Maulana Sheikh Nazim“If you are not becoming like the children...”

As-salamu alaikum!
Ya Rabbi, Shukr! Ya Rabbi, Shukr! Ya Rabbi, Shukr!
Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah!
Shukr, ya Rabbi! Shukr, ya Rabbi! Shukr, Alhamdulillah!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Destur, ya Sayydi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded! Meded, ya Rijalallah! Meded!

Look! That baby, that child- with one Bonbon, he is getting happy... So happy!
If I am giving to you one sack, (you are saying): “Ehhh, what I shall do (with
that)? What I am going to do (with) this...?” ... Look! He is happy also, very
happy... But people, they are not happy (with) one sack-... “What is that?” It
is maybe 2o Pounds. “Ehhh...” What about if I am giving to you 20.000 Turkish
money? “Turkish money also...what is 20.000?” (He is) thinking on it, (the)
chairman of this Dergah... Baba T. thinking on it: “ I may finish it
through 24 hours... What is that!” Say 20.000 Euro- “Doesn’t matter, it is
good!” Ehhh! How much (time is it) taking to spend that 20.000 Euros? “O Sheikh,
ehhh, (in) one month I may finish (it)... “

Then, I am looking another one that (he has) too much money, but (only) a little
bit (of) mind... Yani, stupid person: “If I may find, okay, but...” (He is)
sitting there and looking: “From where I may take this money?” I am saying:
“Night-time, after midnight, put a tent on (the) roof and (then it is)
raining... raining every kind of money! Turkish money- throw it away! English
Pound, Sterling, doesn’t matter... Euro- much powerful may be... And Dollar- eh,
Dollar, they are playing on it... sometimes (it is) getting up, sometimes (it
is) coming down...

Yes, one baby, he is going to be happy with one Bonbon! We are not. We are not
happy! Till we are coming to be our characteristics like (a) small one, we are
not going to be acceptable in (the) divinely Presence!
(A) small one (is) never making, never doing anything to be guilty, no! No guilt
for children!And children, they are not thinking to do some evil, no, they are not thinking
on it.And children, they are not envious, no jealousy, no, no!
Never (they are) quarrelling with their parents, small ones, (to say): “ I must
have like this boy!” What you are dressing (them), they are happy (with that).
And they are not occupying their minds or their hearts with something that Allah
Almighty is not happy (with)!

They are not running after buildings; they are not running to have (a) Mercedes
car or a truck, no! They are not getting angry or sorry, if anyone (is) asking
from them a precious ring, (saying): “Give it to me and take this red colour
bonbon!” Quickly (they are) giving! Yes?... Good manners! You can do this? No,
we can’t do! We are thinking that: “Everything must be for ourselves!” Yes, you
can reach so many things from this life and you may save billions or trillions
through banks, you may keep and save so precious stones, gems, and you are
happy. If someone (is) asking: “Give for the sake of Allah”, (he is) giving one
disliked stone, (a) ring, or (a) very cheap bracelet, and we are thinking that:
“What we are saving, they are for ourselves!” And no one (is) taking what they
saved (with them), when they are passing away! Yes...

You are (an) Egyptian person. In Egypt, (in the) old times, (in the) ancient
period, that (there were) hundreds of Pharaohs, they were saving treasures and
also they were preparing themselves (for) when they were passing away from this
life. And they were believing that: “One day we are coming back and these
treasures must be under our control, must be for us!” They saved like hills of
treasures. And dealing people, that they are specialists for keeping (the) body
of (the) Pharaoh, not to be rotten, they did it. But after thousands of years,
one day- even their treasures (were) just hidden, but...- Allah Almighty (was)
sending (people) on their treasures, on their tombs, to find a way and to reach
to their rotten bodies. And, perhaps you saw their mummies?... If you are
looking their rotten bodies through thousands of years, you may run away,
perhaps (for a) long time you can’t eat something! Or, you are scared night-time
and daytime you can’t ask to eat something! How they were? And after thousands
of years how going to be their bodies? They tried to be forever here- that it is
impossible!-and (the) treasures (they were) saving (them) for themselves, but
can’t be (that) treasures for themselves, finished!

Now, therefore, this boy- it is not important anything: what he is dressing or
what he had been given to eat. (He is) never asking (for) a best car, never
asking (for) a castle or (a) palace, no, they are happy! Till you are coming
back- that is ‘safa’, purity! They are pure, we are not pure; therefore we are
living in trouble, through miseries and people (are) running through streets
everywhere, asking something, but they are not knowing what they are asking, no!
You saw small ones running through streets and shouting? No! They are happy with
their lives, why (they are) going to shout or to destroy or to burn or to kill
people? For what? They are happy!

