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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Islam can collect the hearts of people**

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded. As-salamu alaikum! Salamullah alaikum wa rahmatahu wa
barakatuh. Salamun qaulan mir Rabbi Rahim, Salamun qaulan mir Rabbi Rahim,
Salamun qaulun mir Rabbi Rahim. Razaqanallahu wa iyakum. Audhu bi-llahi mina
sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

Shah-u Naqshiband used to say: “Tariqatuna as sohbet wa khairu fi jamiat”. Imamu
Tariqat, Tariqatuna Naqshbandiyati-l Aliya, ‘ ala-llahu ta’ala darajatahu. And the other Masters,
the Sayyidatina-l Kiram, used to do their Sohbets, following the words of Rasulullah: “Ad-dinu
nasihat” and speaking the words of Shahu Naqshiband, Muhammad Uwaisi-l Bukhari:
“Tariqatuna as-sohbet wa khairu fi jamiat.”Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyi-l ‘Adhim.

I may speak sometimes English, sometimes Turkish, sometimes Arabic, sometimes
(the) language of (the) Jinn, because they are attending this humble meeting. May Allah grant
to you Bani Adam and Bani Jinn His divinely Blessings. O people, it is easy to address to our
humble people that (are) coming from Far East, from Far West, from North, from South,
from Hind, from Sin; from different parts of (the) world (they are) coming here. This is a
sign; (a) powerful sign, that Islam may collect (the) hearts of people. So many people may
collect (the) physical bodies of people - no value! Who may collect (the) hearts of people - that
is important.

And now you are here and we have a saying: “Mina-l qalbi ila-l qalbi sabila.” From heart to
hearts there is some secret ways; reaching without wire, reaching from heart to heart. And if
they may ask to reach everyone on earth, they may reach to their hearts. That is a grant from
the Seal of Prophets for protecting his holy religion Islam. Therefore Islam (is the) only living
religion on earth! And we are saying: “A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord, we are running to You from (the) worst and most dangerous
enemy for the Children of Adam. To You. Shelter us, defend ourselves, we are weak
servants!” And the Lord (is) saying: “I am sending to you someones that they are living among
your people, living through nations, living through association and one of them is more than
enough, if (there is) going to be on earth not (only) one Iblis, if ‘bi adadi zarrati Dunya ‘(?).
If (there) may be not (only) one Iblis, (but) billons and billions (of) Iblis(ses) - that one (is)
enough for defending (the) believers from big amounts of Iblis, Ablaisa! Yah!

O people, welcome to you! We are all His servants and our Lord (is) asking from you, from
me, from everyone, to be humble servants. Humble servants. Don’t claim that: “I am King”, or
“I am Sultan” or “I am Grandwezir”, or “I am (a) big Sheikh” or “I am President” or I am this
one or that one; because people they are very happy to make a card, written on it: PHD, ABC,
SOS... so many things written. And (they are saying): “Take this.” I am making like this... I
am not understanding. Making like that... never understanding. But they are so proud that they
are using every letter from (the) Alphabet, to make people to know that: “I am a special one!”
“If you are (a) special one, why (you are) going to (the) WC? What is your speciality? I may
understand, if you are not going (to the WC).” (It is) because they are drinking too many...
Shaitans urine. Drinking. When (they are) drinking, every hour they must visit that important
place. “What is that important place?” “Ya Hu, you don’t know? You are Sheikh! (It is the)
WC!” How they are going (to be) special beings? But people they lost their minds, they are

(The) whole Quranu Adhimu Shan, (Allah Almighty in the) Holy Quran (is) always
saying, addressing to His beloved and most glorious servant S.Muhammad sws...
(Maulana is standing up): “O My beloved one, I am sending you heavenly Verses
‘la-allahum yataffakarun’, to think on it.” To think on it! If (you are) not thinking on it, your
level (is) going to be (the) level of common ones, and common ones level (is the) level of
animals – no value. Whom they are not thinking, their level (is the) level of animals. You must
think on it! You are claiming: “I am a special one, because this is my card, please take this. “
“For what (is) this?” “You may... if you (are) asking for me through Germany, they are
knowing very well who I am.” Or they may say: “You may use this card, because I am (a)
well-known one through (the) US.” US means: you are (a) donkey. Ass... you ass...
Change that name, Americans! They were thinking that Bubamo (is) coming, going to
change.... I am looking same: US. You are donkey? Change it! They can’t change,
they can’t change that...

You must think on it. O people, if you like to learn your positions, your level, you must think
on first ‘Kelamu Rasul’ - salawatullah wa salamu alaiyh – Hadith Nabawi Sharif. You must
think on it. If you can’t reach to your level, you must come down, a little bit down, down, to
find a person on your level, to say to you: “O my Lords servant!” “Hah! That was, what I am
asking to know.” He was teaching that person, ask, My servants! ”My Lords servant. That is
your level, not this card. No, that is not your level. Your level, (your) real level, (is) that you
are (the) servant of your Lord!”

