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As-Salamu Alaikum O our mu'min brothers. We have reached to this day in goodness- it is the 23rd of Ramadan, tomorrow 24th. We hope that Allah Almighty, Haqq SubhanaHu wa Taa'la Hz, our Lord forgives us. His Grants & Generosity are plenty. (Mawlana has a conversation with himself.)

"O Husain agha, how are you?"
"I am as you see me."
"Good. How do you see yourself when you look into the mirror?"
"Well, I am looking & seeing that our condition is changing. Our youth has passed,we have aged now."
"Ok. What are you waiting, or what are you waiting for?"
"What I am waiting from now on is..."
"Say the truth, is it dunya or akhirah?"
"From now on I don't have anything to do in dunya, only akhirah."
Bravo, really bravo to the people who think about akhirah. And shame on those who don't think of it. Shame on him. His life is spent in vain. However the Creator didn't create us in vain."Really, is there a Creator?That is what I was thinking of."
"O foolish one! A car, that they call it automobile, we used to call it 'tamofil', would you accept if they told you "this happened by itself?"
"No, I don't."

Then how can you accept it when they say man came to exist by himself? It means there is a deficiency in you, either in your intellect or in what you learned. The Great ones said that the Prophet (sas) said: The one who comes to dunya comes to learn something. The beginning of the Holy Quran that came to our Prophet (sas), the beginning Ayah of the first Surah says "Iqra" (96:1) The very first Holy Verse tells people to read. The first Holy Verse that came to our Prophet (sas) says, read. "Al-Ladhi `Allama Bil-Qalami" (96:4) "Who has taught (the writing) by the pen." O people, read. Who created you granted you the pen also. And you also have an intellect. Write with the pen, learn knowledge. Don't be idle in dunya. Who is idle in dunya is the 4 legged class. They can't hold a pen in their hand. If you give them something, they can't read.

But man is not like this. Man is the most honoured creature. This is the point today's man is confused about, the point shaytan made them confused about -the One Who created you, created you as the most honoured creature. There are all kinds of creatures in dunya. But they don't have an understanding or intellect. Intellect & understanding were granted to the children of Adam, to mankind.

Read O people, and learn. So it means the one who comes to dunya comes, or is sent to learn something. Upon the order of this Holy Verse, people have read & written. We should look to the most important, the most essential thing to learn. What is that? What man should learn is that he should learn what is beneficial for him & what is not beneficial for him. This is necessary. So if we open it & say again more clearly- learn what is necessary for you & leave what is not necessary for you. What is necessary for you, learn what you need. If you try to do something although you didn't learn, you can't succeed. Therfore how is the order of dunya? Dunya becomes beautiful with those people who know the input & output of the world. If you try to do something without knowing, you can't succeed.

"Come & make a shoe"
"I don't know"
"Come & make a nail"
"I don't know"
"Come & build a car"
"I don't know"

Why should you not know? You should know what is necessary. The peasants should know the things concerning their village. The people of cities & towns should learn & do what is necessary for their place. To sum up people now, upon the meaning of this Holy Verse, should learn what is necessary & leave what is not necessary.

Now, there are a lot of things called universities. Before we would call it maktab, now they changed it. Before that it was called "Dar al-Funun" now they changed it to university. Ok.

"What is your education?"
"I graduated from university."
"What did you learn?"
"If you ask me what I learned Shaykh Effendi, I didn't learn anything."

They are not teaching. It is man who teaches man. Teachers teach the children of man. Who teaches should be aware of what he teaches & who learns should be aware of what he learns. If it is beneficial for him, he learns& if it is not, he leaves it. Who cannot distinguish harmful from what is not harmful is not man. And if man doesn't know what is beneficial for him in dunya, or if you don't teach them what is harmful for him in dunya, then what will these students do? If they can't distinguish between beneficial & not beneficial then it means that these kids' lives are spent in vain. Unfortunately nowadays everywhere is filled with universities. If you ask him something when he graduates, he says "I don't know". Because the education today, that they call it "talim & tadris", is in such a form that it blinds the ability of kids, youngsters and they can't learn anything. How many years do they study? 12 years, 15 years. Then if you ask them something..

