Maulana Sheikh NazimI have a kind of heavy burden on my shoulders

I have a kind of heavy burden on my shoulders, may be from my physical health or my spirituality that what is happening now on earth it is not every days now that we are living in. Perhaps it is the heaviest period for mankind…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. Allah Almighty sending Shariat, heavenly rules, that people now not taking any care for heavenly rules. Who is denying, they are going to be unbelievers, no faith with them.

Holy Quran mentioning everything that happened from past times of nations. I just finished Alhamdulillah Khatm and beginning from Sura Baqara. Beginning Quran and just I reached to the holy verses what happened for the Children of Israel. They were living with S.Musa a.s. and Allah Almighty calling him to mount Sinai for taking Taurah, so he left them. And they were making a Golden Cow and worshipped it. Then, when S.Musa was coming back, they were very sorry and asked forgiveness from Allah Almighty for what they did. Then Allah Almighty ordered to them, to S.Musa and S.Haroun, his brother: ‘I am not going to accept their Tauba, repentance, until they should be killed. If not killed, I am not accepting. They must pay for this biggest sin. They should kill themselves, then I am forgiving them and giving them Paradise. If not, I am not accepting their Tauba, repentance’. people who were worshipping that Golden Cow were killed. Then Allah Almighty accepted their Tauba and giving His forgiveness to them and then blessing them, their souls.

Now people are not worshipping a cow, they are worshipping to Shaitan. Every nation has a Shaitan: Turks, Arabs have so many, Russians, Germany had one, France had one, China, everywhere, every country now has a Shaitan, following them, and never giving any respect to Allah Almighty. Therefore the penalty for Kufr, denying Allah and refusing His heavenly rules, is to be killed. Therefore now coming so big wars that never happened before and after this war, because technology reached its last point, no more up. What they are using now is last point of technology, and mankind given to them to do this and they make it. They prepared themselves, using technology only for killing people by the order of Shaitan. Now it is going to be the last war that is mentioned through holy Books, in our Holy Book as Merhamet Kubra, biggest massacre of mankind, and in other holy Books mentioned as Armageddon, that last war, whole world going to be cleaned from Shaitan and satanic kingdom is going to be destroyed. When it is destroyed, the heavenly kingdom is getting to be in act on earth. Going to be built heavenly kingdom after this war; shaitan’s kingdom is finishing and the divine kingdom is going to be built, founded by Mehdi a.s.. After Mehdi a.s. coming Antichrist, collecting whom not yet coming into Islam and insisting to be unbelievers. They should run after the Antichrist, because he is going to tell them: ‘I am your Lord, come with me.’

Now people run through streets… such people perhaps 1ooo x more should reach to the Antichrist and he is going from East to West, whole world, until Allah Almighty is sending S.Isa to come down that he is real Christ- that one is Antichrist-, he is coming and killing him and whole followers also taken away and killed. Should be 4o years on earth only believers, sincere people, not running after Dunya, not following satanic teachings, they should be for Allah day and night and their nights much more bright with their Dhikr, their importance is only to worship. 4o years. When finishing, going to come to appear from here and there and there Kufr and unbelievers are going to appear one after one after one, and years going such a way. Then Isa a.s. is going to Medina Munawwara to the Prophet’s tomb. There is behind the Prophets tomb one for Abu Bakr and then behind one for S.Umar, then there is a fourth tomb empty. It is for Jesus Christ. He is going to be with, coming and giving Salat wa Salam to Rasulullah sws and then giving up his pure soul to Allah, and the Mu’mins bury him in the fourth tomb. Then coming a wind from Paradise. Who is finishing, it is so easy for them, such a tasteful death that people never tasted, That wind is coming and who is smelling falling down. And whole believers falling dying and them coming angels to take their bodies and to bury them. The should remain only Kufar on earth and then the last days with earthquakes and Quiyama is coming on them.

This is what the Prophet sws has informed us about. Therefore now we are looking how it is going to reach to that point. Only believers should be protected, unbelievers should be taken away. Therefore the punishment for Kufr, the penalty is death, and should die millions or billions of people. But when they are killed, their souls are clean. They are not as the Children of Israel- Allah is just forgiving them and putting them in Paradise. Those people now, billions are going to die, but that death is going to be the cleaning for them. Don’t worry. When Allah Almighty is taking His revenge from them that they were wrong, then should be granted with the last breath to say: ‘Allah’, and then they are taken away. This is good tidings that today Grandsheikh is sending to me and I am happy, because so many people are so sorry. Everyone is born to die, no one is born to stay here. There are angels who say: ‘You are going to be born for death and you are building for destroying’. Every building must be destroyed, every living one must die. Young or old- all are going to be taken away. But this time that is heavenly revenge. When Allah Almighty is taking His revenge from His servants, he is not going to give another punishment after death. Therefore many people are going to die, because of their sins, because they worship to shaitan and forget their Lord, but in the last moment even that bullet without reaching that person an angel is coming and saying: ‘Say: Allah, say: La ilaha ill-Allah!’ And falling down, finished.

Ya Allah, ahdina, tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah…

Iraqi soldiers, American soldiers, English soldiers- doesn’t matter, when dying, their souls come together…

So many holy places in Iraq. They are protected by angels, Jinn and the Ashabu Nauba, holy ones. If they aren’t giving permission for the American to enter, even one hundred times more American powers cannot do anything. But they gave permission and the Americans are advancing.

Lefke - 24.03.2003

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