Maulana Sheikh NazimISLAM AND LAW

Punishment must be in front of people who watch his punishment and others must take warning from that punishment.

I heard that in America they recently brought in a law for caning. Once again for drug traders. Islam is ordering caning - such bad people should be caned in front of people. Islam says that we must obey laws, we must not be against laws. Therefore, anywhere a Muslim lives he should be obedient. If he doesn't want to be obedient, he may leave that country. It is forbidden - wherever you are you must be obedient, not be against the law. In our days so many people are going against the law. It is not real Islam. A Muslim must be obedient. It is impossible for there to be a Muslim rebellion.

In Islam court cases are not too long, but should be held after one month, after two months. It is not good in Islam to make cold cases. When it is hot, when it is cooked, serve it for eating, don't delay it. Therefore, if anything happens, any criminal case, that person must be punished quickly. Judgement must be given quickly. Secondly, everyone must defend himself. If he needs someone, the jury must help him. There must be thousands and thousands of laws to let people escape. No, a criminal must be brought quickly before the judge and what he did must be punished.

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