Maulana Sheikh NazimImagination is not Reality!

As-salamu alaikum, ya Mu’minien, ahlan wa sahlan, welcome to you, o
believers! Salamun alaikum, thumma thabartum ... Allahu akbar! Eh, Shukr
Allaha, Shukr Allaha, Shukr Allaha. Thanks, whole thanks, whole absolute
praising, absolute thanks, absolute glorifying to Allah Almighty! May
Allah forgive us…

O Allah, You are Creator, o Allah, You are our Lord, o Allah, You are
our Protector, o Allah, You are that One who (is) giving us everything
here and Hereafter. We were not in existence and You created us. You are
giving us, granting everything, o our Lord, endless praisings, endless
glorifying, endless honouring, endless blessings from You on Your
creatures. You are Creator, we are Your creatures…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
You must live for Allah!

This is a humble meeting. You are coming from East, from West- from
different directions you are coming here and you are asking to listen,
to hear something that you are not knowing. And we are asking from our
Masters a support, something that makes ourselves much more able to
listen to His holy Commands and to follow His holy Orders.

From beginning up today there is two different ways: one way is (the)
right way, and another one is (the) wrong way. It is mentioned.
I was once upon a time in America and on our traveling I was looking and
seeing a writing on a plate: ‘Wrong way!’ Wrong way, for drivers to make
them to be awaken, because if a person (is) going (to the) wrong way,
that means every effort that he did (is) going to be nothing, (is) going
to finish. Therefore people, when (they are) looking and seeing that
writing on a plate ‘Wrong way!’, no one (is) asking who (is) writing
(that), no. Only it is a writing ‘Wrong way’. No one from drivers (is)
going to ask who writes it, no, they are taking care!

Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim! We are on (the) way also; we are
walking, we are moving from unknown to unknown. Now we are living a life
and we are saying (that) our lives (are) from (the) unknown coming and
finally people (are) running away, disappearing and they are also
running to (an) unknown direction, unknown territories. From where we
are coming, we don’t know. To where we are going, we don’t know.
If it is not mentioned through Holy Books, no one (is) going to know
from where they are coming and to where they are going, because it is
not something to think on it and your thinking (is) bringing to you a
real answer. You can’t find it; it is impossible to think from where we
are coming. As much as or as long as you may think on it- but what you
are going to reach? Because it is only (something that) belongs to our

Allah granted us also imagination; that you can think and you can
imagine. But don’t think that the answer of imagination is a true
answer, no! You are imagining, you are factoring through your brain, (it
is something you) imagined. You can’t be able to bring a reality. That
(is) going to be more powerful for our minds, for our hearts! Can’t
reach, can’t bring this, must be cut off! Imagining is not reality, but
people now they are living in an imaginated world. Everyone (is)
imagining and saying and writing and believing.

You may imagine for something. That imagination should be for you only.
Another one may think, may imagine another world. So that your world,
your imaginated world, (is) something else and belongs to you only and
his also, his imaginated world, for X., is different, 100 % different.
And reality is one! (The) Real, or reality, is only one; never (it is)
going to be changed according to you, according to that, according to
another one…

Therefore, reality that (is) coming and teaching people from Heavens,
through Prophets, (is) never changing. Same points from beginning up to
end they are giving to you and calling you: “Come and believe! Come and
believe in this point, that point, that point…” Therefore Prophets
mental existence (is) going to be in different ways; only for Prophets
(there is) real Knowledge! Reality (is) never going to be changed,
therefore man must believe to those people that they are coming all
together on (the) same points, on (the) same subjects.

(The) first Prophet was saying: “O my children, you must know and you
must believe that mankind, as I am representing them, is a creation
created by the Lord of Heavens!” And every Prophet, that their Knowledge
is so powerful, their knowledge (is) reality. Reality has (a) strong
basis that no one can move it, no! Imagining, but (if) it is going to be
built on reality, (it is) never going to be changed or destroyed, no,
(it is) same.

