Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimIf Physical Power Gives Honor, Donkeys Would be More Honored than Man

Stand up for the glory of the Lord of creation. If we can be able to stand up from eternaly to eternal it is nothing for the glory and the majesty of the Lord of Heavens, Allah Almighty.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! Ya Maalika ’l-mulk! Ya Dhal-Jalaali wa ’l-ikraam!

Whole creation bowing in front of Your Greatness. O our Lord! Forgive us in this holy month for the honor of the most honored one in Your Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. Zidhu ya Rabb, give him more glory, more honor, more majesty, in spite of those Shaytaans and those whom following Shaytaan’s way also, from the sons of Adam Alayhissalam.

Ya Sayyid al-awwaleen wa ’l-akhireen. Ya sayyidi! Alfu’s-salaat! Alfu’s-salaam `alayka wa `ala aalika wa ashaabika wa `ala man ittab`aka ..

...Ya Sayyidee, Ya rasulullah. We are asking intercession in spite of Wahabi people, Salafi people and in spite of whole.. wrong-ways people. In spite of all of them we are giving our highest honor to you because Allah Almighty just dressed you from endless honor oceans. Dressed you and and He likes you to be dressed always with honor by His servants also.

You are the one who is representing the Lord of creation. O, Ya Rasulullah! Give us your intercession and ask for ourselves through this holy month `afuw - forgiveness from your Lord.

And we are so so bad servants. We are not good servants. We are bad serevants and it is not an honor for mankind to be bad servants. It is good or best for the Children of Adam to be best servants; not only good servants (but) best servants of our Lord through this holy month.

For the honor of the most glorified one, most blessed one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) forgive us and give us much more power to be on your right path to walk on it with strong steps.

destur Ya rijaal Allah Destur glorified servants honored servants! Look after ourselves.

Meded asking from your Divinely authorities something to make us to stand up for the Lord of heavens.

And we are saying A`udhu billahi min as Shaytani 'r-Rajeem.

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. We are taking the sword of power (the) sword that granted to the deputies of the Lord Almighty. Because a deputy means that going to be sultan on earth on behalf of the Sultan of creation, must have sword and heavenly sword. Not it is from steel sword. No, something else that you can’t know it. We are asking that for defeating badness and Shaytaanic tricks; to defend mankind.

As-salaamu `alaykum Ya `ibaadullah as-salaamu
`alaykum servants of the Lord of heavens.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Subhan Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Sultan Allah.

O people! the children of Adam! Come and listen and obey. Don’t be idiot ones. Don’t be bad ones. Don’t be dishonored ones. Don’t be Satans because mostly people they are stamped by Shaytaan to be from his followers. Don’t leave Shaytaan stamping you (stamping?) by its stamp. No. Try to take heavenly stamp on you and heavenly stamp giving to you honor here and hereafter. And Shaytaan’s stamp making you to fall down and to be thrown away from Divinely Presence

It is an association what we are saying. We are not speaking on prophets’ teaching or prophets’ knowledge that they are bringing from heavens tO people! and that granted to those people whom they are followers of the Seal of Prophets.

And we are saying “O our master! Master of this world! Look after us and support us with such a knowledge that making followers of shaytanic knowldege to be down and making those people followers of shaytaan down.

O people! Shaytaan huuuu asking to make whole people under his command to make everyone as himself and putting so many traps and countless tricks to make people to fall into in its trap. And prophets - particularly the Seal of Prophets, most beloved one, most glorified one, most honored one in Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (stands) Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. I am standing up to make wahabi and salafi people much more angry and their anger making them to fall down more.

O people!! O people! Look and listen; hear and listen; listen and be obedient.

O people!! Leave to be disobedient ones.

There is two tables: on one it is written the names of followers, obedient’s names just written.

And on the second table written on it “followers of Shaytaan whom they are disobedient ones.” O people!! beware to be written your names on the table of disobedient ones. Then you should lose every chance, here and hereafter.

O people!! come and listen what saying masters whom they are real followers of the Seal of Prophets (s).

O people!! For what you have been created? You must ask.

For what you have been granted powers? And powers of mankind not physical power. Physical power there is much more, much more through animals physical power.

Sometimes I am looking and seeing that there is some musabaqa, competition. Competition you know. There is some people that they are taking heavy things and picking up showing that they are so powerful. If that power was giving to you an honor, donkeys they can carry more than you. Double. Ey, give donkeys also an honor saying, because he may carry so heavy things on its weak body.

O people! Mostly you are on wrong way! You are asking power through so many nonsense excersises. One of this that is famous to take heavy burden, heavy things and take it up and leaving. For what? You are donkey?

Allah created donkey for this. Why you are trying this? What giving to you? Giving honor? But people thinking it is honor

Some satanic center making people always to do wrong things, wrong thinkings, wrong thoughts, therefore they are bringing so many nonsense exercises and giving one copper medal or silver medal if a person may carry a small donkey’s load, saying, “you may take a copper medal.” If a little bit more saying, “Oooooh. You are much more than a donkey. You carried today 100 kilograms. Therefore we are granting to you a silver medal. Then the third one bringing saying “O what you are carrying today no any donkey can carry. More than donkey you are carrying today a heavy heavy circles. Heavy circles today - 150 kilograms! You are much more powerful than a donkey that it can carry such a heavy load.

O people (claps) make for this because he over a donkey’s power, can carry.

