Maulana Sheikh Nazim Current Precautions when Visiting Sultan al-Awliya

(dt.: InstruktionenFürDhulQadah)

…in that month, during the time of Hajj, the season of hujaaj, pilgrims, they (visitors) may stay here, and at the beginning of Dhu ’l-Q`adah every one must go to their homes because there may be trouble in our Mediterranean area, and then it will be difficult for them and for our people here or for governments. Then there may be no planes or ships coming and going and it may be difficult for them (to return home) and for our people here (to host them).

It means you must look after your work: who is working may go to work and those not working and other people may go to their homes, as their governments are looking after them. Therefore, I am cautioning everyone not to stay (in Lefke) longer than ten days, because difficult conditions may be in the Middle East and then it may be difficult for them to remain here. Thank you.

Everyone must care for their homes, for their families and for their work. From here they got what is necessary and now they must go back and try to make people come to Islam. They may do dhikr there as it prevents any bad thing or bad conditions coming on them. I advise that they should have a countryside place to live rather than in cities, because in the mountains it will be like a seclusion for them. From the beginning of Dhu ’l-Q`adah up to `Eid al-Adha, all of them may attempt seclusion. Therefore, they must try to go back to their homelands, to their homes.

Even to bring one person into Islam is more valuable to them than being here one or two years! They must try to do something for their people and for Islam, and Islam is for Allah Almighty. Thank you. I don’t like them to be here as lazy ones; no, they must try to bring as many people as possible to Islam. In Europe it is a suitable season for people to come to Islam!

I could keep you here for six months, but it is not true (best). You should learn as much as possible and then return and find people who want to come to Islam and to learn. Make that your priority as much as possible.

As-salaamu `alaykum.

Lefke, 13.09.2011

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