Maulana Sheikh NazimKeep Adab with your Lord!

As-salamu alaikum! Mamnunin, you are happy? No complaining? ... Allah Almighty
created man “min adamin, la shay (?)”, Allah Almighty created man from nothing.
Allah Almighty (is) creating. If He (is) asking or if His Will, (His) divinely
Will, (is) asking to do something, to bring something, to create something, (it
is) enough for Allah Almighty to say: “Be!” and (it is) coming. If (He is)
asking: “Don’t be, go away” - finished: no universes, no galaxies, no suns, no
worlds, no planets, no man, no any creation, nothing. He is Allah!
First you must learn who created you, o ignorant people that (are) living in
(the) 21st century! (You are) following Shaitan, but (you are) not asking: “Who
created me? Who (is) bringing me in existence?” That is blame for mankind living
on earth now. And they are claiming that: “We reached the top of civilisation.”
No, you reached (the) deepest level of creation!

Allah granted to you (the) highest honour; (He) granted (it) to you and (He is)
saying: “You are My deputy. I created you, o man, the sons of Adam, (the)
Children of Adam, I created you to be My deputies on this world.” Then those
21st century ignorant nations and people they are never thinking on it; (they
are) never saying: “O our Lord, You created us, we are thankful. All thanks, all
glory, all honours, every respect (is) for You, o our Lord and we are making for
You Sajdah. You are our Lord, You are our Creator.” They are saying (this)? But (there is)
coming a whip. Coming! (The) whip (is) coming, (the) whip (is) coming. Allah only may say
for a whip: “Look after those thankless creatures, thankless mankind. Adibhum, teach them,
train them, train them, train them, that they are not knowing My Rights. They (are) never
giving to Me their full respect and full glory according to their sizes. They are not doing this.”

Once upon a time – it is written through history books – once, (in) the time of
(the) Umera, perhaps (the) Umera Amawayin or Abassiyin... - Don’t use (a) scale
for anyone. (The) scale (is) only for Allah (to use)! Don’t say: “This (is)
good, that (is) bad”; leave (the) last judgment for our Lord Allah Almighty. -
At the time of one of that Amiri-l Mu’minins just happened in Basra, Iraq, so
many troubles; people (were) doing so many things that all of it (are) against
Islam and they were trying to follow Shaitan and not to follow (the) holy
Prophets ways.

(The) Khalifa, that he was in Damascus, (the) Khalifa, Amiri-l Mu’minin, just
(news) reached to him (about) what (was) happening in Iraq, what (was) happening
among people. And just reached to him their bad (characteristics), (that) they
were doing their worst among themselves, that (there was) never going to be a
good dealing between themselves. Every(thing) forbidden through Shariatullah
they were doing and they were making Dhulm, oppression.

Then (the) Khalif (was) saying, when that news (was) reaching to him, he was
saying: “I am sending (Hajaju Dhalim) to those people, whom they left the way,
the Sunnah of (the) holy Prophet S.Muhammad sws. I like to teach them, how they
must be. I am going to teach them the way of Islam: that they should be good
ones, (that) they should throw away Shaitan and Shaitan’s scholars and Shaitan’s
followers. Li ajil ta’adib, yuadibhum. I am asking to teach them high
characteristics, high, highest Adab, good ways, what Islam (is) ordering them.”

Then he was sending from Damascus to Basra Hajaju Dhalim, that he was one famous
oppressor, dhalim. (He was) sending him and (was) saying to him: “Look after
those people, whom they are living in Iraq; they are leaving the way of Allah
and they are doing bad things that (the) holy Shariat (is) preventing. Go and
look after them! Adibhum! Teach them, how must be Islam!” And (the Khalifa was) sending
Hajaju Dhalim, Hajaj the Oppressor. And he reached to Basra and (he was) getting up on (the)
Mimbar. And he was using (a) veil on his face and he was calling: “Ya Ghulam, o my servant,
stand up. Stand up and read (the) Khalifa’s Khitab, speech or addressing, that he is addressing
the people living in Iraq, in Basra.” And then that Ghulam, that means his servant, (was)
standing up and (he was) saying: “O as-salamu alaikum, ya Ahlu-l Basra. Had khitab mina-l
khalifa to people in Basra.” No one (was) saying: “Wa alaikum salam.” No one (was) saying:
“Wa alaikum salam, ya Amiru-l Mu’minin.” Then Hajaju Dhalim (was) ordering his servant:
“Stop! O people, I am looking and seeing that you are so dirty people, disobedient people, not
knowing Adab. I am coming to teach you, how you should be! I am looking you are dirty
people, eating some of you some another, (making) fasad.” (He was) one person. He was saying: “I
am looking and seeing all of you in wrong ways; you are not keeping Shariatallah, (the) holy
Shariat. I am coming to teach you, how you should be! Ya Ghulam, o my servant, read (the)
Khitabu-l Khalifa.”