But man, that when they are growing up or when they are learning something, they
must think on it what is (the) targets that they are running on it! That boy
(is) happy! Millions or billions (of) people now they are not happy, (but)
unhappy! ‘Safa’, purity, (must be) through our hearts. All Prophets (were) never
coming to make people, to call (them) for Dunya, for treasures or material of
this life! You must take your lesson from that small ones! Look!... Very
happy!... Very happy!... Very happy!... He is now happy!...

And Dunya (is) cheating! And Shaitan every day (is) coming and shouting to
people: “I have a very beautiful girl (that) I like to marry her (off)! Who may
give to me ‘meher’, (a) dowry, o people?” Running from East to West, from West
to East, from North to South, showing: ”Oh, look! Look how she is so beautiful!
Who is coming?” And beginning to quarrel, to fight people, to reach (to) that
Shaitan daughter! Every day those, whom they are quarrelling for Shaitans
daughter, for Dunya, next day (they are) going to be disappeared, finished!
O people, whole Prophets (were) coming and bringing heavenly Messages. Heavenly
Messages, you must read (them), you must keep (them) and you must believe in it,
to be happy here and Hereafter! But people, they are doing in contrary, opposite!

We must follow (the) Prophets steps! As long as you are following (the) steps of
Shaitan, you (are) never going to reach anything to be pleased and to reach
pleasure here or Hereafter!

Subhanallah! Mankind, they are killing each other, as (the) Prophet was saying,
S. Rasulullah sws: “When (the) Last Days (are) approaching, people (are) getting
to be much more angry and affected by shaitanic ideas and going to be friends
enemies, going to be relatives enemies!” And we are living on it, now, on that!

One of (the) big Alims, scholars, one authority in Islamic Knowledges that he
did a big Tafsir, Commentary, he was saying that one say he heard through (the)
market a person shouting and he was a seller. What (he was) selling? Snow! (He
was) bringing (it) from (the) mountain and bringing (it) to (the) city and
calling people: “O people, reach to me quickly, because my capital (is) going
to melt! Quickly run to me, my capital (is) finishing! Take!” And that is,
Subhanallah... Astaidhu bi-llah: ” Wa-l Asr, inna-l insana lafi khusr...”
Suratu-l Asr, Holy Sura, (saying) that man (is) like that person, loosing,
because our capital, day by day, (is) going to melt and finishing. You must
reach to your capital, to save your capital at least! Take your capital or (it)
is going, finished! And so many people last moment they are looking and- uf!- no
profit and no capital! (The) capital finished, melted, and (there is) no also
profit! What! “Daily (we are) running, (but) our capital (is) going to melt!
Why?” He was calling people: “O people, come and take, because my capital (is)
going to finish!”

And Angels are looking to people... And (in that) Ayatu Karima Allah Almighty
(is) saying- jalla jalaluhu: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Wa-l Asr! Innna-l
insana lafi khusr...“ How ‘khusr’? Allah Almighty (is) saying that: “Man, they
are loosing!” They are loosing; their capital (is) going to finish, (and) that
is (the) loss. So many people (are) loosing and never remaining (anything) from
capital and never (they are) reaching to any profit. Millions of people now,
their capital (is) finishing and they are not taking even from 100 a quarter or
one or ten from one, or one from 100th parts. They (are) never taking any
benefit. Subhanallah! It is a good lesson for people to understand that point,
because daily (their capital is) melting. Every day going away and (it is) not
bringing any profit!

O people, may Allah forgive us! Try not to loose, try to take profit! What Allah
granted us, this life, that it is (a) temporary life. When (it is) finishing, if
you reached a benefit or profit, you are happy! Even one part, if you can reach,
you must be happy! If (you are) never taking anything, fully you lost, finished!
May Allah forgive us!

Allah, ya Rabbi, send us... O our Lord, You are our Lord! Keep us on Your True
Way, not to be cheated by (the) enemies of mankind, Shaitan! Keep us to be in
Your divinely Presence dressed (by a) dressing of honour, to be dressed heavenly
Dressings! Try for that purpose! If not, you (are) going to 1oo % (have) lost
and what should be for you from divinely Presence, what is going to be granted
to you- something or not- think on it! May Allah forgive us...

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah... Fatiha!

Lefke, 27.1.08 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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