Maulana Sheikh NazimKeep yourself with your Lord

(telephone talk)

Sheikh Nazim: As salaamu alaykum.
Zero: Alaykum salaam Sheikh Nazim. How are you?
SN: Thank you, how are you?
Z: Al hamdulillah. Sheikh Nazim, people are really asking, what is happening?
SN: Why they are asking?
Z: Well, they want to know what you are saying to this, because it is big.
SN: Perhaps I am sending a message to the whole world through the internet.
Z: All right. What about the people who died, are they shahids (martyrs)?
SN: We are believing that if a person burns here, Allah will never burn them in the next world. Therefore they are now free ones. Just in lights and happiness. No-one is asking to come back to this dirty life.
Z: But if there is a big war, are all the people who are killed in the war shahids?
SN: Some of them, some of them ... according to their intentions.
Z: But this time, what happened in New York, all of them are shahids?
SN: All of them just died mazlum, zulub.
Z: What about the big reaction now, is it going to happen before Ramadan, or after Ramadan?
SN: Rajab ... Rajabun ajaaibun ... Rajab, the coming month is loaded with such big events, Allah knows ...
Z: But the Hadith says that the war will not start until Shawal ...
SN: There is a Hadith that the Biggest War and also the conquering of Constantinopel going to be through 6 months and Mehdi also must be there and 7th month going to come Anti Christ, therefore they may begin.
Z: But that means there will be a war during Ramadan? Is that allowed?
SN: Perhaps going to be in Shawwal.
Z: Starting?
SN: Ah ha ...
Z: So for this moment right now is it safe for people to be travelling?
SN: I don’t want people to travel if no need. Everyone may keep their positions and taking something for one month or more or as they can be able to keep something and also not to travel here and there if it is not necessary even not going out people, particularly night time, no-one without obligation, not getting out. There is danger.
Z: Sheikh Nazim, in that big Naqshbandi Book which Sheikh Hisham wrote, he is writing that Grandsheikh said that in the end in the Big War Americans and Muslims will be on the same side?
SN: Allah knows. We are asking to be people with true ones, from every nation true ones are coming together now: from Arabs, from Americans, from Turks, from Russians, from Pakistan, from Belushistan, from every kind of people they are running to true ones now. To find a true one and to join to them, because only those who will be with true ones will be saved through this very dangerous situation.
Z: Any special prayer we can do in this time now?
SN: “Hasbun Allah wa njimal wakil.”
Z: How many?
SN: At least 100 times. And “La ilaha illa llah Muhammadur Rasul Allah, ssalla llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.” And “Allahumma ssalli ‘ala Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali Muhammadin wa sallim”. And “Bismi llahi r-rahmani rra him”. All 100, 100 up to 1000.
Z: All right ...
SN: No bad intentions to anyone, to kill them, to assault on them, to cheat them, to thief them. All carrying Divinely Revenge on them. No-one can save them. Only good-intention people who never intend any harm to anyone from every nation they should be saved and bad-intention-people should be taken away. And sadjda ... must put their heads for Allah to sadjda. And every nation, every Christian or Jewish people who are giving their most highest respects in a position on their knees must do this daily 5 times. Look who is needy to give a sadaqa, a charity. Without a charity no-one to sleep. And keep (look after) your neighbour. Don’t smoke, leave smoking and leave drinking and try to be good-ones. Not to curse anyone. Because cursing coming back on that person. Do you understand?
Z: Yes.
Z: So Sheikh Nazim, thank you. And is it important to know who did it?
SN: God saying, subhanahu wa ta‘ala, just "I did it". No-one can do this. But it is something which belongs to first Heaven which is protected. People are saying UFOs, but they are not under that name, but as Allah the Almighty is saying through the Holy Quran that angels are protecting the first Heaven and throwing against shaitan’s “shahab”, running (shooting) stars on them. Understand? No, it is impossible to make a plan on such a perfection. No-one can be able. If they may do on paper, but to practise and to bring it into acting it is so difficult. Such a person must be an iron-hearted person to be able to do such a thing. Therefore I am not accusing anyone from any nation that they did it. But my hearing that Allah Almighty by His Orders just happening this. And He knows what is the wisdom. I do not like to speak on it longly.
Z: Thank you Sheikh Nazim.
SN: My heart is sad, very sad what happened. But we cannot stop what is Allah Almighty’s Will because Last Days we are in it and such an unexpected events should appear, yet coming more. Keep yourself with your Lord and you should be in safety. And your Lord you cannot find except through his awliya (Holy People). All those who will be around the true-ones and the friends of Allah they should be saved and blessings on them and protectings on them. Keep it well.
Z: Thank you.
SN: Send my salaams to everyone!

13.09.2001, Transcribed by Zero Quensel

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