La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah,
La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Habibullah,
La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Nabiyullah,
alayhi salatu-llah, wa salamun...

As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you! Allah’s Blessings and Mercy may be for His
sincere servants! Try to be sincere servants of our Lord and our Creator Allah
jalla jalaluh!

Destur, ya Sayydi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Meded, ya Rijalallah!
Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah wa ashadu ana S.Muhammad ‘abduhu wa habibuhu wa
rasuluh sws.

May Allah grant us that Kalimatu Shahada, the sign of our Islam, to be with that
always- here and the time that we are passing from this life to eternal life.
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya. We are wasting our lives for nothing! Really
everyone, particularly believers, they must try to keep their units of their
lives, to give and to take most precious jewels. But we are wasting our lives.
For what? For nothing!

Prophet, the honour of whole worlds, the honour of Heavens, the honour of whole
creation, he is saying, what he said: “If... whole Dunya with its treasures (is)
going to be in divinely Presence as a value, if you are giving, one wing of
mosquito! Janahabu’uda... wa kanat ad-Dunya, its value, tazinu inda-llahi
jahanabu’uda... ma kan yati shaubatan mai bi kafir... if whole Dunya with
everything in it, if may be this Dunya a piece of golden... not from earth... if
going to be whole golden or you may think that this Dunya, this our earth, this
planet, if (it was) going to be one Diamond, ohhh, oooh, people, how they should
be happy to be this world from diamond! Allah, Allah! So happy! But in front of
Allah Almighty, if this world (had) just(been) created as a one diamond, its
value, if (it was) going to be one wing of mosquito- for ourselves it is
impossible to say a value for it! If it was (the) value of this earth as a value
of (the) wing of mosquito, Allah Almighty (is) never going to give for
unbelievers, not (even) like this.... this amount water not giving to drink,
because they are denying the existence of (the) Creator.

How it can be, by itself, this earth! If you are saying it was becoming by
itself- what is that foolishness! But on behalf of science! Scientists they are
saying: “This world just it has been in existence by itself.” What is that
foolishness! How it can be! They are not saying, but by itself. “Who said to
you?” I am asking: “That knowledge, from where you are taking? From Heavens or
from earth or under earth?” Such a knowledge you are taking, because you are
rats... You are taking such a knowledge through sewage channels! Your knowledge
you are taking from sewage channels! You must pray that you have sewage channels
that you are taking such a knowledge! That is knowledge? How it can be by
itself? O scientists, ask rats, what they are saying! “We have been in existence
by ourselves”? Even rats denying and swearing on such scientists: “How you are
saying this huge ball... that knowledge? How it can be, by itself?”

And you may ask: “That big ball from earth or from golden or from diamond- do
you think that it has a willpower? Their being and their moving and their
condition for them, do you think there is a will for that ball? You can’t say:
‘No’. Must be a will from that golden ball to run around itself and to run
around sun, solar system. Ask Venus: ‘O Venus, who is putting you that orbit?
Who is putting you and you are small one, you must be far away, because you are
so light and Jupiter very heavy one!” They are saying that solar system from
sun, pieces, thrown away. Scientists (are) saying (this).

And I am asking: “If you are saying this, that they are pieces of sun and sun
throwing them away, do you think that sun using a base, putting on it and then
shooting up? Sun, how it was, its balance? If you using that base to send away,
some pieces ordinarily that big and heavy ones must fall more closer to sun and
small ones must be thrown far away.” And one of them saying to me: “O Sheikh,
you are, I am understanding that you are a little bit... how old are you?”

“Don’t ask how old am I!” “Because you must know that always small children,
they are always nearby their mum and therefore sun keeping small ones... as a
hen keeping small chicken under its (wings).” “Ohhh! You are so, so wonderful
scientist!” Saying this! So many things! They are saying: “All going to be by
itself.” What is that foolishness! They are ashaming to say: “There is a
Creator”, because they are engaging their minds to Shaitan. Therefore their
heads empty as football players. People, whom they are looking after 22 people
inside, all of them their heads only like football, nothing in it, empty! Hooo,
shoot! Hooo, shoot! People, they are renting their minds or selling. So many
people they are writing:” I have a mind for sale!”