What Adam a.s. said, he said, the last, the Seal of Prophets. He is
saying also the same points, without making it less or without making it
more, no, same:

“O people, you must believe in (the) Existence of your Lord, because you
are created, you are not Creators, and for creatures they need a Creator!”
(The) first man (was) saying this, (the) first Prophet that (was) taking
real Knowledge from Heavens, Adam! Adam (is) one of those people, whom
they are taking their Knowledge from Heavens; they are (all) on (the)
same line, no difference:

You must believe in Allah Almighty,
you must believe in Angels,
you must believe in Heavens,
you must believe in Holy Books,
you must believe in (the) Last Day,
you must believe for Reality that whole Prophets they were saying: “You
are coming (on) the Day of Resurrection to be questioned! You are
responsible for every effort. For every acting that you did it, you have
(a) responsibility on it and you should be questioned!”

That is real, Reality; (it) never changed, but things that (are) just
built on imagination, that is going to be so different!

Everyone’s imagination (is) going to be in another way- Subhanallah,
Glory to Allah Almighty- and (He is) making everyone (whom) He created
to have an understanding, a true understanding, and to fix on it
unchangeable realities! Therefore- those people that we are saying they
are Prophets, prophecy from (the) beginning up to end (is) on (the) same
line. Nothing changed.

But imagination (is) just going to be changed: every month, every week,
every day it is going to be changed and you can’t be able to trust on
imagination, because your imagination is something else. Leave holy
People from Heavens; but ourselves (are) going to be changed, according
to people, not two imagining heads coming together, no, must be
different! But heavenly Realities and whom they are asking to teach
people, they are on (the) same line.

That is the source of troubles that we are living in it now, because
everyone they are asking to be their imagining accepted by common
people. It is impossible, because how many people (are) coming in
existence, their imagining (is) just different. Maybe some parts (are
going) to be same, but originally everyone is imagining and according to
their mentality that imagination also (is) going to be changed.

Therefore Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Inna hadha sirata-l mustaqima. O
people, that is My Way, as I am sending (it) to you through My holy
Servants, chosen Servants. I am sending to you, fa tabiu, o people,
follow them, don’t follow your imagination!”

That is (the) biggest cursing on people through (the) 21st century,
because everyone (is) saying: “No! What I am saying, you must follow
me!” And you may say: “No, why? I think that this should be like this!”
Another one (is) coming: “I think both of you are wrong! What I am
saying, it is okay!” Hahaha!

Like now there is newspapers- it makes it so clear- newspapers, so many
writers; this (one is) writing on that column, another one (is) writing
there… Even one newspaper people they can’t be able to come all
together! Perhaps maybe in a newspaper writing board (there) may be 5o
people. Everyone (is) taking that pen on their hands and (is) beginning
to write and (is) saying: “Just I wrote down the best one!” Then Y. (is)
saying: “Why? My article is so strong, I don’t think that your article
may be followed!” If (there are) 5o newspapers, in it 5o writers- how
much it is going to be? 25o! If (it is a) bigger newspaper, (there) may
be 100 people writing in it and saying: “That what I am thinking is best
for humanity!” Never (they are) saying that: “Y.’s article is best,
therefore I am not going to write anything else. I must follow him!” No,
they are also so proud people! Chief writer, editor, he is saying: “I am
your boss! You can’t write, as I am writing, you can’t think, as I am
thinking, you can’t reach to my mentality! All of you (are) down and I
am the up!” That is…

That means, everyones, if I am giving to (a) pheasant also: “Write
something”, he may write and looking: “Yes, what I am writing,
government must follow! I am writing that pheasants must, even they must
have a right to be on governing board! Why they are not giving (to) us?
Always (it is) going to be Blair, always to be putting always to be
Bush, always to be Karamansis, always to be Hercules- why?” That
pheasant, farmer (is saying): “I think, if we can be able also to have
(a place) on board, governing board, you must look how we are going to
make a good community, a good economy! Ahhh, economy! Those foolish city
people (are) making ourselves like animals, no one (is) listening to our
writings! Yes? They are saying: ‘Ehhh, what you are understanding? You
may understand from sheep, you understand only cows, why you are
writing?’ You never give a chance to our imagination! That imagination
for farmers! Citizens…”

