My Grandsheikh was speaking on a very important point concerning Satan: For what reason was he thrown out of the Divine Presence? Grandsheikh said that Satan was a complete servant of his Lord, worshiping and respecting Him without any disobedience for over two thousand years; but one time, only one time, he used his will against the Will of his Lord. Putting his will above his Lord's was not and could never be a correct action and was the sole reason for his banishment. When Allah created Adam, His Will was that everyone prostrate themselves in front of him as a sign of respect, and thus, He commanded all to do so. Everyone obeyed except Satan, who said, "No." The meaning of this was, "My will is above your will, I am not obeying your order." That refusal to submit made him fall into the darkness of banishment, and that is the beginning and the fountain of sins.

Anyone of the Sons of Adam, says our Grandsheikh, who puts his will above the Will of Allah or that of the Prophet is secretly ascribing partners unto Allah (Shirk Khafy); it is not open, but hidden and thus very dangerous and a cause of deep trouble. Particularly in our time, everyone is catching and holding firmly to his own will, demanding that it prevail over all else. You may find only a very few people who will be in agreement with your will - the majority are holding firmly to their own. So how shall they agree with the Lord's Will or the Prophet's will if they cannot even bend to accept each other's? This is the fountain of sins; this is why all Tariqats are teaching people how they may abandon their wills in front of a person: you may say, "This is my Sheikh - I left my will for his will so that it may be a first step towards my learning to be an obedient servant of Allah and of His Prophet, otherwise I can't even begin." .

Now Satan and his armies are fighting against Sheikhs and Tariqats because Tariqats are teaching. People how to leave their wills in front of Allah and His Prophet. Tariqats are educators - when I am saying that he is my Sheikh in love of Allah Almighty and His Prophet, then I love him not for this world, but truly for Allah and His Prophet.

We are speaking on the will of servants - an extremely important matter affecting our lives and our improvement in the Divine Presence. To use our willpower as we should means to make it accord with our Lord's desires - if we can bring ourselves to do that, we will be acceptable in the Divine Presence; if not, it means unhappiness for us, defeat and darkness - all of which descended upon Satan because he could not bring himself to do what his Lord desired of him - to bow down to Adam. Because of this, all the devotions and acts of worship he performed for two thousand years were rendered useless, and he was banished. Grandsheikh was stressing the importance of this point, as everything in every religion and faith is based upon it. If you can do your Lord's 'Will you may improve to the ranks of Prophets and Saints; you may approach the Divine Presence and find acceptance there; otherwise, you are secretly ascribing partners unto Allah, and you become stuck on this Earth like a plane that is tied down and can't take off. Whoever pays no attention to these subtle points is in danger of going the way of Saitan. This is the common base of all religions, because Allah Almighty has said through all of His Holy Prophets: "Oh My people, if you claim that you are servants, then put your desires in line with Mine, otherwise you are not servants." Allah Almighty said to the Children of Israel through the Prophet Jesus: "Testify that Jesus Christ is My Prophet unto you." They didn't like that, and so they fell. Allah said to them: "I am not in need of your worshiping, all I want from you is that you accord with My desires." Similarly. Allah said through His Prophet Muhammad: "Oh Christians, come and agree with Muhammad." They answered "No, we only like Jesus Christ, that is enough for us." He Almighty replied: "Your worshiping is unacceptable until your desires are alike unto Mine."

Everyone wishes that his own desires be fulfilled - true or not? We must either serve as we like or as He likes. We must accept our Lord's Word about Jesus Christ, and the same is true for Moses and the other Prophets. Now Muslims are also running after so many desires and fleeing from the way of Muhammad, saying, "We like this and that." As a result, their worship comes to naught. If you can understand this point, it will suffice you, as it is the first and most important lesson we can learn from the actions of Satan - are you not afraid that you will be like him?

The Prophet's companions learned to obey the Lord through obeying His Prophet. They said: "Oh our Prophet, we have ransomed our mothers and fathers for you." They said this to him sincerely and with love; in this way they came to obey Allah through obeying Muhammad. Therefore, Allah ordered people to follow the inheritors of the Prophet and to hold to them as the companions (Sahaba) held to the Prophet, so that through them we may learn to obey the Lord. If this discipline of following those who are truly on the Prophet's way was not in Islam, there would be no more Islam. Islam is coming with discipline, strong discipline: no more are the people to go like this or like that, but to follow in the way of the Prophet. This is the meaning of the discipline of Islam. We must accept this or else we are cheating ourselves; we must keep discipline, as Allah Almighty orders in the Holy Qur'an: "And don't follow your vain desires as they will cause you to deviate from the way of Allah."