Now people, they are living in a time that science just reached its limits. They
are so proud and their theories or their knowledge (is) going to be on the point
of zero. They are ashaming to say that: “There is a Creator creating and giving
its rules.” Everything (is) in Rules; without Rules you can’t find anything.
From (the) biggest galaxies (to the) smallest representing part of whole worlds,
atoms, they are in rules. They know it, but yet they are insisting to say: “No
God!” Ha wha! Insisting to deny the existence of Creator. What is that!

We are saying now for preparing your understanding: If (the) whole world was a
piece of diamond or golden or from silver, not earth, the Creator was not giving
such a people whom they are scientists, atheists, unbelievers, and secular
system people. He was going not to give them even one (sip of) water to drink!
We are making a base for our association, to be understood perfectly what we are
asking to say. People (are) running after something that (has) no value! If
everyone it has such a world treasures, golden, jewels, it is no value for that,
because when he is passing away, when he is dying, he is not going to take
anything from that or to use it! Leaving and going. The angels... that they are
not believing, must be ready for their last moment, to take that precious and
honoured being through mankind, coming to take it and if that person (is)
asking: “Oh, where is my world, where is my treasures, where is my kingdom,
where is my Sultanate, where is my President being or Prime-Minister being or
Commander-in-Chief being” or in such a way, “Where is that I collected, where it
is, I must take (it with me)!” (The angels are) saying: “No, forbidden!” There
is a big custom, saying: “No, leave everything, come inside!” “Even our
clothes?” “Yes, even our clothes, leave there and put a white cloth on you and
come with that. You can’t being anything from your Dunya, only that white suit
that you are in it, you may come with this. Because that is going to be dust
finally. This (is) ‘memnuh’, forbidden, for everyone to take anything from this
life, from this treasures, to take with him and to pass away.”

O people, we are wasting... big wasters, biggest wasters: mankind! Animals, they
are not putting anything, but men (are) asking to collect and asking to take it
with them as Pharaohs... How many Pharaohs? Hundreds of Pharaohs, hundreds of
Nimrods, hundreds of Neros, hundreds of Shaitans agents! King, Emperors! And
they saved countless jewels, golden, but they are going (and in) their hands
(there is) nothing. Even a ring (is) going to be taken... Anything on your ears-
taken, on their necks- taken, on their hands- taken away. But people they are
like drunk ones. Drunk ones, wasting their lives for materials and they can’t
carry that material with them. They are not taking care for their spirituality.
Who is not taking care for their spirituality, they are doing worst for

And now Dunya, whole Dunya (people are) preparing themselves for Armageddon,
(The) Biggest War and (the) biggest mass of mankind (is) going to die and they
are not taking anything with themselves. That is the reason.

May Allah forgive us and grant us to think on such a things and to give at least
a even a short time for our future here and Hereafter to prepare something for
eternal life, for eternity.

O people, run to eternity! Don’t run after such a waste that it is only making
that people a dust, nothing can be carried with him. Try to save something from
this life for your eternal life, you should be happy here and Hereafter, because
people of Dunya daily they are getting much more hopeless, much more sorrowful
,much more hopeless, much more displeased. Every day, because they are looking
and seeing that its lives days getting less, less, less.... not going to be
one-two-three-four-five up, but: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, fife, four three,
two, one... haaaa!.... Zero!.... Finished! Checkbook...

Wa min Allah at taufiq! Allah makes us to be awaken! Wake up, o mankind, wake
up, wake up, see realities and prepare yourself for eternity, for eternal life!
May Allah forgive us and blessing. For the honour of most honoured one in His
divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Allahuma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad, alayhi salam, salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilay, mamara layali wa tula dawam! Fatiha!

Lefke, 6.4.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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