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We must try to give our support to His Kingdom on earth. We must be supporters of His Kingdom. That is the honorable work for the honored Children of Adam.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Time is running, taking everything away, No one can stop it. No one, up to this day, has tried to stop it. It is our Lord's favor. Time is running and everyone is also running to the speed of time. Everything in time runs by time. We are running, also. If the speed of the running of time were to appear, no one would be able to bear that vision, but God Almighty takes care of that for us, so that we say, "It is all right. " Praise be to God (al-hamd Allah), thanks to our Lord Almighty.

We feel that time is running. Islam says, "Oh people, you must guard against time." How can we guard against time? Time runs, but you must put something into that time so that your activities, your works, guard time for you. And on the Last Day, all that time we guarded by actions and works is going to come to us.

Now, here is a cassette. If it is left alone, it runs without recording anything, but if we speak, record, it will fill up. Time may only be kept by actions, and you, as your Lord's vicegerent on earth, have been ordered to fill your time by actions that your Lord Almighty likes because your whole life's cassette will come into the Divine Presence. He will look. His beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) and all the prophets are going to look at the record. All believers (mumin) and all the Children of Adam crowding onto that Plain of Mashar will look at them. If we do something secretly, it is going to be open one day, that Day which is coming. Everyone must be afraid of that, because all our actions and words are going to appear. Oh believers in holy books, every holy book speaks about the Day of Resurrection. Everyone will come and will show his book, his workbook, on that Day.

Now, we know that time is passing, running, and our lives are running and passing. You must look after it - how are you filling your life. As Children of Adam, you have been honored by the Lord of the heavens to be his vicegerents on earth. No one has been honored as the Children of Adam have been honored. From honored people the Lord expects honorable works.

This is a simple thing to understand and to know and to do. When you have been honored, your works must be honorable. But most, the majority, of the Children of Adam fight against the prophets, fight against the Friends of God (awliya), attack them with the intention of killing them. At one time, during a single day, one thousand prophets were killed at the time of the Children of Israel, more than one thousand.

What is the reason that people attacked the prophets? Each one was attacked and Jesus Christ (as) also was attacked or intended to be crucified. Why? Why did the Children of Adam attack the prophets? They attacked the Last Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, also. Muhammad (saws) was attacked by his nation. They tried to kill him. Nimrod attacked Abraham (as), the father of the Prophets. what was his sin? What was his crime? Why did people rush to attack the prophets? They were pure people. They asked only for the happiness of humanity. Why were they attacked? What is the reason? And those who attack them are among those who have been honored by the Lord, Almighty God. Honored! And then to attack His prophets? And all people who are following the ways of the prophets have been attacked, as well.

Who is making the Children of Adam be enemies to their prophets? Prophets are pure people, the best and the most merciful among the Children of Adam. What was the sin of Noah? What was the crime of Abraham? The crime of Moses? Of Jesus? Of Muhammad, peace be upon them all? Who makes human beings enemies of each other? Have you thought about that point? I don't think so. But it is an important point. You have read histories, full of fighting, crimes, full of cruelties. What is this? What makes the Children of Adam enemies to each other and enemies to good people?

There is evil. There must be evil that makes us be enemies to prophets because the importance of all prophets is to remove evil from the face of the earth. That is their importance. They came to fight evil so that no more evil may be on earth. Our first and most dangerous enemy, the most terrible enemy of the Children of Adam, Satan, produces evil. He produces evil and makes a big market for it from the East to West, the evil market now in this world. We have been honored by the Lord, God Almighty, but we see that the whole world is now the market of evil. Is it correct or not? Everyone is looking now. After a little, after a while, there will come so much evil destroying everything on earth. Satan will say, "Oh, I am very happy. The Children of Adam are finished!" Yes, that is so.

And people are also sellers and buyers of evil in this big market, dirt-market, evil-market. From East to West, in every place you put your foot, you can find evil. Everywhere you may spread your hand you can find evil. Everywhere you may send your gaze, you can find evil. We are living in a world that is full up with evil, because the Children of Adam are not supporting the Kingdom of the Lord, God Almighty. Instead, they are supporting the kingdom of Satan on earth.

Now, you must look to yourself. Everyone must look to himself or herself. You may say, "What can we do?" Yes, you can do something. When Nimrod wanted and intended to burn Abraham (as), he made a big fire. Its flames could be seen from Damascus, although it was near Baghdad - so big, so gigantic a fire. Only one stick of wood is enough to burn a human being, but Nimrod made a gigantic fire because he represented Satan and his kingdom. He wanted to burn the Kingdom of Truth, Reality (Haqq), the Kingdom of the Lord of the heavens and worlds. It was because of that that he made such a big fire. And Traditions coming up to our day say that a little ant was running toward the fire and in its mouth it carried a small drop of water. It was seen and was asked, "Where are you running?" It said, "I am running to put out the fire of Nimrod. I am carrying water to save Abraham, the Friend of the Lord Almighty God." God Almighty rewarded that ant. It is mentioned in Holy Books and in the Holy Qur'an. God Almighty made that ant enter into Paradise.

Look, Oh believers! Don't say, "What can I do?" Don't be an evil-seller or buyer. You must open your eyes, your mind, your heart. You can't open your eyes and your mind and your heart without believing. You must believe and you must be able to refuse the kingdom of Satan on earth. That is the most important duty for us now in our time. You can be like a little ant that was rewarded by its Lord Almighty for carrying a drop of water in its mouth to put out that gigantic fire. You, the Children of Adam, can do more than that ant did.

Therefore, this is an important point today. We must understand what is happening and what is going to happen in this world by reason of our heedlessness. We are heedless people, not heeding evil, never looking to ourselves - what we are doing, whether we are selling evil or buying it. We must be open-eyed, open-hearted.

What opens hearts? Belief. We must believe in our Lord Almighty. We must try to give support to His Kingdom on earth. We must be supporters of His Kingdom. That is the honorable work for the honored Children of Adam. If you can do this, you will be honored. Otherwise, most people are going to be ashamed on the Day of Resurrection. They will wish that there were a crack in the earth and that it would swallow them up. So many people will wish that on the Last Day, the Day of Resurrection. When they see that, all their works, all their actions, their selling and buying evil, they will wish that this earth would crack open and swallow them up in it.

Oh people, it is not too far away. As I was coming to the congregational prayer (jumah) today, I met a funeral procession. I saw a brown coffin. A man was lying in it. His eyes were closed. He will open them for that Day. It is so near. Don't imagine it to be too far away. No, when you close your eyes, and at the next moment, open them, you will be in that Divine Presence for Judgment Day. We will all be there. That Day is coming for everyone.

Fill your life's cassette with honorable works because you have been honored by your Lord. That is the word of all prophets, from the beginning up to the end. But, Oh Children of Adam, your egos never leave you to do honorable work because egos always want evil, tasting and living in evil. Therefore, do not be with your ego. Rather you must be with your Lord and His representatives. Prophets are the representatives of God Almighty and after the prophets, the saints are the representatives of their Lord on earth because God Almighty created the Children of Adam to be His vicegerents. Some of them have reached the true station of being His vicegerents, but most people are still just candidates. If you are going to do honorable works, then you will be clothed, also, in the true station of vicegerent, given the true vicegerent's crown. That is all. Think about these words.


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