O people! I am adressing to whole nations: do you think that is an honor?

Who making this? Shaytaan making it to occupy people and giving one medal that is golden. And don’t give that one, also give also a silver medal put on the neck of every donkey to be very happy

and wehn they are goingto be happy they are showing their happiness. But man not saying only taking and putting like that and (nothing). If you are loasding on donkey donkey crying saying, “Eeeyyyaaawoo, eeeyyyaaawoo, eeeyyyaaaooo!”

but man not making this very happy donkey.

“O Shaykh! Donkey never getting to be happy with such a medal but it is going to be happy with a sack, if giving to donkey a sack full with arpa barley.” Oooh, barley, barley and it is so happy beginign eeeyyyaaaooo. But that one (man) taking and putting up and never saying anything.

But they are making me to speak, O our listeners we are saying what we shall do? We speak truth. What mankind now seated by Shaytaanic activities

They are saying that it is body? (badan) It is making this. (Body-building weight-lifting) Sport.

Biggest sport I am saying if biggest sport making, then let them to shout also like donkey to be 100% followers the way of donkey.

It is so happy.

Once O people! Once upon a time. I may say this to take a teaching - to learn something about ourselves.

There was one sultan. Big sultan, big sultan. And he was always going out for hunting. His hobby was hunting. And one day he was running after a gazelle on his horse running. And he was hearing a khitaab (addressing). Hearing something but he was not seeing who is speaking to him, who addressing to him. Only he was hearing and understanding that unseen one’s addressing. “O Sultan! Do you think that you have been created for hunting?”

He was hearing this and then second side coming another addressing saying to him . “O Sultan! Do you think that you have been ordered for hunting?” and he was taking his horse, stopping and getting back. These two words were enough for him to make his way from one wrong direction to right direction. He understands what does it mean, that, . “O Sultan! Do you think that you have been created for hunting?” No answer and second “do you think that you have been ordered for hunting?” (He has) no answer. And he was listening.

Now those people doing so many nonsense things under the name of gymnastics and sports. Whole sports it is baatil. Baatil means “false - it is not true.” For everything through sports angels saying “O mankind! Do you think you have been created for football?” or “O mankind! Do you think you hve been created for running like rabbits so quickly?” “O mankind do you think you have been created for high jumping?” or “O man! Do you think that you have been created for carrying heavy things up? This is your understanding for creation? Tuh! Wayhak! Shame! Blame to you. Blame to you that the understanding, the philosophy of your understanding if it is this way then blame to you and those people whom are urging you to do this. Under the name of sports every day every newspaper full with such a foolishness. How they are waiting blessings from heavens and they are preferring to be like rabbits; to be like dogs; to be like horses; to be like donkeys. They are preparing this that all of them it is for animals’ world not for man this. But every day the newspapers, the last pages, 2 pages, some 4 pages, some more or less full with sports. Football and their heads empty like football nothing else.

They are understanding only “shoot! Shoot!” Where shooting?

Don’t see where shooting. I am saying if that is sport why putting one football? Put two! Two teams each one to find for shooting. Put several footballs everyone shoot.

21 century people no-mind people. To think on it that they are not created for such a useless activities. Under the unwaan title “sports”. Billions of people looking like this (saying) “eh shoot!”

I am sorry that not getting in but getting outside. You learn how it is getting out and how it is not getting in.

What is the benefit? but Shaytaanic teachning making people to fall down to level of animals. I am sorry to say this, it is a reality but no one speaking on it. They are so happy with this, whole nation. Everywhere, even I am living in a small village they are saying football, team in Lefke and they are going to make with Gezulyurt (neighbor town) a football team.

Before time whole Islamic territories were full with derghahs, zawiyas, tekkiyas, and such a blessed places people coming and learning something about their Lord and edeb, and also Christian world they have hundreds of monasteries and churches. People coming and asking to learn about their Lord's servanthood. Now they’re putting on it locking and calling people outside to football yards; everything wrong and heavenly cursing coming on them. May Allah forgive us.

O people! You must try to carry or worshipping responsibilities, first you are opening your eyes, you must use your thinking, oh! I am awakening what is sleeping and how I am sleeping and how I am awakening? Make them understand about yourselves. Don’t waste life for such a nonsense things, as long you are doing this your levels coming down, down through darkness of our egos and the Lord is asking from servants not to come down their levels but to make them over, over, over to reach to heavens.

O people! That it is today’s’declaration and naseehat /advice. The Lord of Heavens through his prophets if you are taking you are going to be acceptable here and hereafter, if not, don’t think football or medals or heavy carrying giving what to you? Perhaps, when thrown away angels say, “blame to you, you wasted your life instead to give to your Lord most high respect through worshipping, you leaving that and running on shaytanic ways."

O pope! O bishops! O Muslim Imams! O Hindu Imams! O Buddhist Imams! Where are you? You’re not understanding what I am saying? Do you think any of you can say I am wrong? Can’t say; if say heavenly arrows can reach that one to take him quickly to that area.

May Allah forgive us, to be good servants for Allah Almighty and good servanthood only is to be able to control your egos and egoistic desires, physical desires. Leave that and run after spiritual desires or spiritual what we are saying, aims, targets, make your way up to Heavens. Don’t carry yourself under this world through darkness worlds.

May Allah for give us for the honour of most honoured one Sayyidina Muhammad (saws).
dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dummm, dummm, dummm

Lefke, 31.08.2009

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