Maulana Sheikh NazimKeep Allahs Rights and He keeps yours!

As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you, o Muslims, Muqmins, Ummatu-l Habib,
most beloved Prophet in divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws... We are his

Allah ya Daim, Allah ya Daim, Allah ya Daim...
Allah ya Subhan, Allah ya Subhan, Allah ya Subhan...
Allah ya Sultan, Allah ya Sultan, Allah ya Sultan...

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. O our
Lord, your Creator, we are asking Your forgiveness, because we are not
good servants! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim. Shaitan (is) not leaving ourselves to be a good servant and we
are running after shaitanic ways and (we are) leaving Allah Almighty’s
Invitation that our Creator, the Lord of Heavens, He is calling
ourselves: “O Children of Adam, come to Me, run to Me, I am your Lord!
Obey to Me, be obedient servants to Me, I may give to you everything
here and Hereafter!”

Five times, daily five times (He is) calling- (are the) people hearing?
They are putting loudspeakers on minarets, to make people to hear, but
they are not hearing. Before, people they were preparing everything
according (to) the times of praying. Now people (are) taking away the
times of prayings. They are running after the times of work: “O, I am
too late, I must run, I must run! Too late!” Yes, with Samsonite...
“Quickly!” “To where?” “I am late!” “For what?” “For my work, for my job!”

Do you think that it is so important? O heedless people, do you think
that your works, your jobs, (are) more important than prayings and
worshipping and servanthood to Allah Almighty? No mind people! They
should be punished! They know to run: “O, I am so late to my shop, to my
business!” Most important thing for mankind! I am swearing on our
heedless people that their names under the name of to be Muslim, Muslim
countries. Even in such a small place that some heedless cursed people
(are) not leaving (people), if anyone (is) asking to go for Salatu-l
Cuma. They are not going and preventing their staff and workers to go to
praying and (they are) threatening them, saying: “If you are going, I am
sending you away!” and that (one is) fearing. For what fearing? That is
big blame for mankind, for every people, particularly for Muslims that
they are preventing prayings in spite (of being) Muslims. Lanatu-llah
alayhim, Allah cursing them! More important: “I am too late, too
late...” One hand putting this, another one... You must think on it-
youngsters! Old people that they are tired and retired...

That is the reason that (the) whole Dunya just fell in a deepless ocean
of troubles. You can’t find any place that they are saying: “Oh, we are
happy...!” (There is a noise in the microphone, Sheikh is saying:
“Shaitan! Very unhappy... look, he is blowing the whistle... close it!
Close your telephones! You are making a way to enter here Shaitan
through your telephones... Alhamdulillah I am not putting...!”) Yes,
Sir. Allahumma la haula wa la quwatta ila bi-llahil ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim!

(The) most important thing for mankind now (is) to make happy their
egos, to make pleased Shaitan. They are not thinking to make their Lords
pleasement and pleasure. They are running to welcome... they are
welcoming Shaitan, but not their Lords Commands. What is your hope from
such a people? 6 or more billion people (are) running after Shaitan,
including Muslim territories, changing everything against (the) Holy
Quran. They are saying: “Democracy!” Pakistan- democracy, Turkestan-
democracy, in Ajemistan- democracy, in Egypt- democracy- all democracy.
That is that Allah Almighty (is) getting angry with those people. No
democracy in Islam, but there is Shariatullah, Holy Commands of Allah!
You must obey or you should be taken away!

“What happened?” “Ah, my head!” Then (they are) putting (him) in that
machine, saying: “(There is) something through your head. We are
thinking a small creature” - that they are saying ‘virus’- “(is) coming
on it and beginning to eat your mind.” “What we shall do?” “We must open
your head and we must look where it is that virus...” Even under (the)
microscope you can’t see it, (it is) so small! (They are) saying:
“(There is) no any other way to save you, only to cut your head... We
may cut your head and throw (it) away... “ “What (is) happening (then)?”
“We shall, you are not new, you are not cosmopolitan?” “Yes.”

Cosmopolitan person, its head (is) just rotten, because in it (there is
a) virus, you can’t... cut your head” and (they are) throwing (it) away
and bringing another head. “Which head you prefer? There is donkeys
head, there is cows head, there is fox head, there is wolf head, there
is dragon head... Which one you (are) preferring?” “Audhu bi-llah!”
“(There is) no way for you, we must change your head!” Abdur R.! There
is goats also, with beard also, better for you...

