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In The Likeness Of Uj

As-sal?mu ‘alaykum, O our hope, beloved brethren of Shah Mardan. Welcome to you, welcome
in our assembly. May our assembly be an assembly of goodness. There are two kinds of assembly:
One is an assembly of goodness, the other an assembly of evil. May Allah make us from those
who attend assemblies of goodness! Those who attend assemblies of evil are ill-fated people. The
way of the distinguished messenger, the way of Allah's Beloved, that's the way Shah Mardan
O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan. O companions of Shah Mardan, welcome to you! You've
come with cheerfulness, let's sit together cheerfully. Why should we be depressed? Let's be
cheerful, yes! What is the key to open the door of cheerfulness? Here you go, O Shah Mardan,
your brethren adore you lovingly. How beautiful, how beautiful. Praise and glory to Allah the
Exalted, and thanks and countless blessings and greetings of peace be upon His Beloved! We
must show our respect. We are very fortunate, we are fortunate to be amongst Shah Mardan's
brethren, to belong to Shah Mardan's family, to be with him. Here you go, O Shah Mardan.
Let's say, "y? Rah?mu, y? Rahm?n" Let' say, "Bismi-Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m." It's the key
opening the door to every goodness. It's the key opening the door to every goodness, but these
people don't know it because they haven't been taught. You must teach it. There is one key
opening the door to every goodness, and Shah Mardan brings us this key, He makes it to be
spoken. "Pronounce it", he says, "O servants of Allah, O you, who wish to open the doors of
goodness, sons of man. Pronounce the words opening all doors of goodness, not just in this world,
but opening the eight gates of paradise. They are Bismi-Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m. Show your
respect!" Here you go, O our Shah Mardan, what opens the doors to every goodness is Bismi-
Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m. The seven heavens tremble when the noble basmalah is recited.
O Shah Mardan, welcome to you, your brethren adore you lovingly. Let's open up, so that the
distress inside us disappears! So many people say these days, "I'm distressed. I'll go around."
Where does he go? He goes to a place of moral corruption to get rid of his inner distress,
although there are these blessed words ridding man of all distress. They are, "Bismi-Ll?hi r-
Rahm?ni r-Rah?m". "We had no chance to learn them, they didn't teach us." And still they are
not teaching them to people. What people need most of all to open all the doors of goodness in
this world, to open all eight gates of paradise, is "Bismi-Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m". Let us begin
by mentioning Allah's Name. Everyone who begins by pronouncing Allah's Name, all his works
will proceed effortlessly. Whatever kind of distress there may be, don't look for any other remedy.
Just say "Bismi-Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m". Saying "Bismi-Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m" there is no
lock that won't open, O human friend.
What should we ask for in this world? What we should ask for in this world is im?n (faith)! What
will save us, when this world goes down? It is "Bismi-Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m". It saves you
from every kind of mess. If you don't say it, you'll sink into every mess. They plunge into the
mess. This is a short talk from Shah Mardan, It's the way of the awliy?’. Let's show each other
the way! Shayt?n makes the son of man disoriented, showing him the way to hell as if it were
paradise, and the way to paradise as the way to hell. Don't go for it! Look yourself, look for the
one showing you the way to paradise! This world is a rubbish dump.
What are you searching for in this world? Well, there is food: a bowl of soup, three skewers of
kebab, a bite of something sweet - that's all your live revolves around. Shame on you! Shame on
you, that the axis of your whole life is to be satisfied with three bites of food. "Let's have three
bites, drink something, go for a walk." Is your life devoid of any meaning beyond that? Here you
go, O Shah Mardan, O glorious knight. What we have to learn, our life long obligation to learn,
is knowledge of Allah. Allah exists. He is the Creator of heavens and earth, He is the Creator of
man and the One giving him life. He is the One, who clad man in the dress of humanity. Teach
He doesn't teach it. What does he teach? Democracy. Democracy. The whole world is on their
feet for it. Shayt?n has mobilized the sons of man, saying, "The best way of life is democracy."
