Maulana Sheikh Nazim“How can I make my Lord to be happy with me?”

Oh, ya Rabbi! Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi Tauba, ya Rabbi,
Astaghfirullah! Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi,
Alhamdulillah! As-salamu alaikum! May Allah forgive you, forgive me!
Ask forgiveness, because forgiveness (is) carrying blessings. If you
are not going to be forgiven, no blessings (is) coming.

As-salamu alaikum! Don’t forget Salam. People they forget it and then
coming that violence. (For the) violence on people, that is the reason:
that they forget to say ‘As-salamu alaikum’.

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim. Shaitan (is) making people not to
use ‘As-salamu alaikum’. They are using so many nonsense addressing to
people, (but the) most valuable addressing, if two believers (are)
coming together, (is) to say: “As-salamu alaikum” and coming blessings,
when we are saying ‘As-salamu alaikum’.

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim. Allah Almighty protects you and
makes (us not) to fall into (the) traps of Shaitan. Shaitan (is) putting
everywhere a trap and its main target (is) to make people to fall in
(its) trap. And we are saying, not to fall in it: “Audhu bi-llahi mina
shaitani rajim! O our Lord, You know, what he is doing!” and Allah
Almighty (is) addressing to His servants: “O My servants, don’t sleep,
don’t be heedless, don’t forget that Shaitan your most dangerous enemy
for you, trying to make it (‘As-salamu alaikum’) to be forgetting, to be
forgotten!” Shaitan (is) making his last effort, ‘jah’, to make people
to forget his traps and Shaitan (is) using thousands of tricks to make
the Children of Adam to fall in (its) trap.

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim. When you are saying ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim’, then you should be under heavenly Protection. ‘Bismillahir
Rahmani Rahim’ (is) protecting you!

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Don’t forget (the) beloved
servants of Allah! Run after them, to find them!...

Ceylon people, they are here, some of them… and it is (a) famous place
for precious stones, but I don’t think that that precious stones (are)
so easily found, no, (it is) so difficult to find a piece of Ruby or
Sapphire, so many kinds of valuable stones. Perhaps they are digging
such a big place and asking, asking to find a small stone- it is so
difficult, yes? Easily you can find it? Easily you can find (a) shell,
but (it is) so difficult to find (a) pearl in (a) shell. Therefore-
those people, whom they are for Allah, whom they are working for Allah,
their only main target or their main thinking (is): “How I can do my
Lord to be happy with me?”

You may do so many movements every day. Grandsheikh- Allah bless him-
was saying that a person (is) going to be under 24.000 different
appearances; (they are) just appearing from him. This is for everyone
and you must try to catch, which one of that appearances (are) making
you to be closer to (the) divinely Presence or you must think that which
effort should be much more precious in (the) divinely Presence.

Those precious people, whom they are living for Allah- they are working
for Allah, and they are passing away for Allah, their full efforts (are)
for Allah- those people, they are under divinely Protection; they are
pearls, they are diamonds, they are rubies, they are emeralds, but (it
is) so difficult to find them, to find such a people.

People now they are not servants, but slaves for their physical being
desires. They are thinking nothing else, they are trying to fulfill
their physical desires as much as possible, forever. They like to give
their whole efforts and whole their physical being to ask a pleasure for
their physical being.

One day people (are) going to be reached to their last day; that day is
(an) important day, because you are leaving this life for another life,
unknown. You may know about that through (the) Prophets declarations,
you may know something, but “…laysa-l khabar ka-l ayam (?)…”- don’t
think that to hear something is going to be like you are seeing something!
You may hear for example (about the) Raudatu-n Nabi sws, you may hear
about the House of Lord, Baitullah, (and) you may be in such a deeply
desire to see it and to kiss it and to be there, but you are here! You
have such a deeply desire, but when you are going and reaching there,
you should find another atmosphere, because you are looking, seeing:
that is (the) House of Lord and this is a building (that) just (has
been) built by Abraham and Ismail a.s. That is (the) Holy Kaaba, the
House of Lord, that whole Prophets they were going around it and our
Prophet, S.Muhammad sws, he was making Tawaf, going around (it), and
saying: “O our Lord, forgive us! O our Lord, give to us from Your
endless Blessings Oceans!” When you are looking, it is not (the) same
that you are hearing.

And everyone now they are hearing that there is a Last Day coming, but
don’t think that… what you are going to see (at your) last breathing
that your breathing (is) finishing, should be your view, your
understanding and looking, so… some… a new creation that you never had
been through that unknown territories. Should be for some people so big
happiness and for some others big grief… sorry, they should be so sorry.
Some people should be happy and so many people they are going to be

Therefore, o people, now you are doing something, you are running after
something, but you must try to know, after which thing you are running,
if it is valuable or not. Even if (it) may be valuable treasures,
countless treasures, but it is going to be nothing, when you are
reaching to the entrance of Eternity. Eternity! So beautiful world for
mankind, to see, to hear- eternity! Oh, so refreshment coming to the
hearts of people, to know that they are going to reach to eternity!
Everending Life, everending Beauty Oceans, everending Life Oceans,
everending Kemal, Perfection Oceans, everending Blessings Oceans!
What is here? Nothing! Therefore we are saying: Ask blessings here; if
blessings (are) reaching to you, (they are) making you happy here and
Hereafter! When you are reaching (the) last breath of your life, you
should find another opening that you never touched it, you never see it,
you (were) never tasting from it!

