Muhammad, may peace be upon him, said that Islam began in a secret way and was very weak. It then grew up, gained power and then once again would become weak. This is what he informed us of and this is what has happened. We are in a time in which believers are disliked in the community because the big majority are enemies of Islam and truth. They are against justice, wisdoms, holy-men, holy things, lights, mercy, love, respect. This is the time in which we are. People are against Islam and against Prophets and Saints and believers.

Christianity cannot represent truth. There are so many handmade things within Christianity. It has lost its holy heavenly personality because there are too many handmade things in it. From the beginning they had 4 bibles instead of one. That was the first and the biggest evidence that it had lost its authencity. Because the Lord of Heavens sent one Bible and they did 4 bibles out of it at least. There were hundreds of bibles. When they invited to the Council of Nicea in 325 AD hundreds of gospels were brought there from all over the world. They destroyed hundreds of them and killed whoever brought them. They then made the final decision for there to be 4 gospels. It was then that Christianity finished. There is no more Heavenly Power for them.

Judaism is also denying the existance of Muhammad, may peace be upon him. To be able to do that, they have put handmade things into their books. They can also not represent real truth.

People are against truth now. The whole nonmuslim world is gainst truth and the Muslims themselves are also heedless and ignorant. The nonmuslim world are putting their agents within the Muslim world, amongst these foolish ignorant Muslims. They are preparing the majority of these heedless Muslims to themselves be against the truth which Islam brought them. So even in the Islamic world truth is not being used. If they would believe in truth, they would bring the Shariah-t-Allah into power. No country is using it. That is why it is a weak time of Islam and wrong Muslims are coming into power everywhere, even in mosques, homes and countries. They are showing themselves and claiming to be real representatives of Islam, but they are not.

That is why am asking for support for these weak Muslims who are still asking for truth and who are defending truth. Every wrong way and every wrong sect within Islam is powerful in Europe at the moment. You will find that they are given every chance to spread wrong ideas. It is like our Prophet warned us, that there would be 72 wrong sects and that Shaitan would support them. Everywhere they have big strong buildings and so much money and so many possibilities for their advertisement. But the ahli sunnat wa jamaat are usually not supported by anyone. We are thankful to the Sultan of Brunei, may Allah bless him and give him much more power. He is supporting us.

We are ahli sunnat wa jamaat. We are with truth and with the Prophet, may peace be with him, and with his companions. This is the way which we are trying to keep in everything. If anyone comes and says that anything within this way is wrong and against the truth, then we may correct it. If anyone is doing any haram outside of Islam, if we get orders outside of Islam, they may tell us. They will never find anything except that people are kissing my hand. They are trying to take away the respect from Islam. They don't want there to be any respected people within Islam. But we must have respected ones, the inheritors of the Prophet. The way the Prophet was respected, his inheritors must be respected. The Quran and the Hadith orders us to give respect to respected people. We have respected people. All holy-ones are respected by Allah Almighty. We must respect. All those people who oppose us kissing hands are instead making their women the target of their prayers and go down on their knees to kiss them.

We are ahli sunnat wa jamaat and we kiss hands. But these people are like dogs and cannot even tell in front of me, but they bark outside. The hands and feet of the Prophet were kissed. These people cannot take us away, even if we are just a handful of people. Their power is not big enough to digest our group within their stomachs. Thanks to Allah a big place has been sent to us and they will burst with envy. Thank God. Allah made the Sultan to support our people here in the middle of England and give us this big place. Look at that Central Mosque! For so many years they tried to do something, beside this building now, that is nothing. Here daily hundreds of people are taking shahada, they can hardly find one.

Mehdi Alehi Salam has 7 Wezirs, but not one of them is an Arab even though Mehdi Alehi Salam is an Arab, one of the decendants of the Prophet. That means that the supporters of Mehdi are foreigners, not Arabs. Arabs are not supporting Mehdi. That is what it means. Those 7 Wezirs are all from other nations: maybe from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Kurdistan, Bosnia, Albania, Germany, Spain, Italy, England or Irland... There will be seven of them!

Oh, our Lord, support us! We are trying to be on the way of your beloved servant, Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be with him.

London - 01.03.1994

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