How can you put the whole universe into one atom? If you would claim such things people will at once think that you are crazy. So how can they say that the Lord of Universes came into the womb of a woman? What kind of foolishness is this still in the 20th century? Compared to this universe we are even smaller than an atom. This huge universe! Compared to the greatness of the Lord, this huge universe is even less than an atom. How should such a lord, who is even too big to be in this universe, be in a woman? Is that religion? Is that faith? Is that the way religion was brought from Heavens? Very strange...

What is it Christians want people to believe in? In a person nailed to the cross? What should he be able to do for me when he cannot even do anything for himself? If he is not the Lord and his lord cannot find any other way than to have his son nailed to the cross, then he is also not a lord. They say that the father left his son to be nailed on the cross to save mankind. If he is the lord, is that the only way he can find to save mankind? I would also like to know who of the 12 disciples were witnessing the cruxifiction. There isn't one! Whoever says he saw it, is a liar!

We must correct our beliefs. We must correct our faith. Christians are running after Muslims to make them Christians. For what? To believe in the cross? What does the cross mean to us? We want to call people to truth, to the Endless Power Oceans, Endless Wisdom Oceans, Endless Unity Oceans, Endless Love Oceans, Endless Life Oceans, Endless Mercy Oceans and Endless Endless Oceans of the Lord. So what is wrong with Islam? What is it Christianity is offering? A cross?

We must look at which way we are going. Maybe there are things which our ego likes to see in Christianity, like our Lord on a postcard. Because Christians are claiming such things our world is now coming close to the edge of hell. Leave imaginations and come to reality. The Lord cannot be in your imagination. Everything which you are imagining is your own. Our Lord is beyond imagination. He created your imagination, how should He be inside your imagination? That is why you must try to take away every imagination from your heart. Then you will be with your Lord. Every imagination which appears in your heart has been produced by your ego.

Reality is with your Lord and that is where we want to reach to. So until you have left your imagination you cannot reach the real existence of your Lord's Divine Presence. When you are in the Divine Presence you will have appearances which are beyond imagination. That is endless enjoyment, it will be ever new and any kind of imagination will appear as pure rubbish! Instead you will be witnessing parts of Allah's Appearances which could never reach your imagination. You will be shocked at the endless surprises when the Divine Appearances will open up. You will melt.

Islam came to fight idols and figures. The ones that are visible have to be taken away first. Then the order will come for the hearts. When that has happened a new appearance will come into your heart all the time and you will be so happy. That is the real mission of Islam, to call people. As long as you belong to your idols, you cannot belong to your Lord.
Oh, people, you must try to understand the real mission of Islam, particularily Christians and Jews and particularily Europeans. They think that Islam only has to do with killing and such things. No! Islam only wants to destroy idols, so that no idols will be worshipped on earth and to destroy the kingdom of satan and egos and devils. May Allah give us power to destroy the idols in ourselves and then everywhere.

London - 01.03.1994

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