Allah the Creator, (The) Mighty, Almighty, All-Merciful, Almighty Allah,
may send to that person a virus, and he is young and (there is) no any
cure for that person, only to cut his head: throw away and go away! So
many people now... every day they are cutting heads, looking: “Where is
this (virus)...?” Don’t believe! Even (if) they are putting like such
thing (to look inside the head)- don’t believe that they are looking and
seeing something! No one (is) understanding what is the reason for that
headache for them! Headache, making headache for mankind, Shaitan!
Shaitan (is) sitting in their heads! (He) can’t enter, can’t enter
heart, but (he) may enter (the) head, yes, Sir?... Sleeping? Ehhh...

Billions of people, they are on wrong way; no respect for their Lord,
for their Creator, no obediency, no servanthood for their Lord. They are
asking to live (free), because their teacher Shaitan (is) teaching them:
“You must be free!” Free- from free what coming? Freedom. Yes, freedom.
“You must be free! I am free one.”...” What do you want, o youngsters?”
“We are asking freedom!” (They are) shouting on streets, thousands of
people. For what? They are not knowing, but Shaitan (is) saying: “You
must do this for your freedom.” (They are) changing one party to
another, but people (are) never getting to be satisfied, (they are)
saying: “We are asking freedom!” Ya Hu, that, this (is the) same also,
so many parties, all (of them) same, (are) saying to you: “You should be
free! We are coming for the freedom of our nation.” What happened?

Therefore- “You may be free to enter markets”, (and they are) taking
everything inside and (they are) saying: “We are free for this, because
our government (is) saying (that) we have been granted freedom!” “This
car must be for me!” “Ya Hu, this is...” “I am free to take!” “That
plane must be for me!” “For what?” “We are so (many), 100 persons, a
group, we must have that airplane for ourselves!”

Because the time is freedom of people, therefore (we are in the) worst
situation that never passed like that time that we are in it through
past time, no! No, because one King, one Emperor was looking after them.

Everything that (was) belonging to (the) Sultan, they can’t be courage
to come and to say: “I am taking this”, because (the) Sultan (is)
keeping, keeping his nation, not giving shaitanic freedom. Shaitanic
freedom (is) making (the) whole world now to be angry, to be hungry, to
be in (a) worst condition. That is the reason. Shaitan (is) their
teacher, shaitanic teachings. They are teaching youngsters on such a
subjects: “You must be free.” When they are giving: “When we are
graduating you, you must be free from everyone. Don’t believe and don’t
follow those people whom they are saying (about) heavenly people,
heavenly books, and about religions; don’t believe to them!” Therefore
you can’t find anything from Holy Books through universities. They may
bring the lowest persons writing as a book and (they are) saying: “It is
very good for people.” Yes, very good for bad people, but they are
preventing (the) Holy Quran, (the) Old Testament, (the) New Testament
and (the) Psalms, they are preventing, they are saying: “This is not a
church, this is not a mosque, that is not a Tekke, a Dergah, no, this is

Once I was in New York and people (were) taking me to (the) UN-center
and one group of our people (that) has not praying Dhuhr (before), was praying
and just (were) rushing on them so many guardians, shouting: “Oh, it is
prohibited, forbidden, to make here any service of any religion! This is
a free place, here there is no God!” Tu, Jahanamiyun! In such a way
Muslim countries (are) going and representing themselves there. Allah
(is) cursing them! May Allah forgive us...

(It is a) bad condition, (the) worst condition now, therefore (is)
coming such a thing that through (the) Old Testament, (the) New
Testament it is well mentioned as a sign of (the) Last Day, Armageddon.
(It) should be! From 6, if (there are) 6 billions, 5 billons must be
taken away; killed and taken away. Only one, from every 6 one should be
lived. Beware! First keep your Lords Rights, and Allah Almighty He is
making guarantors on your rights on earth. If you are not keeping (His
Rights), (there is) no guarantor from heavenly Guarantors for mankind.
They are in front of fire.

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured one in His
divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha... So many people (are) going
to be unhappy- they should find a day that they should say: “(The)
Sheikh was saying truth!”... (The) first right (is the) Right of Allah;
you must fulfil (it), then look after yourself. If you are beginning
with shaitanic works, you (are) never going to be happy here or

Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan
tadumu wa tughda ilayh, mamarra layali wa tula dawam... Fatiha...

Lefke, 2.12.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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