"What will you ask Shaykh Effendi?"
"I will ask for example, there is this sea here. With how many buckets was it filled? I will ask, what can I do?
He says "How can we know?
"What do you mean "how can I know?" This is an important matter. How many buckets were poured into this? And where did the water come from? From where? Did it come out from the earth or did it descend from the sky? Tell me.
"I don't know"
"You don't know how to eat?" I get angry at that time. Why don't you say, "The One Who filled this sea & doesn't let it go dry"... Sea is sea since the beginning of dunya, no change. Does it ever go dry? No. Does it's water ever go down? No. O you, then why don't you say, "This can't be done by man power. There is a power above man's power that brought this sea's water here."
"O Shaykh Effendi, now they went to Mars".
"What did they do there? "Did they find in Mars, "Marih" we used to say, water & they are bringing it in pipes to fill in here? "Why don't you say it, say that "Allah created it!"

No, he doesn't say. Believing in Allah is nothing on your side. Your people are also like this. Then tell us, give an answer; How come for these thousands of years the water of the seas never becomes less nor do they become more. Sea is always the same. Have you heard of Mediterranean going dry? Or Marmara Sea going dry? Or Black Sea going dry? No. Where does this water come from?

So this is a small example that, man should learn what is necessary: In the end of everything, there is always the One Who created it. There is the One Who created this world that we live in & He created it as He likes & makes it keep spinning in space. Tell me, how does it spin? With a rotor? With what it is spinning? And I also say, He makes this sun rise in the morning from this side & set at night from the other side. Who makes the sun move? Does the sun move by itself or is there One who orders it? Allahu Akbar! If it comes a bit close, the earth burns. If it goes a bit far, the earth freezes. Why don't you teach these things to the children that you corrupt their lives with nonsense, foolish things?

So when Allah Almighty says "Read", the meaning of "read" is, learn. It is not like reading newspapers, or reading magazines. You read to learn. So this, even if we speak till next week it won't finish, they don't teach. They don't teach. Kids rush into life without being able to learn anything & they can't succeed in anything in life. Maybe they become a burden on the government. If they don't become a burden, then they fight each other. They make battles with each other. One tribe looking to finish the other one. Is this what we learned? Is this what was taught to us?

"Well, Shaykh Effendi they don't teach religious books in universities". "Why?"
"It is prohibited by law".
Is that so? Ok. Then these things that you study, learn, can they stand against the religious books? Can they answer them? No. So it is like this, now dunya has fallen into & gotten stuck in such hardships that it is impossible to get out. And they don't know what to do. Well, the key comes from Heavens. If you don't take the key coming from Heavens in dunya...
"We have democracy" "Where is it's key?"
They say, "no one asked us, told us where the key is"
Is it with the king? The King does not believe in democracy.
What does he believe?
He believes in what is written in his Holy Book. "How is your government?"
"Our government rules with democracy but there is not a person who knows what democracy is".

Yet it can be ruled like this, and people are all fighting. This is, O Muslims we should pull ourselves together. We should know what we learn. What will we learn? You will learn what is beneficial for you & also what is not beneficial for you. You use what is beneficial & remove what is not beneficial.

May Allah forgive us. May He send us the ones who will teach us these ways of safety & salvation. We are stuck with these leaders who are in power & they don't know anything either. Whole world is in a chaos. They are trying to kill & destroy one another, to make weapons & cannons. But finally all of them will fall on their heads. This way that they took, the people of this time, is not the right way.

And this Ramadan Sharif has arrived, the holy month brought us barakah. Nur descended on our hearts. Our hearts are filled with joy & happiness. Our bodies are refreshed, relieved. They know where they are & what they will do. Long live believers! We can't say "long live" for the others because they are already killing each other! They say "Don't live people". We want people to live. Because Who created us sent us with the order to live on this earth, to know the Creator & be servants to Him.

O our Lord, may You forgive us. We know nothing. And we got stuck in the hands of those who know nothing. O our Lord, send us Sultans who will show us the right way & who will keep Your order. Don't leave us in the hands of people who don't know who they are & what they are doing. O Lord! Allahu Akbar.Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar wa lillahal Hamd.

Our sohbat for today is up to here. We hit right & left a bit but what to do? If there are others who know, they may speak, teach as well. We know this much & want to teach it. If others know different things they may also speak & we listen.

But there is a saying of our ancestors: "There will come a time that ignorance will fill the world & if you ask people they won't even know about faith." We are in this situation. Shame on them. Shame on them. May Allah forgive us. May Allah (jj) send us servants who will show us the right way & make us walk on it & who will raise the flag of Heavens. May He forgive us also, and them, our people also.

Ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbitawba Astaghriullah. Al Fatiha.

I don't have too much strength to speak to you but I desire to say a few words. You listen, watch it when I call, O Muslims & people.


Lefke, 12.08.2012

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