Without a Sultan there is no such thing as an Islamic government. There is no democracy in Islam. There must be a Sultan for every Islamic country and a Calipha for all Islamic countries. Without having a Sultan, a country cannot call itself Islamic.

When the children of Israel came to Allah and asked Him for permission to fight against Shaitan, Allah told them that first they must have a King. Not a President, a King! Power must be in one hand. Not like in a democracy where everybody thinks that they must have power. Even educated people within Islam, who are now claiming that we should have Islamic states, do not know the first condition: that we must have a Sultan.

They are running after parliaments, and these parliaments are Jewish tricks to put Islam down. There is no such thing as parliaments in Islam.

A Sultan has a Grandwezir and 7 Wezirs appointed for his consultation. The Sultan chooses his own people for this. It is not the people from the market who send their people to advise him. No! This has never happened in Islam, right from the beginning there were never people sent from the market to advise the Sultan. That is the difference between Islam and unbelief. The system of the unbelievers are bringing people from the market, from the feet, to advise. But Islam brings the people from the head. Do you think that Sayidina Abu Bakr let other people choose the ones who were to advise him? No! He chose. Sayidina Omar too, he chose. Muhammad sws. chose his advisors from the top. Don't choose your people from the bottom, choose them from the top! The people from the market know how to sell potatoes, tomatoes, noodles, shoes and clothes. That is what they know how to do and what they should do.

They are all wrong. Iran is wrong. Afghanistan is wrong. Turkey is wrong. Wherever there is no King, the country is wrong. The Sultan is the one who should keep the power in his hands and who should give the order.

Muhammad sws. said that after the Kings and Sultans there would be only tyrants and dictators. Now look everywhere. Beginning with Turkey. Wherever the Kings left, a dictator came and started giving trouble to the Muslims with his parliament. Why should we have parliaments? The parliaments in Europe were created to make rules and laws. We already have rules. Allah Almighty sent them. So why are you bringing these people to parliament? To make new rules? For what? We have the Sharia.The Sharia is ready. Why should we have parliaments? Non-muslims are having parliaments so that they can create new rules. But we have rules!

All of this is to be able to cheat people better. The system of parliament, democracy, is a business system, so that people will get even more materialistic desires. When one party is in power they will fill their pockets as quickly as possible. Then they are kicked out and the next one gets a chance.Then they get kicked out and yet another one comes. Therefore everyone is very anxious to get to power. For what? For their egos. The first reason is to reach to fame, the next to fill their pockets.

I've now heard that Muslims have even established a party here in England. They want the same... They want a share. A share of what? A share in the company of parliaments? Or in the parliament of companies?

This Jewish trick started in 1789 and it is going on until today. Everything which has been ordered by Allah Almighty is being put down, by Christians as well as by Muslims. It began with the French Revolution and then step by step it reached every monarchy and put it down. That is what Muhammad sws. meant when he said that the feet would replace the heads. The honoured people have been put down and the low people have been put on top.

May Allah forgive us and send us someone to change all of this back to the right way. Why are people cheated so easily into thinking that the democratical system is good? Why don't they realise that Allah Almighty has given them a theocratical system? Why do they think that the laws they make are better than the ones that Allah has sent to them? The Muslim world is sleeping. We need someone to come and tell us to wake up. "Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

London - 08.05.1992

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