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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**INTERVIEW with THE INDEPENDENT TV CHICAGO**

//What are your beliefs?//

We believe in one God, just like all other Heavenly Religions. We also believe in the Holy Books, in all of them. We do not add or subtract anything, but whatever Message the Lord sent we accept. So we accept the Old Testament, the Thora, the New Testament, the Bible, and the Psalms which were sent to David. But we also believe in the Last Prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad and his Holy Book, the Sacred Quran. We also believe in all Prophets without making any exceptions, starting from Adam until Muhammad, may peace be with all of them. This includes Sayyidina Musa and Sayyidina Isa, Jesus Christ. Then we believe in the Last Day, the Day of Resurrection, which means that we believe that mankind has responsibility. We believe that people will be asked and will be responsible for every action during their life. That is what we believe in. I think that the pillars of Christianity and Judaism are the same, because all of them are Heavenly Religions. There are just a few points which the Lord of Heavens has changed according to the different understanding of people in their time. These are only a few changes of practices.

Worshipping in general means that we give our high respect to our Lord, that we are thankful to Him and that we praise Him. Those are our beliefs and practises. We also believe that the way of whoever comes to this life will turn back to Heavens. Because of our traditional knowledge we believe, just like the Christians believe and the Jews believe, that our souls are Heavenly Beings. That is why our souls always long for their homeland. Some are so occupied with the enjoyments and pleasures of this world that they forget their target to get back to Heavens. Our mission, like the mission of all Prophets and all Saints, is to direct the desires of the people towards Heavens. This is also the mission which I have within these mystic ways, the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order.

//Which is the form of meditation that you teach?

//Meditation you find within all religions, but it is not a method for common people, because common people are like children in the kindergarden. They cannot concentrate on anything. But when they reach university or academy level they start to think. That is why we don't offer meditation to everyone. Meditation is the top level. Whoever reaches such a level can sit without even breathing. They can look, see, hear, understand, taste and know. That is then real meditation. It is not something where everyone can sit here and pretend to meditation. That would then be imitation.

//Do you think that meditation and prayer can play a role in bringing world peace?

//The message of meditation is to get people to look towards Heavens. As long as people are stuck to this world, they will fight. If I sit at night and look towards the sky and tell someone that all the stars there belong to me, no-one will oppose. But if I just claim that one tree here belongs to me, then at least 100 people will come and fight against it. In the same way, as long as people are only concentrating on this life, they will quarrel endlessly. But if their eyes start to turn towards Heavenly Stations, they will feel the peace within themselves. That peace will come through the heart and then there will be peace. Even if a meeting is organised by governments or Kings and very big, if there is no peace in the hearts of the participants, it will never bring peace. Peace must first come to our hearts. I do not discuss with the participants of this conference here, because that would go against human rights. But human rights can also not be fulfilled if people do not have peace in their hearts.

//How can we achieve this?

//I always advise everyone to follow a good-one. They are in peace because they are with their Lord. If someone is with their Lord, they will be in confidence, peace and satisfaction. If he isn't, then don't follow him. People are fed up with wars and fights. Religious peple have more responsibility than others to establish peace on earth. But most of them are using a fruitless method. They should try to bring peace in the hearts of people. If they do not do this then conferences, meetings and commissions will result in nothing. That is why I advise holy people too not to waste time with such conferences, but to try to bring peace to people. But you cannot bring peace to people if you don't have any yourself. And as far as I can see, no-one here has peace within themselves, so how do they want to pass it on?

Italy - 01.11.1994

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