Maulana Sheikh NazimO people - join that heavenly supported group!

As-salamu alaikum! Ya Rabbi afwak wa ridaak! O our Lord, forgive us and give Your
blessings to our weak servants!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim- o our Lord, keep Your weak servants from Shaitan and its
traps, not to fall in it. Who is falling (in) Shaitans traps, it is so difficult to get out. So
difficult! Therefore you must be careful not to fall, not to be caught by a trap of Shaitan.
Keep yourself, because Shaitan it has hundreds and hundreds traps, putting there...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim- that is our sword. Always carry that sword, because if a
person (is) going to (the) fighting field without (a) sword, (he) may be killed. If (he is)
carrying (a) sword, people (are) thinking for him. Therefore we must be careful and waking,
awake up, not to be sleepers, (or) quickly (they are) taking you as a prisoner or injuring you
or killing (you). Therefore we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim. Allah protects us!

Follow His Holy Orders, you should be in safety here and Hereafter. Don’t say that: “I
know, I know, I know...” you don’t know, you know nothing! You can be mistaken.
Therefore we are saying: “Audhu bi-llah mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim”
(and) we are coming through a protected area. If you are going (through an) unprotected
area, must touch you something that you are not going to be happy (with). (The) Prophet
(was) saying sws, (the) most praised and most glorified one in divine Presences, Prophet
Muhammad sws, he was saying: “Ittaku bi wadia-l tuham” (?), you must keep yourselves
not to fall in a trap.”

May be so many advertising, not (only) so many, perhaps whole advertisings (are) calling
people to be caught through one trap. Advertising- that is the meaning (of it). They are
advertising man, advertising every kind, for everything... even they are advertising for cats
meals... (A) cat (is) asking (for) advertising? Without that advertising (it is) jumping on (the)
table, eating as it likes. It needs advertising? But (they are) so clever one, man, they are
making for everything advertising and through every advertising there is one or more traps.
When you entered that field, you must be caught by anyone of (these) hundreds of traps.

(The) first (one to) fall in Shaitans trap, who was (he)? Adam a.s.! First. What about for
ourselves? Every time, daily, daily hundred times (we are falling)! If Adam- alayhi salat wa
salam- just fall in a trap, what about for you? And he was saying: “O my sons and grandsons
and my generation up to (the) Last Day, I am warning you and saying: ‘Beware of Shaitan’!”
Eh, we are writing: Beware (of the) dog! Yes? We are writing and people, (if they) are
looking (this) if (they are) coming nearer, quickly (they are) coming to be far away,
(because)perhaps that dog may bite him. (They are) taking a care. Which of ourselves (is)
taking care for Shaitan? Every day hundreds of traps (are) catching our legs, hands, heads-
beginning from first ones.

Shaitan, don’t think that it is a idiot creature! Uhhh! You are idiot, but Shaitan never (is an)
idiot! Therefore he is always looking, looking... Not looking (to the) flock, no! Shaitan (is)
saying: “(I have) nothing to do with (the) sheep, with (the) flock- where is (the) shepherd?
Shepherd!” “I am here!” “What are you doing?” “(I am) sleeping...” “Yes, you must sleep
much more, because it is a safe valley, you take your rest... “ This (is his) ‘nasihat’, (his)
advising to shepherds...

And (it is) coming (the) same thing to (the) shepherds of nations and (he is) saying: “Do
this, don’t do that!” “What is I am doing?” “You are doing best.” “For me or for my
nation?” “No, no, Sir! Nation, they are flock, you must consider always your ego, yourself!
Make them to sleep and you do as you like!” Haaa... Shaitan... Abdul J. look to me!...
Shaitan (is) not going to ‘feet’, no need, (but he is) coming to top ones, and (he is) saying:
“Do this, do that, to be dressed , because something may be against yourself!”(He is)
coming (to) the top ones, coming to Kings or Sultans or Emperors or Presidents or Prime-
Ministers or their ministers... Shaitan (is) very clever- shaitanic cleverness (is) with him.
From beginning up today (he is) camouflaging himself and no one (is) asking: “Who is that
one?” Camouflaging... so that people (are) thinking: “(That one) that (is) our best friend and
best advisor. We must ask our advisor how we can do!” S.Adam (was) just cheated by
Shaitan. Up today hundreds of Kings, Sultans (and) thousands (of) powerful ones Shaitan
(is) making them to fall (into) a valley that they can’t be able to get out.