Do you think that most honoured level (there) may be (anything) after that servanthood to
your Lord? But people, they are all ‘sakran’, drunk people! Eating each other, killing each
other, and making trouble for everyone; their level (is) coming under that level of animals. And
21st century’s level of mankind (is) under the level of animals! May Allah forgive us!

O people, we may (speak); as long as you are listening, it is easy to address to you from today
up to next Cuma or up to next year, up to (the) end of the world, because (this is)
‘Kalimatullah’! Kalimatullah, that He granted to His servants to learn, to know, something
about their Lord. If whole oceans (were) going to be ink, whole forests (were) going to be
pens, (His Speech was) never ending, never ending, never ending! And whole Prophets (were)
coming and the Seal of Prophets just arrived to show you your level! Don’t ask more than
this, you can’t reach! After the level of servanthood (there is) only - no level – ‘Rububiya’,
(Lordship, and that is) for Allah only! Others, their level (is) servanthood to that One. That is.
(They are) never teaching people (this) now; (the) Muslim world or others, they are not
teaching people, never teaching children. (The) new generation (is) growing up without
beliefs. They are not believing (in) anything, therefore animals they are more honoured from
those people that they are not learning anything about that their Lord. “Ulaika kal an’am bal
hum adal (?)!” Allah Almighty (is) saying that: “Those people, they are like animals; but not on
(the) level of animals - under the level of animals!”

I am looking (that) some people (are) saying for ‘tarbiya’, training or teaching
youngsters; (they are) saying that (through) 24 hours, what they should do. I am looking
(that) they are saying everything, even running, sport, that and this, giving time (for that), but
(they are) never saying that: “Give a time for thinking who created you!” That is! That is (the)
most difficult problem, (a)waiting a solution. (A)waiting a solution. If they are not coming to
that point, what I am saying...

I am only (a) weakest servant. No one can come and say (something) and object on my
speech. I am making him dust! We have power! Islam has power! We are powerful! I am (a)
weakest one, but... (An) ant was warning whole ants (at the time of Suleiman). How (it was)
warning? Saying: “Id-khulu masakinakum. La yahtamannakum Suleiman wa junuduhum wa
hum la yasharun (?).” Yes, warning. (An) ant (is a) so small one, but (it was) warning! (And)
I am (a) weakest servant, (but) I may warn from East to West. I am nothing, but sometimes
something! No one (is) coming here... I am not sending any invitation to come here, no, but
our Lord (is) ordering His most glorious and beloved servant in divinely Presence, in His
divinely Presence. (He is) ordering (the) Awliya, then (there is) coming (the) ‘khadim’, (the)
servant, ‘asrar khadim’, (the) smallest servant... Smallest one. We are not... It is blame to ask
Grandsheikhs, Awliya: “Come and clean.” No, I may, I am enough. I am cleaning, I am able to
clean, that is my job. And I shall show whole nations, whole world ones (?) what is the power
of Islam - with (a) weakest servant!

That is not from my ego, I am speaking on behalf of Haqq - Jalla Jalaluhu, on behalf of His
most beloved servant S.Muhammad sws (Maulana is standing up). Here are our brothers from
Kasastan, Uzbekistan, Tartar brothers, Dagestan brothers, Cherkessk brothers – ma sha Allah.
This is enough. And (it is) easy to reach to your hearts. If we are not reaching to your hearts,
you can’t be able to come here! I am not using... I don’t know to use that new (remote
control), no. It is enough. If they are asking, (my) heart (is) sending. Sending, (and) they are
coming. And one day (it is) going to be from East to West, to be under the holy Flag of the
Seal of Prophets, (the) most glorious one. Dunya should be clean and dirty ones should be
buried! O people, come to your Lords divinely Presence! Make your names, make (an)
application: “O our Lord, we are asking to be Your servant. That is my application.” And
Tuba, biggest Bushra, good tidings, for those people, whom they are going to be accepted by
(the) divinely Presence, to be servants of divinely Presence. “Jazakumullah anna kulli khair (?).”
Ma sha Allah, so many people on their faces (there is) ‘Nur’, on their faces (is) ‘uns’, familiarity,
on their faces (is) ‘muhabba’, on their faces (is) ‘tadhim’, on their faces (is) ‘takrim’, on their
faces (is) ‘tazim’. Subhanallah, Sultanallah!

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah; Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah;
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah; Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah.

I was thinking that I am going to speak nothing, because I am a weak servant. But for the
honour of the most honoured one (something was) coming. You are coming from Far East,
from Far West, (and) they are granting an energy to my body, to come here and to address to
you. And first of all I am addressing and warning my (own) ego. And pray for me. Pray for
me (that) Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty forgives me and blesses you. For the honour of the
most honoured one. Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan
tadumu wa tughda ilay, mamara layali wa tula dawam.

Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Nabiyi-l ummihi, wa ‘ala alihi wa
sahbihi wa sallim (3x). Salli ya Rabbi wa sallim ‘ala jamii-l anbiyai wa-l mursalin wa alin kulli
ajmain. Ziyadatan li sharfin Nabi wa alihi wa sahbihi... Fatiha.

Lefke, 13.3.2009 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryJinn
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