Maulana Sheikh NazimIslam can't be changed

Shaitan is on full alert to take Islam away, but yet Islam is growing. Is it possible that man can take away the Himalayan Mountains? Or do you think that man can stop the moon from moving, or the sun from rising or setting? Never... And yet that might be possible perhaps... But to remove Islam, that is impossible. Since 15 centuries ago people have been trying to take away even a little bit, yet Islam is standing up... Allahu akbar!

These Serbs think that they can finish the Muslims, never imagining that lions will be coming after them... They are the servants of Shaitan. But the Lions of Ar Rahman, the Lions of Allah Almighty, will be coming! And everything that is happening is for the benefit of Islam. In 24 hours Tajallis, spiritual appearances from the Divine Presence are coming to earth, until a change is coming.

Everything may be changed, but Islam is never going to be changed. Shaitan tried his luck to change the book of Musa a.s., the Old Testament, the Taurah, changing so many things. But he wasn’t able to change it fully. Jewish Rabbis were hiding so many things, but couldn’t remove them from the Taurah. And Allah Almighty made everything clear through His last Prophet S.Muhammad sws.

Some Rabbis came to dispute with him. And Rasulu’llah sws had never read their books. They thought that he was an ordinary person, illiterate, and they were playing, making tricks, saying this and that. But the Archangel Gibrail a.s. came to the Prophet and told him: "Oh Muhammad, they are trying to cheat you, they are hiding the reality. Call them to bring the Taurah to you." And the Taurah is not in the Arabic language, it is in Hebrew. So the Prophet sws said to them: "Bring your Taurah here to me. Open it on that page and look... What is written there? Read it to me, recite..." And it was there, what they were hiding; they were not speaking the truth. And they were ashamed... What Rasulu’llah had said became clear, and the blame came to them.

Shaitan played on their books. So many things they were hiding or changing. And if man puts his hand on a Holy Book to change it, that book immediately loses its sacredness, holiness- finished. Holy Books are all virgin. When Man puts his hand on them, the virginity of those books just vanishes. Man put his hand on the Old Testament and on the New Testament, taking something away, putting in something else or hiding something, and therefore the Old and New Testaments are no longer virgin books. They are not the original ones now. Their originality is just gone, and therefore they can’t bring people to their churches, cathedrals, basilicas, monasteries- they are all empty now. People only come there to look around, and worshipping-places now are like museums, with gold and silver statues, shiny paintings... Never is anyone coming for prayer; they are only lighting candles and putting them there, and finishing... No more Christianity. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar- Christianity died, finished...

Jewish people never accept anyone except themselves to be Jewish. Therefore they are always closing their communities. No one can be from their nation, unless he is born from them. They are never accepting anyone else. The Children of Israel are closed. And they put their hand on the Old Testament, the Taurah, which contained so many books, many more pages than any other holy book, and they lost them, finished... Shaitan played with them...

And Shaitan came to Islam also, trying to change the Holy Quran. But it can’t be. The Lord Allah Almighty said: "I am sending it, and I am looking after it, finished. No one can put his hand on it to change even one letter. I am the Guardian and Protector, I am the Supreme Keeper of that Book. It is one and the same Book from East to West, from North to South." Allah Almighty is always victorious. Whoever is going to be with Him is also victorious. Whoever is with Shaitan is always defeated, going down, down, down, and finishing.
We are now in the new year 142o, and during it we are going to reach the year 2ooo, the 3rd millenium of the Christian calendar... It is a bridge. Perhaps next year all Christian calendars will join and pass over that bridge to the real calendar, the Islamic calendar, so that all calendars will disappear, and only one will remain.

Allah knows what is going to happen... No one can expect or imagine, no one from common people may even dream, what is going to happen during this year. They are only saying something from imagination, no more, about big events which are going to make everything upside down...

Only those who are with the Lord Allah Almighty will stand up; others will fall down. And Shaitan is going to be like a donkey. Every Batil, falsehood, that he has brought, the opposite of Haqq and every fault that he did up today, and that he has urged and encouraged people to do, teaching them through technology, will be loaded on him to be taken away...finished. Time is over, we are counting down now: 1o, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... All Batil will be loaded on Shaitan to be taken away to Hell, Jehennem, when Jesus Christ comes...

May Allah grant us real faith to believe in such things. Islam is not just a set of rules for this life, measures for this material life; Islam has spirituality. What we are speaking about, the spiritulity of Islam, is something that the Wahabis, Salafis and other materialistic people in Islam are denying. They are denying Tassawuf, Sufi ways, and any spirituality in any religion, and particularly in Islam. They are only interested in material measures, in the material life and its arrangements, taking only that, and leaving the spirituality of Islam. If you speak about spirituality, they accuse you: "You are a Sufi, and Sufis are Mushriks", Astaghfirullah, "you are making people worship Sheikhs, and Prophets." They are such foolish, square-head, no-mind people. Shaitan just blinded them and their mind stopped.

Once there was an exhibition of brains in a city. Someone went there to look and he asked: "This brain- how much is it?" "Ten Dollars." "That one?" "One hundred Dollars"- because one is from an ox, one from a sheep. He saw one brain for one thousand Dollars. "What is the reason?" he was asking. "Because it is the brain of a Wahabi, and it has never been used. It is not second-hand..." Those people are never using their brains... May Allah bring them down... Fatiha.


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