"Are they not ashamed, these misbegotten bastards? Please excuse the expression!" says Shah
Mardan. Which country has applied this so-called system of yours, this legal system of
lawlessness, and seen any good from it? They all have insatiable gluttons as heads of state. If they
find something the size of an ant anywhere they gulp it down, not even giving an ant its rights. O
Shah Mardan, explain it, so that man may learn. O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan. Explain
it! Expand! Teach it! What is this world? Who is man? What is this world? According to their
definition it is a globe rotating in space. What is the human? A creature roaming around this
globe, fighting, waging wars, oppressing each another. That's the definition.
Teach! What is this globe? The earth, our earth is a globe. For whom is it? It is there for so many
creatures. On this globe, in our world, there is a portion for the ant as well as for the elephant.
Neither does the ant take what belongs to the elephant nor does the elephant eat the food of the
ant. "Give everything its due rights!" That's a never changing balance, the standard of justice, the
scales of justice, the scales of justice, which have come down from heavens Did you learn that?
"Well, from where should we know the heavens? Where are those heavens?", he asks. They're
over your head. They're over your head, but you have immersed your head in all this dung.
That's how it is. It's stuck inside all this dung and you're unable to look at the heavens. Look at
the magnificence of heaven and what is there, O human!
Here you go, O Shah Mardan. The human being is the most perfect of all creations, created in
the most perfect fashion outwardly as well as inwardly. His outward being is perfect and his
spiritual being is perfect as well. Did you learn that? You will be asked about it. O you brainless
idiots quarreling over our heads what is this fight of yours about? You are doing all this only for
your blind egos. "I want to be the head (of state)!" What benefit does it bring the nation that you
are their head? It already happened. I don't care. What is their worth, if they treat us like
animals? What is needed is a head who allows humans to live as humans. That's why first of all,
Allah Most High, sends people a just ruler, a ruler who rules with justice.
All prophets show people how they should live according to a divinely ordained governing
system. But people nowadays are on the way to devour one another. Hey, are you full? Does an
ant become full eating an elephant, my son? Doesn't it become full? Is an elephant too little? An
elephant isn't too little. Here you go, O Shah Mardan. These headless humans are quarreling,
saying, "I want to swallow that elephant. I won't give any to anyone else. I want to rule heavens
as well."
Well, let's see … Nimrod – may he get what he deserves – he had a dispute with prophet
Ibr?h?m. Wasn't it a dispute? Prophet Ibr?h?m said, "my Lord makes die and brings back to life."
Nimrod said, "I too, make die and bring back to life", and brought his proof. Prophet Ibr?h?m –
upon him and our Prophet be blessings and peace – he said, "My Lord makes the sun rise in the
East and set in the West. Can you do anything like that?" "Thereupon the disbeliever was
stunned."(2:258) His proofs were finished. "Bring a proof, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, use your
mind!" The minds of those with faith in their hearts is working. Who has no faith in his heart, his
mind doesn't work. Who has no mind? An animal! "Thereupon the disbeliever was stunned."
The people of our time are stunned. "It rises from the place of sunrise." "All right, who is making
it rise?" "Don't ask about it, man, it just comes and goes like this." They belong to the category of
animals. "Where does it set?" "At the place of sunset." Teach it! Who is the One ordering the sun
to rise in the morning from its place, and who is ordering it to go down? Teach it! Show respect!
Our religion is all about respect. Here you go, O Shah Mardan. People must show respect, for
the One who created them, the One who created this universe, the One who set up this order.
An attitude of "who cares?", doesn't work. By saying, "who cares?" you become an animal. They
are erecting huge buildings with so many floors, bridges and I don't know what. All that is
nothing. This is not man's real mission.
(Allahs says) "I created jinn and human beings solely for My servanthood"(51:56) "They must see
and bear witness to My greatness, they must engage in My servanthood, and I will raise up the
ones who do. Those, who don't engage in My servanthood, their engines are defective or they are
without fuel. They are some kind of garbage." Don't be garbage! There's a graveyard for
automobiles, isn't there, Mehmet? If they don't work any more, they take them and throw them
away. Where? In the automobile graveyard. Why? They are finished, they're useless. Well, you,
O human, you were not created to be without purpose. You were given a rank. You were dressed
with a certain robe. The One who gave you your existence, He dressed you in a robe, which is
the robe of intelligence, of the capacity to think, & of true faith. This is what you have to learn!
