Maulana Sheikh NazimI am asking all of you

I am asking all of you - unemployed people, or no mind, heedless or depressed people, or members of mental house: What do you think? Understanding? You have time, you are unoccupied people… Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim…

There is one most important point that we must look on it too much. If you bring a solution on that problem, the life of mankind is going to be arranged and people get in satisfaction, peace, rest, comfort, and getting to be a blessed community. If it is not solved, there will be neverending troubles, sufferings, wars, fighting, enmities, envy and hatred. What is that important point? I am saying it in Arabic to show that it is from real traditional knowledge, that everything turning on it. We have been created and settled on earth, coming, going, and our creation is a different creation from heavenly beings and earthly beings. Heavenly beings that belong to Heavens, angels, their creation is just different. Allah Almighty just granted to them to be in existence and their importance is to glorify Allah Almighty. The world of angels, they are only for glorifying. They are not in need what we are in need of. They have been created from divinely light oceans and their creation is going on, never finishing. No material in their creation, (like) that we have, no nafs, no ego for them. They are in divine Presence, glorifying, and they are on the last point of happiness, peace and enjoyment. They never get to say: Enough, our glorifying. Every glorification gives them much more love for Allah Almighty, and they are increasing through their glorifying enjoyment, and increasing through lights, and coming through love oceans of Allah Almighty, neverending, they are going New creation going love ocean, love oceans, each ocean countless oceans. Through each ocean countless creation angels, they are so full with love and glory for their Lord Allah Almighty.

And there is another world, that is our world, earth. On it countless kinds of creatures, that is animals world. Animals world - countless kinds of animals. Their creation is just different from the creation of heavenly beings, and they are only interesting through their materials. They have been created for another kind of creation, for mankind, human nature; they have been created for ourselves, because we are in need of them.

We have from earth material, as well as from heavenly beings our souls; they come together and another creature is just coming in existence, that Allah Almighty created. We are now on earth, our level is over the level of animals, but under the level of Heavens. Of cause of our egos we belong to earth, and for the reason of our souls we belong to Heavens. Then the struggle just goes on between the two kinds, two opposite and different kind of creation: Our material being represents our ego and fights against our soul that is our heavenly representative through ourselves. One of them is asking to get up, to arise to Heavens, because its pleasure is to rise to Heavens. Souls ask to reach the endless oceans of the divine Presence. But our material being and its representative, the ego, always asks to be closer to nature, because its happiness is with nature, with earth.

Now we come to that point, that if you don’t take care and don’t make your ego occupied and you leave it, you are loosing. Perhaps finally you loose everything. Therefore the Prophet was saying: ’You must take care for your ego, not to leave it without occupation.’ When you sit unoccupied, Shaitan comes and says to the ego to do this and that, and he orders the ego to make our bodies to be occupied with something that is not good for our souls. As a donkey and its rider. If its owner doesn’t get on it and rides it, the donkey tries to ride the person. You must be very careful on that point not to leave your ego to be unoccupied. Quickly it rides on you, making you its donkey. Therefore all trouble comes after our egos. We are going to be heedless, leaving it unoccupied, and the ego quickly rides on us and makes us to run as it likes. And always it is running on harmful things, bad things.

That is a violent animals characteristic, going to be dressed on people. Now the people of the whole world are dressed violence and people are violent. What is the reason? Because they represent their egos, not their heavenly being, no, people dressed violence. Everywhere fighting quarrelling, destroying, doing bad things. Everywhere. When people dress ego’s dressing, curse comes on them and no mercy. And when mercy is going up, violence comes and dresses on people and people ask to kill each other, to harm each other, to destroy, to burn, and to do everything that is satanic works, because curse bring that bad works. Satanic works live through curse and blessings and mercy get up.
Therefore the prophet was saying one treatment for everyone if asking to save yourself from curse: ’Don’t leave your ego free. Put on it always some responsibility.’ ‘…fa iza faraghta fansab, wa ila rabbika faghab.’ What we said about Prophet’s advice, Allah Almighty makes it just as a judgment, never changing: ’O people, if you have free time, make yourself busy. Don’t leave any distance. If you are going to finish one good thing, a heavenly order, quickly run to another; don’t leave your ego unoccupied, but load on it another load. Don’t leave it without load.’ One letter gives meanings like an ocean: ’O My servant. If you finish one kind of servanthood, don’t leave your ego free, quickly put in it another load.’ It is one verse and through it one letter, that may save all mankind. Greatness of the Holy Quran! You should be happy.

People now fight and say: ’We are working 36 hours in the week.’ One week, how many hours? 168 hours. They are quarrelling to be their working hours 36. Distract them from 168 hours, what remains? 132 hours. What they are doing? Ask them! They are unoccupied, they leave their egos to do everything. How these people are going to be??????how crises going to finish? It is foolishness if you think on it. People work 36 hours and don’t do anything 132 hours. What is that foolishness? No one knows accounting? They come under the command of Shaitan and devils 132 hours. What is that? This is our Dunya, our world, everywhere. 132 hours- what doing? And they say: ’Economical crises, people are suffering.’ Allah makes them much more to suffer. If nothing doing 132 hours, they are under the control of Shaitan and devils. This is so clear. Even they may work 132 hours and 36 hours they are free, these 36 hours destroy the 132 hours also. Leave it- if even giving one hour to the ego, it may finish the whole that you take, reaching from everything one hour enough for ego to destroy everything. Therefore the Prophet said: ’O Allah, don’t leave me through the hands of my ego for even the blink of an eye.’

Therefore I am asking: ’O Allah, send us someone to wake up people. People are finished, they are in need of a heavenly involvement. Without heavenly involvement we are in the hands of devils and Shaitan, and everyone is volunteer for Shaitan and satanic works.’

All people volunteers. What is your opinion for coming days? What I am saying? How I can say anything that gives you hope for coming days if we are in such a situation? If they are sleeping, better, because ‘Naum ul dhalim ibadat’. There is a word in Arabic: The sleep of the tyrant is worshipping; because an oppressor or tyrant, if he is awakening, must harm, must reach to people to harm them. But when he is sleeping, no.

Therefore Allah Almighty makes this big snake, when swallowing something, to sleep for one week, not to harm. Lions, when they are full, sleep, becoming like cats. Dhalim people, as much as they are awake, are harming, destroying. Therefore they make people to be occupied day and night, 132 hours in the week, saying: ’Don’t sleep, enjoy yourself outside. You are coming here to sleep?’

Don’t take away the ropes from your horse; a car must always be behind your horse, or your mule or you donkey Your ego must be ready for service up to the last moment. And you saw the driver of a car, he is keeping a whip in his hand also for when the animals goes right or left… Then you should be happy. If you take that and make it to rest… Don’t give rest to your ego! Shaitan is unhappy with me too much. My ego also. I am saying: ’I am finished, I am speaking to young people to keep themselves.’ Shaitan is hopeless from me, but he is very angry when I am warning you.

Lefke - 21.02.2002

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