Q: What is the difference between the Muslims of the East and the Muslims of the West?

If you want to protect Islam in the West you must keep it like a plant in a glass-house. You must take much more care not to loose it. In our countries you don't need to be so careful.

Q: Why should that be? Islam is a system and should take care of us, not we of it.

Yes, but in the West there is no Islamic System, it is a system based on unbelief so you must take care of it yourself.

Q:How do you rate the Muslims living in the West?

If they have to live there then they must take much care. If a person lives in a city where there are illnesses, he must use some protection to shelter his health. They must look after their belief more than our people, because there is so much unbelief which is attacking Islam.

Q: So what is the better situation? For people living in the East or in the West?

The West. According to their difficult situation, because if their situation is more difficult, the payment will be more. They will be paid much more, because they are living in difficult situations.

Q: In Pakistan there is a demand to implement the Sharia.

When it will be necessary they must use it. Anything that brings the benefit of Islamic Rules, must be used. We have a saying, "Wisdoms are our lost materials!". Anywhere we can find it, we should take it. We are not fanatic people. Wisdoms are for all of mankind and Islam is full of wisdoms. Europeans have taken so many rules and laws from Islam. If you need Sharia, then use it. Allah Almighty sent the Sharia so that it may be used. There is no discussions about it for Muslims, even for Europeans or for the whole of mankind.

Q:Is it not better if the whole world follows Islam and follows the Sharia as their constitution instead of only using it when they need it?

Everything exists because it is needed. That is what Islam teaches us. People should use it like they use supermarkets. If you need something, you go there, find it and take it. But you cannot take the whole supermarket to your house. That is how Islam is for all nations and for all times. If you need something, then go and take it and use it. No discussion. We are not saying, "Don't take it, don't use it!" No, use it!

Q: Do you have a message for the people of Pakistan?

May Allah bless the people of Pakistan as well as the whole Muslim World as well as all of mankind. This is my wish, because the people of Pakistan are our brothers and sisters in Islam, and Turkey is a nation that is very close to Pakistan. So my wish for my brother-nation is for them to have a happy and peaceful life. My message for the people of Pakistan is as its name says, "Pak"= clean, for them to be clean-hearted people and to try to make this country and everyone living in it happy and in peace. They must also try to make it their own targets to have a clean and peaceful country. That is what my heart is asking for.

I have a feeling now that there is trouble at the moment for the people of Pakistan. Troubles and sufferings and miseries... And I wish for everyone to try to take these troubles away and to find treatments for the sufferings and miseries from every direction. That is my message for them. As long as they are truly supporting Pakistan respectfully, with love and they are asking for justice and mercy, then Allah Almighty will give them more honour and they will be improving from year to year much more than in the past years.
I hope this message will reach the people of Pakistan as much as possible. I wish for them a peaceful life, a happy life here and hereafter. Thank you.

Pakistan - 12.11.1991

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