(He was) addressing (them and saying): “I am looking and seeing (that) so many
(of your) heads just reached to be cut down. You are so bad people and your
works (are) out(side) of (the) Shariat. Now I am looking, I am looking, I am
preparing for you a heavenly Punishment that we have been ordered (to do).” (He
was) one person, (saying): “I am keeping my face, I am not opening yet my veil
(for you) to look to me, how I am. Read once again, o my servant, read (the)
Khitabu-l Khalifa, Amiri-l Mu’minin.” (His servant was) coming, standing up and saying:
“Salam, ya Ahlu-l Basra, Ahlu-l Iraq. As-salamu alaikum.” (Now) no one (was) sitting;
everyone, even flies, (were) standing up and saying: “Wa alaikum salam, ya Amiri-l Mu’minin,
as-salamu alaikum, ya Khalifatu Rasulillah!” (They were all) standing up. “I am coming to
teach you good Adab ma’a-l Umera, with your governments; how you must deal with people,
how you must deal with Rasul salawatullah wa salamu alayh, how you must do with your
Lord Allah Almighty. I am looking you are out of everything; I am looking and I am
coming to teach you. Training you.” (He was) one person!

One person - if Allah Almighty (is) asking to do something, (He) may do that
with a (single) man, (it is) enough. “Wa li-llahi junudu samawati wa-l ‘ard.”
Allah Almighty He is not in need to send on you armies; (He) may send on you -
what is that smaller than microbe? Virus. People (are) knowing there is (a)
virus; (but is) anyone seeing (it)? Anyone catching (it)? Anyone (is) defending
themselves against that virus? O people living through (the) 21st century, how you are so
ignorant ones? Why you are not thinking on it? Your Lord, your Creator, (is) looking and
asking to teach you, because you are out of (the) holy Shariat. First of all Islamic
countries; they are running after democracy, they are not trying to keep
Shariatullah. (The) first punishment (is) coming on them!

I am making first, I am permitted to speak to whole people living on earth. I am
not Hajaju Dhalim, but... I am only a weak servant of my Lord, (but) I am (an)
authorized one to warn whole people, whole world people. I am nothing, but (He)
who (is) making me to speak, He is most powerful. And (He is) looking now what
we are doing and (He is) sending to you, o people of this world, sending to you
something for punishing you! It is not something that can be solved by (the) United Nations
Assembly. (The) United Nations Assembly is against (the) heavenly Orders. Heavenly Orders
(are) so clear. I am sorry to say that so many - perhaps 45 - Muslim territories they are not
taking their care for (the) holy Shariat. They should be punished.

I am nothing, I am zero, behind of One. (I am a) zero on left, but that, if they
are putting me in front of One, I can do enough. One (is) enough. If Hajaju
Dhalim (was) enough to bring people to be good ones, we may do (something) also.
I am zero and if the Lord of Heavens (is) putting me in front of One, I can do.
If He (is) asking to make you that zero in front of One, you can do (also). But
Allah Almighty (is doing), as He likes; fa’alu li ma yurid: He is doing
everything, as He likes; no one (is) preventing Him. Allah! Ya Rabbana, ya
Rabbana, ya Rabbana, ya Rabbana, ya Rabbana, irham dhullana, irham dafana... bi
jahi man arsalta alayhi Surati-l Fatiha.

I am very old one, I am not hoping anything from Dunya now; I am only a warner,
warning people. Anyone (who) may listen, (may) listen or, (if they are) not
listening, their heads (are) going... People now they are very happy to play
football. That time, instead of football, heads (are) going to be football.
Hasaru-l hasa. Warning and warning, o people. May Allah forgive me. “Forgive me.” I am
asking forgiveness. You ask forgiveness! Say: “Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirulllah,
tubna wa rajana ilayka, ya Rabb. La tadrikna, ya Rabbana, o our Lord, don’t leave us to go on
wrong ways! Make Your good servants to collect Your servants on (the) right Path.”
Bi jahi man arsalta alayhi Suratu-l Fatiha.

I am weak. I am weak, (but) I may, they can do to make me to speak up to next
week. It is okay, but our size, our capacity, (is) very short, therefore I am
only addressing to whole nations, to whole mankind, to whole children of Adam,
to take their attentions not to fall, not to fall in Hells. I am asking people
to be happy in Paradises. I am sorry to look and see all mankind running to
reach to Hells and nothing else.

Fatiha...Tired? Tired, o ‘ahmaks’?...

Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilay, mamara layali wa tula dawam...

Lefke, 20.02.2009

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