Q - What is Islam's relationship with Judaism, with Christianity and other religions - Buddhism, Hinduism, etc?

As we said, as Muslims, we believe in Islam. Islam, and before Islam, Christianity, and before Christianity, Judaism - all of them by heavenly revelations coming and the foundation of all three religions belongs to heavens. All of them were founded by revelations, from heavens coming revelations to prophets. In that way all three of them are heavenly religions.

Being heavenly religions, that is the relationship between Islam and Christianity and Judaism. We accept that relationship between Islam and Christianity and Judaism, but they are not declaring any relationship with Islam. They say, No! Judaism, Jewish people are not accepting any relationship between Islam and Judaism. In Christianity, they are not accepting any relationship with Islam. If they refuse what I am saying now and accept a relationship with Christianity and Islam, with Judaism and Islam, they must study Islam. Which kind of relationship is there between Judaism and Islam, which kind of relationship between Christianity and Islam. They must look once again for that relationship. If not, they must say what is wrong about Islam, that there is no relationship between Christianity or Judaism. We say that Islam came through revelation, from Allah, from heavens to prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we accept Muhammad (pbuh) as prophet, because he had every condition, or every sign, or every authority, that has been given other prophets and no-one can say NO about Muhammad, that he had no signs of prophecy or no authority to be prophet, no-one can say this! Every condition that Moses had and Jesus Christ had and Soloman had, David had, Abraham had, Ishaq had, Jacob had, Joseph and all the prophets who had that authority, all of them were given to Muhammad (pbuh). Therefore, they can't be able to refuse or to hide them and to deny. If they are denying, they are denying only from ignorance. No, they are not denying by knowledge. Therefore, we have relationship, we say, because Muhammad (pbuh) is a prophet as Moses and as Abraham and other prophets, he is also a prophet. Therefore, this is relationship between prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and between prophet Moses and between Jesus Christ. Then we have relationship that Moses,was given a book, and Jesus Christ was given book, heavenly book, and also Muhammad (pbuh), he was given heavenly book. And all of them announcing the Unity of Lord Almighty, Allah.

Another relationship is Christianity believes in the Last Day and Judaism believes in the Last Day and also they believe in Paradise and Hell, and both of them believe in Judgement Day.

The relationship of three religions, is we believe in the existence of the Lord of Universes, the Lord of Heavens and we believe in angels, we believe in Holy Books, we believe in prophets, all prophets, we believe in the Last Day, we believe in the Judgement Day, the Day of Resurrection, we believe that good people will have eternal life in Paradise and we believe that devils and bad people will be in Hells for ever. These are the main points that we have in common with Judaism, as well as Christianity. We believe that everything is programmed before happening, everyone's life is programmed by the Lord Almighty, Allah, and everything that happens during this life is programmed before we come to this life, individually and independently and usually. These three heavenly religions are on same basis of beliefs. The only wrong thing about Judaism, is they do not accept Jesus Christ, they do not accept Muhammad (pbuh). And for Christians, not to believe in Holy Qur'an and the seal of prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (pbuh).

Question - What should the relationship of the Muslim people be with peoples of other faiths?

From the beginning of Islam up till today, Islam is tolerant to allow Christians to be Christians and Jewis to be Jewish, never interfering with their beliefs or their worshippings. They lived from beginning up today in Islamic countries, in Islamic sultanates, empires. Everywhere, they built churches and synagogues and kept their beliefs, kept their worshipping and Islam never refused them, never disturbed them, never harmed them or never allowed anyone to harm them. Therefore, upto 1924 Islamic Khalifah was living in Istanbul and the president, or chief, of Eastern Christianity Church, Coptic Church, was in Istanbul, the orthodox patriarch (high as Pope) and Islam kept that patriarch up to Khalifat of Muslims. Never touching, keeping every rights.

Five hundred years from the conqueror of Constantinople, the conqueror Sultan Muhammad Khan, he allowed the eastern orthodox Patriach to carry on. Ottoman sultans conquered - they left every authority for church and in Cyprus church was free, no-one touched. More than this in Egypt - Christians are free. More than this, Damascus - Christians are free up to today, and more than this important at Jerusalem, Quds - Christians were free, everywhere they have been protected, their rights were protected and holy. No Christian or Jewish people may complain that bad dealing was done to them through centuries. Islam gave them more freedom, particularly for Jewish people. European countries killing, disturbing, harming, destroying Jewish people, particularly from Spain and they came to Ottoman Empire, they were welcome. If they are saying no, they are liars.

Therefore, Islam protected them, protected their beliefs, their worshippings and their rights. That is Islam. That is the meaning to be given "protected ones", to be under protection of Islam up to today. Even Majusi people who pray to fire, are also free, every religion free. You can't find any other religion more tolerant with that one as Islam. Even European countries, they are claiming they are democratic and so free, but not for Islam and for Muslims. They are every time murmuring and murmuring, if they are hearing anything about Islam, murmuring from inside or from outside, they are saying against Islam and Muslims. They never like, up today they are not declaring that Islam is a religion and we are declaring Christianity and Judaism holy religions.

Q - Discusssion?

A panel discussion is good, they may do. Muslim students, Jewish students, Christian students, Catholic students, Protestant students, Anglican students, orthodox students, every kind of students, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims. They may discuss and may bring their evidence so that it is clear which of them is more trustworthy, which of them more useful for mankind, which of them more suitable for the life of mankind. Which of them is be more suitable for economic crisis. Which is more suitable for good characteristics. Which may keep families better, which may keep youth better, which may keep health better, which may keep wealth better, which may carry away devils, which may carry away evil, which may carry away wars and fighting, which is excellent for praying methods, which is excellent in relations with each other - so many subjects coming out. They must say. Everyone must bring their evidence and which is most suitable for social justice and equality, which of them giving more to humanity.

Q - The difficulty for Muslims is the people who are representing Islam in these discussions?

That is a problem, that is trouble. That is why for the sake of the beloved Muhammad (saws) it is made easy for us to say about these things. Firstly, it is enough to learn and make a good judgement about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), because of this beginning in the name of Allah, which means he is speaking on behalf of the Lord of Heavens, of the Lord of Jesus Christ, of the Lord of Moses, of Prophet Abraham's Lord, of the Lord of all prophets. It is a much too important sign of his prophecy, that he belongs to the Lord, and is speaking in the name of the Lord. That is the beginning of strong evidence that it is truth that he brought to humanity, to mankind. As he is beginning in the name of the Lord Most Gracious and Most Merciful and Compassionate, it means he is coming from the Lord, that His Mercy covers everything and reaches to everything. That is an introduction, a title, that we may meet with all religions, with all faiths, with all beliefs, on that central thruth. That is the centre of all religions. No-one can be away from that centre. We Muslims are also settled on that centre. I don't think that Christians may be away or Jews may be away from that centre or any other belief or faith of Hindus, Buddhists, or any other groups of believers, I don't think that they are running away from that centre. It is the first point which may unite us, we must keep it. That must be declared for everyone, it is for all people, to speak in the name of their Lord, Almighty Allah so that His Mercy covers everything in existence. That shows that nothing can be in existence without the Lord's Mercy reaching to it. If no mercy, no existence.

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