No, you were not created to pick up a basket, walk to the market and buy three pounds of
potatoes, two pounds of meat and one pound of onions, then carry them home.
O people, look! This is an address to all human beings. In the morning they all pick up their
baskets and go out to the market. What for? We're going to buy today's food and carry it to our
homes." "Well, have you got nothing else to do?" "We have nothing else to do." "What do you
buy?" "Three pounds of potatoes, one pound or half a pound of meat, one pound of onion,
some…" Well, my dear, does your mission in this world, or your duty – O Shaykh Mehmet
Effendi – does it end with two pounds of potatoes, one pound of onions, half a pound of
tomatoes? Does it end with this? That's what people are running after.
They are shouting like the famous giant ‘?j ibn ‘Unuq, "I am hungry! I am starving!" Who can
satisfy his hunger? He went to all the bakeries, that ‘?j ibn ‘Unuq. You know his story. He
finished all the bread from all the bakeries, still he was running around, saying, "I am hungry, so
hungry! I'm starving!" Exactly this trait of his is the characteristic of the people today. As much as
you may give them, they still say "I am hungry! Isn't there any more?" "Hal min maz?d?"(50:30)
Man's ego incorporates one of the attributes of hell. After those destined for hell have been
thrown into its fire, hell shouts, "Hal min maz?d?" "Isn't there any more?" That's why so many of
the people of today are destined for hell. One of the characteristics of hell is that whatever you
throw into it, it burns, it swallows. It doesn't leave a trace. And that's the characteristic of the
people of our time. "Hal min maz?d? Is there no more?" More of what? Eating and drinking.
Isn't there for you anything beyond that? Nothing at all! There is Allah Most High – Praised is
He and Exalted.
Repentance, O my Lord, repentance. I ask Allah's forgiveness! O Shah Mardan, explain to
people that their Maker did not create them to eat, drink and fill the toilets; that He did not
create all these kinds of food to make the blind egos of those eating them more blind. Allah, the
Magnificent Protector, created man to be a sultan in His divine Presence. Alas, O our Lord! If
only they would accept and learn, fighting in this world would come to an end. All people's fights
in this world are about that, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi - "I want to have more to eat, more to
drink, more space to walk around. I want to amass more." Well, what'll be the end? When you
leave, you're wrapped in a shroud and thrown into a pit. No one is going to read a declaration
"This man was a billionaire!"
Know Allah! Here you go, O Shah Mardan. To you belongs the ground for this address. It's your
right, to speak in this realm. You must learn and you must teach it. But they don't teach it. What
are all these classes? These classes are classes for animals. That's why the people of our age have
become animals. Instead of showing and carrying the honor of humanness, they are dressing in
the attributes of animals. For man there is a dress of humanity, which has been sent down from
heavens. Here you go, O Shah Mardan. But nothing is less desirable to the minds of those people
who exhaust themselves running in and out of fashion shops. They actually have no mind at all!
Fashion, what does fashion offer? A dress, a dress, and another dress for the next day; a dress
with another shape. Well, is that what you came to this world for?
Among all created beings you are the best of them all. You were created. What is expected from
you is respect for your Creator, His praise, His glorification. Ayy. Now, on which way have these
people set out? Here you go, O Shah Mardan. The sacred human being nowadays is a being
forced to work under a whip, half hungry, half full or completely starving. That's the state of so
many millions of people. They're being made to work under the whip. Their food is barely
enough to fill their stomachs. This is not humanity. This is not the heavenly order. Man, who is
honored in heavens, is also worthy of respect and honor on earth. Here you go, O Shah Mardan.
That's why this is our cause, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi.