Now every country (is) in flames. Muslim territories more than Western countries. Look-
everywhere that there is Muslims, there is a fire. (Shaitan is) making Muslims to kill each
other. For what? For Allah? Allah Almighty should ask Kenyan Muslims, may ask Afghan
people, may ask Iranian, may ask Turkish one, may ask Irakian ones: “Why you were
carrying that weapons? What was your target? Why you are killing? Why you are making
trouble? Why you are running through streets? It is not blame for you to run in streets, o
Muslims, and (you are) shouting for democracy, not saying: ‘O we are asking Shariatullah,
holy Commands of Allah.’ Why you are not going (through) streets, you are calling shaitanic
words. Why not coming to Mosque, Muslim, that they are not knowing that Allah Almighty
(is) looking (to) those people whom they are in mosque? And: As-sharru biqa fil ard
miswak... Arabs... say your people not to look mosque, to look outside or my stick ready!

After stick my sword- we have sword also! Don’t look mosques, look what happening
through aswak, streets, what they are thinking, why they are shouting, to whom shouting!
Shouting to Allah or shouting to Shaitan? Did you see or did you never see those people that
they are making demonstration, carrying Holy Quran through their hands and saying: “We
asking heavenly Rules”? Anywhere you heard or you see? Hah? How they are Muslims! How
Allah Almighty (is) supporting them? They should be taken away! Yaumu... ard... it is not
the surface of world changing, but people that they are on ‘hukm’, on power, Allah should
change it! Time is over!

First whip on Muslims and their heads coming! Keep amanatullah that He sent us His Oath,
heavenly Oath from Heavens! Keep it and Rasulullah was saying: “12.000 of believers,
whom they are supported by their Lord, (there is) no any power on earth to take them away
or to win (over them)! Finished!” But we are never finding (even) 12 people... what is that?
Time is over and (a) heavenly Punishment (is) approaching, approaching, approaching... as
(a) heavenly Punishment (was) approaching to that nation that Allah Almighty punished them
through that day, Yaumu-l Dhulla...

Up is open, open... unbelievers they are asking to make something if that one (is) throwing
something, not fall on them- (a) protection. But they are not asking... if Allah (is) sending a
punishment, no one can prevent nothing!

O people, come and join that group whom they are supported through heavenly Powers!
Don’t trust on Kufr, don’t trust to unbelievers! Trust (those), whom they are believing.
They are, all of them they are supported! Now no one can be winner- from East or from
West countries- if Allah Almighty (is not) protecting and giving His heavenly Support! No
one can be victorious or winner winning! This must be well-known.

Subhanallah, Allah Almighty (is) leaving people to make such an instruments that we are
sitting in an unknown place on earth, but our declaration (is) reaching through East and
West, so that no one (is) going to say: “Never (there was) reaching any warning, heavenly
Warning to ourselves, o our Lord!” Reaching this, Subhanallah! They are proud with such
an instruments, yes, and they are saying: “We are much more powerful from Muslims,
because Muslims, their people, some people (they are) retarded...” Whole unbelievers, they
are saying: “We are so strong, powerful, with such an instruments, but Muslims, they can’t
do!” Yes, Muslims they are not in need such a things, to make their sound to reach

S.Omar on Mimbar he was saying: “Ya Sariat, al Jabal, al Jabal!” Using this... but no more
faith through Muslims! They are official Muslims, not real Muslims. They are by name
Muslims, not real Muslims! They are saying: “Europeans (are) making such a...” S.Omar on
Mimbar for Cuma praying, Khutba, he was calling that head of, Commander in Chief of
Muslim armies, saying: “Ya Sariat, al Jabal, al Jabal!” Among Medina Munawwara and that
(it is) 3 months walking. I think it was on Caucasian direction! We have power? We have
power, we are not using yet! Let them to be proud with their, such a instruments.

Real power Allah azza wa jal ‘ata li-l Muslimien, ‘ata li-l Islam! Unexpected powers (Allah
Almighty) just granted to Muslims. That time it was enough that- now we have a power! We
can stop whole weapon factories or flying towers from steel! We have power! We are not
fearing from them, but we are so smooth one and very soft ones now... But what Allah was
saying: “Ash-shidaru ‘ala-l kufaru”... Ash-shidar- that Muslims they are like lions! When they
have been ordered, they are like lions! Lions may carry whole deers and zebra or ox or so
many animals... Lions may take them in front of them and they are escaping. Muslims, we
are Muslim- if (Kafir are) looking to himself, armies (are) going to fall down!

They are thinking that Islam is something easy, easy... as they may do for Muslims as they
like, and ‘ghafil ‘,heedless ones they are fearing from (the) weapons that Europeans and
(the) Non-Muslim world they are inventing and making. No! Your heart must be with your
Lord! Allah Almighty (is) saying: “I am sending (the) Holy Quran and I am that One who (is)
taking on his responsibility to protect it!” Who can take away (the) Holy Quran? No one, no
one, no one!

O people, o whole world people, beware (of) Shaitan, not to be cheated by Shaitan- Shaitan
(is) asking people to fall into fire here and Hereafter! And we are asking forgiveness from
Allah Almighty, for protection here and Hereafter! For the honour of the most honoured one
S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 22.05.2008

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