowing
so many things, but only he was ignorant for one point: he was on the
level of servanthood, but he was asking over that servanthood another
level. That (was) making him to fall down.

Servanthood (is) just granted to (the) whole (of) mankind and (also to
the) Angels, but Shaitan was asking (something else), he was not happy
to be always servant servant, servant… and he was saying: “How I may be
always a small snake? I must get bigger, bigger, bigger, so that I may
be this serpentine! I don’t like to be always (a) small creature, no, I
must grow up and I must be (a) serpentine!” Who are you to be (a)
serpentine or (on) the level of serpentine? He was not happy to be small
worm: “No, I never like it! I am trying to be over servanthood to be

Therefore, when the Lord of Heavens created Adam and (He was) saying
“Make Sajda, bow to Adam!” he was saying: “What is that? I am that one
that (is) asking for (the) whole creation to bow, to do, and now You are
ordering to me to bow to Adam? What is that!”

Shaitanic teachings; that is shaitanic teaching that just covered (the)
whole world now: that no one (is) accepting to be on the level of
servanthood, no!

“How I can be a servant and I have graduated from Boston University” or:
“Just I am (a) Doctor of Philosophy from Sorbonne”… “How I can be a
servant and I am just graduated from Boston? How I can be? I am trying
to go up, (and) you are making me to be on the level of servanthood? No,
we are not happy with that!” That is (the) illness that is making people
now to fall in Hells.

We have been created and we have been honoured to be on the level of
servanthood. You must not consider anything among people! Who are you?
You are asking to take up, to be taken away from you servanthood, never
thinking that: “Just I am servant of my Creator, of my Lord, nothing
else!” And who is reaching to that point, Hisham Effendi, that time he
is going to reach the level of glorifying. Obediency (is) bringing him
to the level of glorifying the Lord, the Creator, but Shaitan is saying:
“No, I am not bowing, I must be glorified! I don’t like anyone to be
glorified on me. Who is Adam and You are giving such a glory to him and
ordering me to bow to him? I (am) never going to bow!” … Go to Hell!...
Everyone (is) asking to be glorified: “I have graduated from Sorbonne
University”, “I am the Doctor of Philosophy from Cambridge University”,
”I am the Master of the University of Oxford”… That is… They (are) never
thinking about their identity, that they are only servants.

(Allah is saying:) “I am only making you to get up from one level to
another level; beginning from obediency, and then I am dressing you the
honor of glorifying. I am glorifying you!” But you are so high, ‘haris’,
you (are) never asking (for the) real way of being (a) glorified
servant. (Only) on servanthood you may find your way (to) the level of
(being) glorified ones and then the levels of glorifying (are) countless!
And (Allah is saying): “…wa kullun fi falakin yasbahun…- everyone (is)
asking to swim through their glorifying oceans. Be patient, o My
servant, I am that One who may grant to you an ocean from glorifying
that (there is) no any Sharik, partner! That ocean is only for you,
(there) can’t be a partner for you: ‘…kullun fi falakin yasbahun’...

Everyone that I created them and giving their honours, you have been
granted from the honour of glorifying and that should be an ocean and
(there is) no partner for you in that ocean, it should be only for you!”
But you are not understanding! You are asking to jump; (you are) leaving
obediency and servanthood oceans and you are asking for that ocean,
another ocean, to be for you. No! No, it is big false for you! You must
look, you must try first what you have been created (for), then the
Creator (is) granting to you an honour and you should be through your
glorifying ocean alone. Glorifying ocean it is not only one, or it is
not only for one person, (but) for everyone.”

But people (are) never understand. Therefore we are here trying to do
something and asking from Allah Almighty to grant us (something) for
understanding… And He is not by Himself granting, but using someones -
as Prophets and as Saints- that, if you are following them and their
teachings, you can understand something, then you should be granted from
(the) endless mercy oceans of glorifying.

O people, Allah Almighty nothing preventing from you, but you are
someone (that) your head (is) like rocks, and (you are) never
understanding. May Allah forgive us!...

That is something a little bit over our understanding, but for the
honour of Sheikh Hisham Effendi- (a) very, very, very small thing from
spirituality, granted to our friends or granted to our followers, so
that they should be happy here and Hereafter.

May Allah forgive us…

People (are) on (the) wrong way. Try to know (the) wrong way, try to ask
(the) right way, to ask how we can reach (the) right way that (is)
leading ourselves to (the) divinely Presence for the Lord of Heavens,
the Creator.

For the honour of (the) most honoured one in His divinely Presence,
S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 22.7.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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