O people, look! Here so many coming to me ill people. Now perhaps you
saw someone outside… and he was so strong person and good looking
person, but today it is so difficult to recognize him and to be with
him. He is going to finish... May be that person millionaire or
billionaire or trillionaire- now you are looking he is going to finish,
finish… melting, melting… Step by step, breathing after breathing he is
coming down… May be for him here treasures, never (they are) giving to
him anything, because his body (is) just getting older, his physical
being (is) going to finish. And he was not at the beginning in such a
way, he was (a) fresh one, now he is (an) old one, asking to leave and
to go…

O people, coming for everyone one day, one hour, that he is going to
ask: “O my Lord, not yet I am going to carry this heavy burden of my
physical being, take my soul!” Should ask people finally to say: “Take
from me that physical heaviness, physical being, o my Lord! I am asking
to reach to my spiritual being”, but if a person (is) not preparing
himself through this life, it is not going to be easy to leave this old
building and to run into another, (an) everending being, no, it is not
going to be easy! Now such a person (is) asking to be much more to be
here, not to die. But if a person may know what it is prepared for him
after this life, if his life was (a) so suitable life for respecting
(the) Holy Orders of Heavens, he is not going to be in such a way, no,
it is not going to be trouble for him, when he is leaving his physical
being. It is going to be such a person (that) his clothes (are) just
becoming old and someone (is) coming and taking from him that old suits
and bringing to him (new clothes, saying): “Leave this and dress this!”
That is happiness for mankind and that is honour that he should be
dressed (a) dress of honour, when he is passing away from (the) material
life to their spiritual world, (the) spiritual life.

But people now they are drunk; even Muslims they are leaving (the) good
understanding of (the) Prophets speeches and what (the) Holy Quran (is)
teaching them and giving them and they are running for (their) physical
beings’ desires. It is a blame for Muslims to run after their physical
desires that (are) giving (you pleasure) only, when you are eating, when
you are drinking… (Then) you are feeling something, you are tasting
something, but it is in a very short time, (in a) short time, (it) can’t
be forever. And therefore, if a person (is) not asking for his spiritual
being and its tasting, he should be (in his) last moment, when he is
passing from this temporary life to permanent life, those people whom
they were occupied themselves only for tasting foods that make their
physical being happy, when they are reaching last moment of their life,
they should ask eating. Asking: “Eat eat eat!”… and some of them
asking: “Water, water, water!”… and (the) doctors (are) saying: “Don’t
give to him water!” “Ya Hu, that person (is) dying”, (but the) doctor
(is) saying: “No, even (he is) dying, don’t give water”, and he is
passing away hungry and thirsty. Because he (is) accustomed through his
life to taste their lives pleasure through eating and drinking, when it
is cut off, they should feel or they should fall in such a terrible
position that (even) when you are giving to them big rivers (of) water
to run through their mouth, they yet should ask: “Oh, I am thirsty, I am
thirsty!” “Ya Hu, (a) river (is) running through your mouth!” That taste
finished and (they are) asking something for eternal.

O people, run after eternity! Through eternity you should find
everending pleasure; without eating, without drinking, you should reach
eternal pleasure. That, your physical being, (is) just getting older and
finishing; when (it is) finishing, (they are) taking your physical being
to (the) graveyard, putting (it) in it. That you may put on it rivers,
yet he is asking: “I am thirsty, I am thirsty… or: “I am hungry, I am
hungry… I (am) never getting satisfied with such a things, I am asking
something else!” Yes, something else means, you are asking eternal
pleasure for eating and drinking, when you lost it, finished…
May Allah forgive us! O people, this is only an advice for every living
creature, particularly for man that they are understanding about death,
but they are running against their desires, leaving (the) real
satisfaction and running in another way.

Some knowledge that (is) reaching from (the) Prophets to me also, (is),
that if animals (were) knowing about death, you are going not find
anything on their bones; they should keep themselves from eating and
drinking. (But) they are not knowing, therefore they are eating and
drinking, even they are going to be carried for slaughtering… If (they
were) knowing, they are keeping themselves not to drink not to eat. But
mankind they are knowing, but they are eating and drinking.

May Allah forgive us! O people, ask forgiveness and ask Allah Almighty’s
Grant from His endless Mercy Oceans to reach to you or you to reach to
that oceans to be in endless pleasure, endless blessings.

May Allah forgive us and give to you good understanding and good
working, good service for Allah Almighty. Don’t forget Him! Don’t forget
Him, but try to remind (remember) Allah Almighty. Therefore Tariqats
(are) urging people to say as much as more:
Allah Allah Allah… Allah Allah Allah… Allah Allah Allah…
La ilaha ill-Allah… La ilaha ill-Allah… La ilaha ill-Allah… La ilaha
ill-Allah… La ilaha ill-Allah…
Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah… Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah…
Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin…, Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin, ya Allah!

For the honor of most honored most praised servant in His divinely
Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 19.08.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryFood
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