Maulana Sheikh Nazim“I will enlighten the world with the Light of My Beloved Prophet!”

O believers! This is the last Cuma of the month Safar-u-Khair. The next
Cuma belongs to the honoured month of Maulid, in which the pride of
creation, Habibullah, was born, who honoured the world. Maulid Sharif
is coming!

Allah Almighty said: “…wa ma arsalnaka ila Rahmatan li-l
‘Alamien…”Without you, if I had not created you, I would not have
created creation at all. I gave it to you!” Such an honoured month is
coming! The night from Sunday to Monday is the first night of the Maulid
month and Monday is the first of Rabi’u-l Awwal.

Gather in the mosques, make Dhikr and Salat wa Salam, make Maulid for
the holy Prophet sws! Anyone who is able to move, should come!
Faith, Islam, will never die! Its enemies are those, who are going to be
removed! A tree, planted by Allah Almighty Himself, nobody can take out!

They think, Islam is a game, that they can finish Islam by their bombs-
ya Rabba-l ‘Alamien, may they all go! Everyone, who is against Islam,
may go! Allah says: “I will not leave them! What I have sent to My
Habib, the Shariat, who is going against it, I will take him away! I
have sent Islam as a guidance for mankind with the Prophet of Guidance,
it is the Din of Haqq, the faith of Absolute Truth, it is not Batil! I
will take Batil away, I will complete the Light of My Habib, My Beloved,
I will enlighten the world with his Light, ‘…wa lau karia-l kafirin…’,
even if the unbelievers don’t like it!”

They are not thinking that their life is between two breaths, that they
cannot breathe without Allahs permission and that the breath is not
coming out without His permission. He, the Owner of Power and Might of
Heavens, the Kudret wa Azamet Sahib, who is reigning over the whole
creation- how anyone can go against Him?

Honour is to follow the Prophet! Keep his way and example, keep
yourself! Every day pray 2 Rakaat Shukr that you are from the Ummah
Muhammadi sws!

“Don’t leave prayers”, Allah says, “or you are not My servant and I will
finish you! Follow My Habib! By his Shefka and Shafaa only can the world
by saved, by nothing else!

Who is fighting Allah, he can never win! They have reached the utmost
limit! They will not be able to escape from His Anger to anywhere!
O believers! Keep your faith, be strong in your faith and then don’t
fear! Allah will not make you fear anything in this world and the next!
Our duty is to give advice. Who is using his mind, will accept Islam and
follow it!

O people! Hear and listen, listen and obey (the) Holy Orders of the Lord
of Heavens! All trouble that all (the) world just fell in it of reason
because (people are) not hearing heavenly Orders and never listening and
never obeying.

All nations, all governments, all mankind (is) following satanic
teachings, refusing heavenly Teachings. No any way to open the ways of
safety (except) the way only that (is) leading us to Allah Almighty’s
Mercy Oceans (is) to come and to say:

“O my Lord, I am surrendering to You and I am giving my oath that You
are my Lord and I am Your servant!”

That is teachings of all Prophets that have been sent from Heavens to
mankind. But I am sorry to say that no any nation- Muslims or
Non-Muslims- not asking heavenly Orders. They are (saying): “Eh,
eh… democracy!” People of Hell! Never accepting anything! What is
democracy? Democracy bringing people and kicking them through a valley
of troubles that no anyone can save them, only what had been sent from
Heavens: a very strong rope. And the Lord of Heavens is saying: “Catch
My rope that I sent to you, to save yourselves here and Hereafter!”

O mankind! You must come and surrender (to the) Holy Commands of your
Lord! You must say: “O our Lord, You are (the) Creator! (There is) only
1 Lord, You, and we are Your servants!” You must not be servants of this
life! You (are) never created for business! Everyone (is) running after
to be (a) businessman, to be (a) rich man, high standard man. What is
(a) ‘high standard man’? You are saving, saving, saving- Dollars,
Pounds, new money Euro, and Yen.. People are saving- what is (the)
benefit to save millions and billions? O Arabs! And everyone (is) saving
billions and billions and Allah should ask them: “O My useless servant,
o My not respecting My orders (servant)! What you did? Just I granted to
you billions. Why are you coming today and nothing through your book?
What you did?” “O Allah, o our Lord! Just I saved (money) and (I was)
putting (it) in banks, putting to be investment…” “Do you think, o
disobedient servant, o respectless servant, you think I gave, I granted
to you so much money to save it? Or to do donations, to make good
things? To reach My servants your donations, to make good things for
you? You think I said to you ‘Safe and leave and come here like this’?”

What should be their answer? This, more than Non-Muslim world I address
Muslim world that (there are) perhaps thousands and thousands of
multi-millionaires, but (they are) keeping (that money) like this… not
giving for Allah! Allah should blame them: “You are not ashamed? When I
granted to you and giving to do donations for My sake, why (you didn’t
give)…? O Angels, take them away, take them from My divine Presence,
because they were keeping Satan and its teachings, not keeping My
Teachings; not obeying Me, (but) running after Shaitan! Take them (away)
with Shaitan, take them away. No way for them! It was one chance granted
to you!”

O people, hear, listen and obey! And the Prophet (was) saying: “If
anyone (is) giving for (the sake of) Allah, he must not think ‘My money
(is) getting less’. Never! Allah (is) giving to him. As long as you are
opening (a) tap, water (is) coming. When (you are) closing (it), never
(any water is coming). Open it, because what Allah Almighty granted to
you to give, (is) neverending!

O people, come and say: “Tauba, ya Rabbi! We are doing wrong! We are
surrendering to Your Commands, forgive us and send us from Your good
servants whom (they are) on (the) steps of (the) Prophet, to lead us to
Your divine Presence! Just we lost our ways, we are waiting (for)
someone from Your divine Presence to come and save us!”

And he was S.Muhammad sws.

And now we are looking and expecting what (the) Prophet promised us
through Allah Almighty’s Order: that (is) coming Mehdi a.s. Then coming
Antichrist and then coming Jesus Christ, Isa a.s.

O people, come and look after yourself! Surrender (to the) Holy
Commands, you should find your ways to Paradise. If not, your end (is)
going to be in Hells… May Allah forgive us!

Lefke, 16.03.2007 (Juma Chutba, Turkish and English) Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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