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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**IS THERE MORE PERFECTION THAN A FULL MOON?**

On the Day of Promises we promised to renew our faith as much as possible and this we need to do. Your faith is like your vessel. You don't know how long your journey will be, so it is important that your vessel is as strong as possible. For every act which we did against the Law of the Lord we say, 'astafirullah', we ask for forgiveness. If the Prophet, peace be upon him, said this 70 times a day, then what about us? Even if we ask 70 million times, it is very little. But nowadays if you ask Muslims to renew their faith 3 times a day and to say, 'astafirullah' 70 times, they will ask surprised whether you are people of tariqat. Of course we are people of tariqat, people of the way. We are people of the way of Muhammad, we are following his way. We do not want to change that. We keep every habit that he used to have.

Oh, our Lord, we are asking for protection against evil and devils. Don't say that you have a title and that you are important, may you be a sheik, a holy-one or even a sultan. No! You are not powerful, nothing of all that can protect you from satan. 99.9% of people work for satan. Without looking at what they are doing, people work for him. They don't even know it. There are two kinds of satans, human ones and the ones of the jinn. You must be careful of both of them. If you are not careful, you will fall into their hands. Muhammad, may peace be with him, told us to beware of satan. You should put up a sign everywhere, in your homes, your businesses... to remind people that satan is the biggest enemy for us.

Instead we are so friendly with him. We treat him like a best friend. It is the reason that this life is turning more and more into a hell for people. People do not treat him as an enemy, like Allah is ordering us. You should write everywhere for people to beware of him. But then, people do not even write, 'La illaha illahla, Muhammadun Rasul'Allah' even though it is written on the Divine Throne. Nowadays this is not written in new mosques because the Wahabis say it is prohibited! People are so heedless and ignorant and they are losing their ways. In all the newly built mosques it is never written anywhere.

Satan is working so secretly. Even the Iman here was not mentioning Sayidina Abu Bakr, Sayidina Omar or Sayidina Ali. I don't know who ordered to him not to mention any of the Caliphs or even any of the sahabas, the followers of Muhammad, may peace be upon him. Until the beginning of this century it was a normal custom for the whole Islamic world which no-one ever even thought of to change. But now the satanic forces are working. Don't accept the excuse that people are in a hurry and do not have the time for these blessings. For people like that, Israfil, the angel of death, will hurry even more. Be careful!

This is only a spot of the ocean. I am only mentioning a few points for you. It is enough to awaken you against satan and satanic activities. Their activities are even more secret than the steps of ants. Those at least you can hear. They cheat everybody and they try to change everything and speak constantly of reforms. Islam does not need any reforms. If we would, Allah would send us another prophet. But there is none. We have been told that there is no more prophet after Muhammad. So why are they doing this? Islam is forever new, it is everlasting. Allah has sent the best rules, best beliefs and the best activities that were most suitable for mankind and their characteristics. "I put your religion on the best level." says Allah Almighty. Do you think that there is more perfection than a full moon? Islam is that full moon! From whichever side you take it will become less. You must make yourself suitable for Islam. But the people of the 20th century want to make Islam suitable for their desires. They are not trying to follow the real meaning of Islam. That is why they do not want Sheiks anymore. Everybody wants to be their own imam. They think that if they read the Quran and the Hadith it will be enough for them to find their way. It is as if someone leaves the motor-way to find a quicker way to London.

They are so foolish! The motor-way is there, ready to be used, but they want to find new ways! They want to do it according to their own understandings because they are such proud people. They should know, that if anyone has even a little bit of pride they cannot enter paradise. But these people say, 'Oh, we are doctors of religion. We have studied in Cambridge or at the Sorbonne. We know.' What kind of doctors are they? Who has given them the degree? Jewish professors! Is this what makes them proud? Oh, people beware of satan and of his followers. They are like chameleons. These are difficult and dangerous days in which we are living. Beware! That is if you are really interested to keep your faith. If not, you may go anyway. The Prophet, may peace be with him, showed a straight way on the sand with his stick and said that this is the straight path. This same way has so many possible deviations which satan will try to use to get off it. But there is only one way to paradise. Beware and keep your right direction. May Allah forgive us...

Woking, UK - 01.04.1993

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