In the beginning it is difficult to fight the ego and to follow the way of Heavens. But when you have reached the level of saving yourself from the gravity of your ego's control, then it is OK. It is like a rocket which needs very much power to reach out of the atmosphere, but once it is outside, it is easy. As long as you are under the gravity of your ego, you cannot do anything, because you are carrying a heavy burden. Try to be free of your ego's bad desires. They are neverending. If you try to reach one of your desires, the next one will come. When that has been reached the next one will come, and so on. So cut it and then you will be free. But for these things you need a notebook to write down your weak points. Then you will know how to deal with yourself and how to treat yourself. If you can't do it yourself, then look who can help you to correct yourself. Like an ill person who will need some medicine and then after some time notices that the treatment is not enough. You then have to go to a physician to treat you.

Spiritually, everyone also has to look after himself. If you are able to look after yourself and to improve by yourself, then OK. If not, then you must ask for someone who will understand and who will be able to treat you and save you and to bring you peace and spiritual peace. May Allah bless you and make you to follow the good ways of the Prophets and the Saints.

London - 01.03.1994

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