Our Grandsheikh was saying about Adam that when Allah Almighty put him in Paradise and said to him: "Everything has been granted, enjoy every abundance except this fruit tree which you must not approach," Adam's ego was saying: "Oh my Lord, You don't want me to eat from it, but I want to eat." Because of his ego's desire being out of line with his Lord's desire, he was vulnerable to the suggestion of Satan; therefore, he had to go to Earth to learn manners and discipline, the sum of which is to say inside of ourselves, "As You like my Lord." If we can't say this in our innermost selves, it means that we are making our desire lord over our Guardian Lord Almighty.

When Adam ate from that tree in Opposition to his Lord's Will, Allah took from him his paradise clothes and left him naked and ashamed in order to make him feel shame at what he had done. We must be very careful of attributing partners to Allah Almighty through our actions. If we can be careful of these fine points, then it is easy for us to receive Divine Lights in our hearts.

The Prophet, Peace be upon Him, was saying about Abu Bakr, May Allah be pleased with Him, that he was one who 'died before he died.' From all the companions, why was it Abu Bakr who accomplished this? - Because he had absolutely left all his desires behind, so that there was nothing left of them in the face of his Lord and his Prophet. He was as a dead person with no desire for this life. When he had arrived at this state, he was like a shadow for the Prophet, and you can't find a shadow that doesn't entirely agree with its original; to this absolute extent Abu Bakr never left the Prophet's way. Because of this attribute, Abu Bakr became trustworthy in all respects, and thus the Prophet was able to plant many knowledges in his heart. The Prophet knew that Abu Bakr would not do anything contrary to his wish or his liking. Therefore in spiritual rank, Abu Bakr was at the top of all the companions of the Prophet.

Sayyidina Ali was also one of the Prophet's companions who never used his will or desires against the will of the Prophet or contrary to the Prophet's desires. He was one of two among all the Sahaba who had put his desires totally in line with the Prophet's desires. Therefore, Ali has been described by the Prophet as follows: "I am the City of Knowledge and Ali is the Gate to that City." My Grandsheikh was saying that because the Prophet was so pleased with Ali's following him like a shadow, one day he ordered Ali to look at him; when Ali looked at the Prophet, the Prophet showed him his real prophethood personality in the Divine Presence. No one may look at that personality until he reaches the station of Sayyidina Ali; what is that station? - It is the station of being a shadow in every action.

Once the Son of Omar was going to Hijaz, traveling by camel. When he arrived at a certain point in the road he made a detour to the right, rode around in a circle and then returned to the road, continuing on his way. People asked him, "Oh Son of Omar, the road was going straight, so why did you go around in a circle?" He replied, "Oh people, I was once accompanying the Prophet on this road and when he came to that point he made a circle to the right, then he continued on straight; therefore I wanted to do as the Prophet had done."

Look at how the companions were desiring and doing what the Prophet desired and did. If anyone can attain to that station, then the Prophet may show him his real prophet hood personality in the Divine Presence, for even now the Prophet is alive, but not in the same way that we are alive - he has real life in the Divine Presence. Both Abu Bakr and Ali reached their diving positions and took their holy trusts from the Prophet during this life. Others from among the Sahaba took their trusts only upon reaching the hereafter.

Grandsheikh told me that one day Sayyidina Ali said to Sayyidina Omar, regarding the secret knowledge that had been opened up to him: "Oh Omar, if I would speak to you from the secret knowledges which have been opened up to us, you would instantly cut my head off with your sword; you wouldn't be able to let me get up from my seat if I told you from the secrets of the Way, the creation, the religion, prophet hood and the secrets of Allah Almighty - you can't even listen."

When the Prophet was taken to the Heavens on the Night Journey or Ascension (Miraj), the news of this miraculous journey spread among the Muslims. Omar, on hearing this - to him - incomprehensible news, ran to see the Prophet to find out for himself what this was all about. On the way to see the Prophet he ran into Abu Bakr and asked him: "What is your companion (Muhammad) saying, are you believing such a thing?" Abu Bakr, who had as of yet not met with the Prophet since the Miraj, said: "Oh Omar, what are you saying? If all of creation has been created for his sake, is it too much for him to ascend to the heavens or perform other miracles? Oh Omar, I believe he is capable of even greater miracles than this; he is so great, so respected in the Divine Presence that no one can know his real personality but his Lord."


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