There is no one teaching man what his real identity is. They come, sit on a chair, "this or that,
our country is such, our I don't know what is like that." Forget about them! Speak about your
own situation. Speak about the rank of the children of ?dam! When the 12 disciples asked
prophet ‘?s?, they wanted to learn about their own identity. They knew about that laden table.
What they wanted, was spiritual power that would enable them to comprehend the reality of
their being. Well, ask the present-day pope, "What are you saying?" He moves his hands like this,
moves his hands like that. What is it, you are giving? What are you giving of spirituality to these
people? Our scholars, what were they able to teach to these Muslims? What could they give? Our
kings, our sultans have gone, too. What are you giving? It is not gold that the nation needs. What
the nation needs are jewels.
Here you go, O Shah Mardan, come to our support! Dress them in the robes of heavenly honor
that coming down every day on the Bayt al-Mu’azzam. Give people an explanation of what they
will be dressed in by the honor of being human. Millions of people are performing tawaf around
the Ka‘ba al-Mu’azzam, Hajji Mehmet. They don't know what they are looking for. They don't
know what to ask for. "O Lord, forgive us. Grant us Your forgiveness!", they say. But pardon and
forgiveness are for the pure and clean. After having become clean, dress us O Lord! They don't
say, "O our Lord, dress us in the robes of honor, the robes of faith, which are preserved at the
Ka‘ba al-Mu’azzam, having come down from the divine Throne!" All?hu All?h, All?hu Rabb?,
All?hu All?h, All?hu Hasb?. We are weak humans. There is no one left, teaching this. Therefore,
out of our need, we call Shah Mardan.
O Shah Mardan, your brethren adore you lovingly. We want it. The human capacity is there.
However much you give, he says, "hal min maz?d?" Possessors of adab, they passionately long for
the Divine Dominions. Their eyes are directed towards the Divine Dominions. They have no
eyes for this world, which resembles a toilet. O human, listen! What is it that Shah Mardan tells
his brethren? That's what he recommends. He doesn't recommend this world. That's the
recommendation for the brethren of Shah Mardan: O people, come here, look at the heavens!
Don't look at the earth! Look for the Owner of Heavens, strive to reach His Presence! O people,
listen to Shah Mardan! O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan, M? sh?’ All?h Subhan All?h,
Sult?n All?h.
May our faces be bright. May our hearts be clean, purified from the dirt of this world! May love
of Allah, love for His Beloved, love for the dwellers of paradise, fill our hearts. Don't quarrel over
this world! It is shayt?n, who drives people to quarrel over this world, so they become even
worse. Here you go, O Shah Mardan. Let's say, "Bismi-Ll?hi r-Rahm?ni r-Rah?m". Let's say,
"L? hawla wa l? quwwata illa bi-Ll?hi l-‘Aliyyi l-‘Az?m." Say it and don't fear! F?tiha. "L? hawla
wa l? quwwata illa bi-Ll?h". Every prophet said these words. They're mentioned in every Gospel,
every Torah, every Psalm - "L? hawla wa l? quwwata illa bi-Ll?h". "Dress in heavenly robes of
honor!", they say. "Don't run after the garbage of this world!", they say. But they do the opposite.
Repentance, O my Lord, repentance. I ask Allah's forgiveness! F?tiha.
Don't live for this world. Live for Allah! Don't fear! Teach it, O ulema! If you don't teach it, it will
be said to you, "O you oppressors!" The way we should to live in regards to this world is what
Shah Mardan has made clear. They are the scholars. The others are rubbish.
Shaykh Mehmet Effendi's engine is powerful. This Mehmet's is like that, too. His engine runs on
a battery, There is something of his uncle in him. If he takes a bit more from the way of his father
and his uncle, a power will open inside. Then he won't need to run on a battery any more. May
it open!
That's what we want - for the servanthood of our Lord, not for fun. Absolute sovereignty belongs
to Allah Dh? l-Jal?l. O Pope, you must know that! O people of spirituality, you must know that!
O scholars, you must know that! M? sh?’ All?h, O Shah Mardan. Your bretheren adore you
lovingly. Make us full!

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