Maulana Sheikh NazimIstikhara - Asking for guidance

If you are in doubt about something, whether it is the right thing to do or not, if it is according to Allah’s will or not, you can ask about it in the following way anytime you need to:
Take a shower, with hot or cold water. You must be in a silent place. Give your greetings to Allah, to your Lord. Then sit and say: "Oh my Lord, I am intending something, and I am asking for my will to follow Your will. Give me the right sign for this purpose." You will be given a green or a red light... You must take this seriously. Then it is impossible to do this and not to get an answer. This is a form of Istikhara. Anybody may do it. There is free permission to ask for everybody, who is interested to know, if they are acting according to their Lord’s will. But you must not ask about something that is already clear, and the direction has already been shown. In that case you must accept whatever it is, and there is no need to ask about it. It is best is to do this exercise before going to bed. Pray two Rakaats, ask, and then go to bed without talking to anyone.


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