Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimIjazet for Sheikh Hisham - Mawlana Shaykh Nazim's Declaration for UK, Europe and everyone

Es-selamu aleykum.

Nuhiy al-majlis an aqool Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Raheem Tarikatuna Sohbah wal khayri fi-l-jamiyah.

Sheik Hisham Effendi [n`am Sayyidee] Khalifat mawlana tarteeb jawami' hali `ala ismuna. Jami' Peckham, wa jami' ewalu Shacklewell Lanes, ba'dayn Green Lanes ewal masjid tab'ana. Muhim hadha.

[to make our association alive I say “In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.” Our Tarikat is association and the goodness is in the gathering.

Sheik Hisham Effendi is calipha of Mawlana.

Arrangement of the Mosques that are under our names. Masjid Peckham, and Masjid, the first one, Shacklewell Lanes, after Green Lanes, the first mosque belonging to us. This is what is important.]

I am making you on behalf of me to look in London: Peckham Mosque and Shacklewell Lanes and Green Lanes, three of them, to look what is there our situation in front of laws. We must take them under our control because we are owners.

As I am a chief trustee and owner in Peckham and Shacklewell Lanes and in Green Lanes dergah I am giving to you my authority also what is the difficulties there to arrange to make these three places for Islamic foundations to make for Islam - not for some groups but must be for everyone. And I like that you can try to call British Muslims to use these three mosques also under our trust how they may do, if they are asking to pray Jum'ah, to make khutbe, to make zikr, under our permission they may do.

Anything they may be in need, we are supporting them also. Because we are not buying these three big places for dunya. No, never. But we tried to reach some big centers in London, therefore I tried so many years, perhaps thirty years I was there, and the Lord of Heavens making me successful to make so many mosques.

St. Anne's is now under our control, fully, but these three ones that no trust working on it or chief trustee, we must look, we must arrange how we may use for the sake of Allah and Rasuluhu Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and making to change how many trustees there, as I like to be a trustworthy person and a mukhlis, sincere one, and young ones, to be, to take care through these three places. If anyone getting against my declaration, then it is not going to be good for them. If coming some heavenly punishment I don't know.

My maqsad, my intention, to work as I like, that I was intending. I would never intend to buy something and to take some benefit on behalf of mosques, estaghfirullah. I am, I have enough, Allah Almighty giving to me, in our country, enough.

After this age I am not asking dunya, I am ashaming. But I am asking that these three places also to be put for the benefit of young people or calling people to come and to learn Islam. I like to take over the whole trust and bring new ones. New ones.

There should be chief trustee: Shaykh Hisham. And also to be chief trustee Shacklewell Lanes and owner and chief trust on Green Lanes dergah. What is necessary to be done on trusts through these three buildings I am making you on behalf of me, to look Shaykh Hisham.

Yanee Angleterre importance for you because I can't move from Cyprus to reach to London, like before. We have now in London, in important points of London, we have a jami` wa masjid wa dergah [Jumu`ah mosque, and mosque and Sufi center]. Wa haythu… dergah … now I am not able as before to go to London, to look after our people as well as you are also the… you have permission from our Grandshaykh calipha, yumkin tatasil bin-naas `ayesheen bi UK [you are able to connect with people living in UK], that it is easy for you to go and to look after our followers and also you may try to keep our huqooq, rights, there and to call people to Tarikat an-Naqshbandiyyati-l-`aliyye. And therefore I am, as my… as I am servant of our Grandshaykh, I am giving to you a ijazet, permission, to come to London, to England, UK and to look after our followers what they may be in need, if anything going to be difficult, you may consult with me and you should be my calipha there.

Wa idha, and therefore I like not to be our brothers and sisters without a shaykh and UK big country [and] London a biggest city on Europe without a shaykh. Therefore just I am giving you ijazet to look after people in London, in Ireland, in UK, and also you may look after people in France, and you may look also in Spain, and also in Italy, maybe time by time you may go. You can call people in Europe, to come to Naqshbandi tarikat and you may go to African continent. Because they are in need also a shaykh calling them to our tarikatun `aliyye [most distinguished Sufi way]. And you may go also to shay, Africa shimalinda [North Africa] – Morocco - wa and also inside of African continent you may do - you may have a big area and you are not a fadi, empty [one], to be only in America, no. In Africa, it is big area for you. Everywhere.

I am Shaykh Nazim the servant of our Grandshaykh. Biwasi' - advising Shaykh Hisham that he may go anywhere invited for tarikatun `aliyye [most distinguished Sufi way]. That is my ijazet, permission, as our Grandshaykh permitting me.

After my age I never reaching east and west. Only if Allah Almighty giving a permission to move without plane that is another point.

Allahuma edrikna fee yawmina jadeed an nakoona fi-l-amna wa-l-amaan was-selamat wa-l-islam. Wa-Allahu khayru-l-hafidhan wa Huwa arhamur-rahimeen. Fatiha.

[O Allah reach us in this new day to be in safety and security and good health and Islam. And the Allah is the Best of Protectors and He is the Most Merciful of those who are merciful. Fatiha]

Lefke, 28.01.2009

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