Maulana Sheikh NazimImam is permanent, kufr temporary

Our Grandshaykh says, "Allah Almighty created all mankind, all human nature, and He said, 'I have directed everyone to his destination.' So, for everyone, there is a destination, to which he is being guided.”

Our Lord said to Rasul-ullah ( peace be upon him), ‘O, Muhammad, to reach My Divine Presence, there are so many ways! As many as all the breaths of all creatures!’ Each day, one man has twenty-four thousand breaths. How many, then, for all mankind, for all creatures?! As many as that number, there are ways for reaching to Allah! These are very good tidings, but what does Allah says, also, 'No one knows from which way My People, My servants, are corning to Me.' All ways are going to Him. Every way that a man may walk, he must arrive at the Divine Presence. He Almighty says, again, 'No one except me can know those ways by which My servants are coming to Me. By looking, you may see that a servant is going another way. But he is coming to Me also. He cannot find anything except Me, no matter which way he may travel! Any way, that My servant follows, he must come to Me!'

"Buddhists, Christians, Catholics, Communists, Confucians, Brahmans, Negroes; who created them? He created all of them, and each one says, 'We are going on a way that leads to the Divine Presence. So many, many ways; you cannot know. Therefore, Allah says, 'Allay sa'llahu biya kaymi hajimn.’ This means, 'No one may judge for My servants, except Me! I will judge for My servants. Not any of you will judge for My servants, not Iblis, and not even prophets! They haven’t any authority to judge My servants. I am the judge!' This is the order of our Lord, Allah Almighty.”

„Maulana?” asked a disciple, "What about the ways leading to Hell? Do they lead to Allah, also?"

"Yes,” replied the Shaykh. "The ways to Hell are going to Him, also, after Hell. Hell is cleaning people, cleaning them from sins and bad characters and then guiding them to Allah!

„And some stay in Hell always?”

"Yes." The Shaykh paused, and then continued, “Iman is original, kufr is temporary. With all people, faith is the permanent condition. There may be one man to be endlessly in Hell, if He so orders, but everyone is going to His Divine Presence. He is not going to leave His servants to the hands of Satan, and Satan will not be the judge of His servants either! Do you think that Satan will win? Satan will never win! Allah Almighty is victorious! His mercy is not leaving any to endless Hell.”

„I don't understand this, said one of the brothers. “Yesterday, you said that a man must have a guide, that he must follow one who is on the way to Allah. Now, you said that all are on the way to Allah.”

“To understand this point,” answered Maulana, “you must know that people are of two kinds. Ordinary people, common people, are, in general, satisfied with their actions. They do not see a need to follow a man. But whoever is asking higher degrees in Divine Presence, he must take a guide. Does everyone have a college diploma? No, only a few people. Common people are not asking for a diploma. There are, however, a few people who are in need to reach more excellent positions, the highest degrees before the Divine Presence. The first rank are prophets and those who are on the ways of prophets. Then comes the second, the third, and so forth. But all glory comes to the first rank. It is they who will take the most glory, the most mercy, the most light. Of course the glory of Allah will reach to all people. But only as much as they are approaching His Divine Presence. Therefore, Allah says, 'You must follow one man who is approaching me in order to be in the first rank.' If you are not interested in the first rank, you may take the second, or the third, … do you see?”

„But what about those who have their backs to the Ka'aba? "

"Some may return to Him by their own good will, but most need urging with power. If they don't accept power (take a guide), then Divine power will make them ready to return."

„So, ultimately, after Paradise and Hell, there is only Allah?"

"All things are in the oceans of His power. We are swimming in power oceans. We are only like shadows; we haven't any real existence for Allah Almighty. He stands by Himself. He is Qayyum; not in need of another to make Him stand. He stands by Himself. But, we are standing with Him."

Trying to understand this point, another murid asked, "Then, Allah will eventually finish with the creation? Will there then be only Him?"

The Shaykh spoke, "There is no finish to creation. Creation is always going on, and we are creatures. “

„Then what does it mean when Qur’an says that, 'Everything will vanish, except His face'?"

"Yes," responded Shaykh Nazim, "this world is going to be vanishing. But those belonging to Allah Almighty, our spirits, are not ending, not vanishing. Our bodies will go, but our spirits are with Him always. We say that our bodies are from 'Alam-al Khalq,' and our spirits (arwah) are from 'Alam al-Amr.' "

Another brother continued, "Sometimes it seems as if all is Allah, and there is no 'I'. "

Maulana spoke to him, "You are asking what is Creator, and what is creature?"

„Yes," answered the murid. "When we go from this world, do we remain as individuals? Will we sit, insh'Allah, in Paradise with Nazim Effendi?"

"Yes, there is individual life," replied the Shaykh.

„And will we have knowledge of ourselves, too?"