That is the source of chaos; now we are in it, because everyone (is)
saying: “I know much better than Dr.” Dr. (is) saying: “Who knows? What
he is knowing that is only to make a long beard, nothing else. But I am
shaving; therefore, when I am shaving, my mind (is) getting, growing up.
But when he is making (a) long beard, (that is) taking everything from
their minds and their minds (are) going to be dry. But our minds (are)
always (going to be) wet, fresh…”

I am sitting here to say such things that people (are) going to be
surprised: “I never heard such things!” Yes, that is perhaps my
imagination- you bring your imagination! They can’t bring anything!
They may say: “Oh, for governing a country, democracy is no good, but we
must do democracy, including every creature in it, even dogs, cats,
because they have rights also! Our citizens leading ourselves- we must
give them a chance for governing ourselves, for leading!”

They are making us to speak so widely for understanding that everyone’s
imagination is something else, but heavenly Orders they are not like our
imaginations; that they are real, realties, and realities only (are)
coming from Heavens. You can’t reach Reality on earth through your
mentalities, through your imagination! That is all everyone’s
imagination and I am saying:

“If you are claming (something) opposite (to) what I am saying, do it!
Do and correct everything wrong on earth! If you can’t do, come to me! I
am (doing it in) 24 hours… I am not ordering something through my
imagination, but my ordering (is) coming from Heavens and I am not on
imagination! I may correct everything on earth (in) 24 hours! No need 25
hours! If you can do, do! You may do? Come, come, do!”

But people they are so proud now and everyone (is) trying to represent
Nimrod. Everyone’s ego (is) asking to be like Nimrod. Nimrod was saying
and people (are) saying: “You are alright”, even their conscience (is)
saying something else. But they are not coming to declare (the) Truth.
Truth is only one, but lies… You can’t find a limit for lies, but for
truth: truth (is) only one! If you accept it, you should be happy here
and Hereafter. If not, if you are asking to go according to your
imagination, you may walk, you may do, but (there is) no result, no
contentment, no good future for them, no! (They) should be in such a
road that (is) coming (to be) tied up, if you are asking to open it, (it
is) coming (to be) much more tied. That is peoples suffering now.

And I am calling whole people: “Come! If you are not knowing, come to
me, I can teach you!” And they are saying to me: “No, you don’t know
anything!” I know some things that you are not knowing, because our
knowledge (is) heavenly Knowledge, Heavenly Knowledge that may correct
everything, and any other imaginated orders, commands, regimes, it is
useless! You may see from far away good, when you are entering in it, it
is going to be nonsense.

Therefore- (the) Prophet was saying, sws: “When (the) Antichrist (is)
coming, (he is) calling people and saying: ‘Come, I am carrying fire and
Paradise! If anyone (is) going and listening to (the) Antichrist and (he
is) putting him in (his) Paradise, (there is) going to be countless
troubles in it (for him). If (the Antichrist is) saying: ‘This is fire’,
that people (are) running away and not coming to real Paradise, they are
going to fall in(to) endless troubles, suffering, and endless miseries,
endless suffering (is) covering them.”

Now people (are) in it! Now (it is the) period of Dajjal, Antichrist;
making everything, showing people that: “You are living in Paradise” and
really they are living in fire!

May Allah forgive us and grant us a good understanding and good
willpower to follow realties that Prophets just reached to us from
Heavens, for arranging our good life, to bring humanity the last point
of humanity for people… But people (are) running away. If (they are)
running away, they should suffer…

May Allah forgive us, for the honour of the most honoured servant of
Allah Almighty, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 18.2.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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