The Shaykh smiled, "We shall have absolute knowledge."

„And individual existence?" the brother persisted.

"And individual existence!" returned the Shaykh.


"Yes!" said Maulana. "You understand?”

One of the disciples shook his head. "Who can write that!”

Shaykh Nazim remained patient: "All of us have individual personality in the Divine Presence.”

„I have read things like this,” said another murid, "but don't know how to really understand it."

Maulana smiled again. "Yes," he explained, "because now, we are yet at the beginning. You cannot describe for a person how it is working." He paused, and gestured to the tape recorder we were using to record his lectures. "This is a tape recorder," he said. "Can you explain to a common person how it works? You cannot explain. He can look at it, and see that is working, but he does not know how. Only a few people can know this. Each time we raise our knowledge levels, we understand more and more. You are asking for those things that we are not yet ready to understand.”

“We know that we are creatures," the Shaykh continued, "and that we are created by the Creator. How He created, where we were, and where we are going, we cannot know till those realities will open for us. All the time we are stepping forward, stepping forward, coming... It is impossible to speak about colours for a blind man. You cannot describe even a fine face from an ugly face, or night from day, green from red, white from black. What is green? What is blue? What is red? What is beautiful? What is ugly? Can you describe this for a blind man? It is impossible. Now our heart's eye is closed. It has yet to open, to look at the reality. Now, we are believing, only. We must believe, then it will grow up; it will open.”

„Maulana? Please, what are the people doing in Paradise. What is their occupation?"

Shaykh Nazim answered, "As Allah says, 'A very happy occupation!’ “

„But does Allah say in Qur’an what the inhabitants of Paradise are doing?”

"A very happy occupation," repeated Maulana. “They are looking to His Divine Face, and looking at His Divine Light coming on Paradise; swimming in beauty oceans, swimming in happiness oceans. They are drunk! Drunk with enjoyment from His Divine Face and beauty oceans! What occupation are you asking! You are mad!"

At this point the whole group is experiencing a somewhat giddy state, laughing and smiling, resembling a mild drunkenness. The brother who has been questioning Shaykh Nazim about the inhabitants of Paradise tries to continue his line of thought: "But," he said, "do they not stay in connection with the earth?"

"Earth!" replied the Shaykh, with amusement, “Phtt!” He made a gesture of disgust.

The disciple continued, "But the saints – they work on earth, no? Is Grandshaykh not in connection with you, even though he is in Paradise?"

"After Qiyama, we are in Paradise," replied Maulana.

„But aren't some people already in Paradise?” asked the murid.

"Paradise?" returned the Shaykh, "this is Barzakh Paradise! When all Judgment is finished, then people will be in Paradise!”

Again, the murid asked, "Do the Awliya live in Barzakh?”


„They have a nice time there, too?"

"Yes," the Shaykh was laughing now, "nice time … gazing at you; too much laughing, now!"

By now, everyone was laughing. More questions came: „Is the Prophet (peace be upon him) also in Barzakh existence?"


„But working on earth?"

"What working!"

„The saints work on earth from Barzakh, too; no?” At this point, another brother introduced a different line of thought: “I remember the first time I was in London,” he began, "you described the grave. You told two stories that night. One was about the Miraj; where Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) saw the endless oceans of mercy and compassion. The doors opened for him, and he saw a tree."

"Ah, yes!" remembered Maulana.

The brother continued, “And, in the tree was a bird, with a ball of dirt in his mouth. Muhammad (peace be upon him) said to that bird, 'What is that thing you are holding?' and the bird replied, 'O, Prophet, these are the sins of mankind; this tiny ball of dirt! What will it be when it falls into this vast ocean that you see before you? Nothing!' "The disciple went on, "Then you told a story about what it would be like in the grave. You said, 'When you die, an angel shows you a Divine Name. Then, your spirit comes out, and then, finished."

"Yes, I remember," said the Shaykh.

„Then," said our brother, "you told us that the dead person would see a horrible thing coming toward him. The dead person would try to escape from it, but it would come after him and say, 'O, but how happy you were with me when you were alive! Why are you running from me now? Don't you recognize me? I am your bad deeds!' What I am asking is: are you limited after death to the grave? Are you actually in the ground?"

Shaykh Nazim answered this way: "Yes, there is a physical body and a spiritual body in the grave. It is from His mercy; to clean His servant as much as that servant made himself dirty in this life. He needs to be clean, so Allah makes him clean in the grave. He is cleaning that servant up till the Judgment Day. Then, that servant will come up clean!"

A disciple commented, "You gave us a good lesson, Maulana, when you told us that there is no king without a kingdom, no prophet without an ummah, no Creator without creatures. Allah is uncreated, and servants are also uncreated. But when we come to this life, we forget."

"Yes," replied the Shaykh. "It is enough. You cannot go too deep without sinking!"


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